6 Easy Mudra For Healing Can Make Your Life Better

Do you know that we can cure our bodies of the different types of diseases by doing some mudra for healing without spending a single penny?

You might be wondering that I am joking and making any kind of fun.

Hell NO,

I hope this could help you in your bad time. And heal you from inside for a long time.

Today our life is simply as fast as a train, if you miss something then it has gone.

Simply as life, if you don’t focus on your body and mind then you may have a chance to lose it and never get it back like it was before, so if you want to know some better mechanism works for your mind and body then stay with us till the end!

So, without any further delay let’s dig into this! and know that are those mudras for healing that we should adopt asap.

Here comes the role of Hand mudras in our life.

What Is Mudra?

• Mudra is the form of yoga where you focus on your mind more than your body.

• It makes your brain calmer and reduces the unwanted thought process for a while, which can instantly help you to focus more.

• There are different types of Mudras you can perform, it’s the simple exercise you can do at your home or anywhere you just need to sit down and inhale and exhale while focusing on a certain thing in your mind.

• Mudra could be the best exercise for you to perform if you dealing with lots of anxiety and mental problems.

• If you perform the exercise daily you can make better communication with your brain better.

What Is The Role Of Fingers In Mudra For


• Index Finger: The index finger is used to describe the element of air. It usually represents the individual soul, mental health, lungs, large intestine, sadness, depression, etc. In other words, you can say that the index finger is the representation of a team.

• Middle Finger: The middle finger is used to describe the space, throat chakra, heart main focus is on the hands, it’s the foundation of performing the mudra exercise.

• Ring Finger: The ring finger is used to describe the earth. Also root chakra, liver, gall bladder, nervous system, anger, illusions, and relationships.

• Little finger: The little finger is used to describe the water. It also represents the second chakra, kidneys, fear, communication, and karma.

• Thumb: Thumb is used to describe the fire and self-assertion, worry stomach, and the supreme soul.

• As you can see each finger has its own parts as well as it represents something in it.

• In the mudras the main focus is on the hands, it’s the foundation of performing the mudra exercise.

• In this way, you see how each finger used to hold the energy and send it to the specific part of your brain and make it calmer.

• So, the mudra for healing is beneficial in the alignments of your physical and mental state issues.

• Below down you see some of the hand mudras exercises you should perform daily to make your physical and mental state better.

Hand Mudra For Healing Body

Here I have listed some of the best mudras for healing your body and makes you healthy all the time.

1. Gyan Mudra (Knowledge of Mudra)

gyan mudra for healing

• The additional name of the Gyan mudra is the Vayu-Vardhak Mudra and Dhyan Mudra. The Gyan mudra gives rise to the founding roots of chakra by reducing tension and depression. This pose is quite calming and helps you spiritually.

It sparks the air element in our body which can lead us to an increase in memory power, nervous system, and pituitary gland system.

• It helps you to improve your memory power better than before and increases your concentration level.

• If you practice this exercise regularly then you may fight against your anxiety, depression, anger, stress, and even insomnia too.

How To Perform:

• Start doing with the Padmasana or other comfortable position.

• This pose is performed by touching your index finger with the thumb, and while you doing that, the other three fingers are stretched out.

• Put your hands on the knees and palm facing upwards and try to concentrate in the center of your eyes.

• There is not a particular position to do this pose, you can do it sitting or while standing as well, whenever and wherever you have time.


1. It helps you to get rid of diabetes.

2. You could do this to boots your immune system.

3. Many more said this would be the best one to increase your memory.

4. You can attain a peaceful mind by doing this.

5. It will help you to improve muscle disorder and loss of memory.

Idle Time:

There is no particular time to doing this but I will recommend You perform this exercise early in the morning.

Time Duration:

Gyan mudra almost takes the time of the 40 to 45 minutes to do, however, you can do it with the proper interval that suitable to you.

Body Elements:

Space + Air

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2. Prithvi Mudra For Healing

Prithvi Mudra for healing

• This is also called the mudra of the earth.

• It has been proven that this mudra is one of the best for spirituality.

• It takes you away from the irrelevant mindset, and increase the endurance of your body.

How To Perform:

• Take the resting asana in which you feel comfortable.

• To start this mudra you just need to use your ring finger and attach that with the tip of your thumb.

• Other fingers should be stretch out and resting on your knees if you doing while sitting.


1. It will help you to repair the tissue and most importantly it increases the healing process.

2. Relax your body and detox the tiredness as well.

3. If you facing any kind of issue like weak bone, nails, hairs so it is helpful in those cases as well.

4. However, if you are suffering from the cough on perpetually so ignore this mudra it might lead you to the trouble.

5. It increases the earth’s elements and replaces the fire elements

Idle Time:

You can do it at any time in a day, but most import would be in the morning.

Time Duration:

If you are a newbie in this so you can perform it 5* 10 minutes a day and then take this mudra to the 45 minutes a day at least.

Either you can do it with an interval of 15 minutes

Body Elements:

Earth + Fire

3. Ganesh mudra

Ganesh Mudra

Video Credit to Shammi’s Yogalaya

• Ganesh mudra also known as the Ganopaa mudra named after the popular Hindu deity Ganesha.

• As in Indian tradition that it is highly recommended that worshiping Ganesha first is quite necessary as it removes all the obstacles forwards.

How To Perform:

• Assume any asanas as you find suitable or you can perform it in the chair as well.

• Keep your spine tall and stretch your arms forward, turn that facing to the front, and put that close the chest.

• Now, the right arm will be the out, basically, you are hooking your finger, clasping the four fingers together and the thumb in a relaxed manner.

• Bring your clasped finger close to your chest.

• As you exhale start stretching your elbow apart from each other, close your eyes, and meditate on your breath.

• Increase in repetition.


1. Strengthens the upper back.

2. Eases the neck pain.

3. Recommend for the tennis elbow.

4. Boots self-confidence and strength.

5. Increase the metabolism and digestion problem.

Idle Time:

Doing in the morning with the empty stomach is more beneficial, though you can perform any time whenever you want.

Time Duration:

Try to frame this mudra 6 round in the single time and then gradually you can increase that as per your comfort.

Body Elements:

All The Elements

4. Buddhi Mudra

Buddhi Mudra

• This mudra also is known as the mudra for mental clarity.

• This gesture is designed to maintain the water elements in your body and help to retain a healthy mind and body.

How To Perform:

• Dim the light and sit on a pillow or something in which you feel comfortable.

• Make sure all other distraction silents and all out of the way.

• This mudra helps us to increase communication.

• Bring your hand outside and touch the tip of your pinky finger with the tips of the thumb and relax.

• Other fingers should be extended outside in a relaxed position.

• When you feel ready, close your eyes and breathe in and out with calm.

• Try to make the concentration and feel the right-hand pinky fingertip touch to the right-hand thumb.

• Repeat the same things with the left hand and control on your breath in our out.

• Now, at last, feel both hand pinky fingers touch the tip of the thumb at the same time and watch your breath.


1. It increases our communication as the pinky finger represents the planet mercury which is also associated with the communication.

2. If you are suffering from any kind of skin disease.

3. This mudra also helps you to heel from that disease which has been occurred in our body with the lack of water.

4. It is one of the best mudras you can perform at the time of improper digestion.

Idle Time:

You can perform it anytime.

Time Duration:

Try to practice this mudra at least 5 minutes for better results. Later on, you can enhance that.

Body Elements:

Water+ Fire

5. Surya Mudra (Mudra of the sun)

Surya Mudra

• The mudra helps you to control weight and obesity, it also increases the fire element in the body and reduces the earth’s elements that help to maintain the temperature and improve the eyesight vision more clearly.

• Mudra for healing cure our body not only internally but mentally too.

How To Perform:

• Make sure to start with the empty stomach for better results.

• Start with bending the ring finger, and with that touch the base of your thumb and then implies a certain amount of pressure on it.

• While doing you can keep your other fingers straight or relaxed.


1. It can help you if you are facing a loss of appetite.

2. It can be useful for indigestion, or other digestive problems.

3. If you are facing an issue because of the winter then it could be the idle mudra for you.

Idle Time:

It could be performed in the morning for better results.

Time Duration:

You should at least perform this 10-15 minutes at starting, then you can gradually increase that.

Body Elements:

Space + Water

6. Ling Mudra (Mudra of Heat)

Lind Mudra

• I have listed this in mudra for healing as this mudra builds heats in your body and it can cause sweat even if its winters.

• You can perform this mudra while sitting and if you are not comfortable to you do it while laying on your bed or in an office as well.

How To Perform:

• To begin this mudra bring both of your hands in front of yours.

• Use your left-hand pink finger underneath of the right-hand pinky finger.

• To perform this pose you need to clasp the fingers of both of your hands together.

• Keep your left-hand thumb straight in the middle and press gently with the right-hand thumb.

• Close your eyes and either you can start chanting or watch out your breath.


1. This mudra is more beneficial if you are suffering from any cold problem, like running nose, not able to breathe blockage of the nostril, headache.

2. In this mudra, our body generates a lot of heats so it is quite frequent that you might face the sweating, Don’t panic.

3. If you are facing asthma, paralysis, low blood pressure so you can perform it, it will work as a panacea for that.

Idle Time:

If you are Facing any cold problem so you can perform it anytime, especially at the time of blockage nostrils for the instant results.

Time Duration:

There is no time limit for doing this till then you feel comfortable you can enjoy doing this.

Body Elements:



Mudra for healing seems to be pretty easy to do but with respect to getting the more benefits you have to perform in a good way.

Here I have tried to sum up some good gestures to heal your body if you are facing any problem or you just want a healthy lifestyle.

I would suggest you take some time from your hectic life and give it a chance to your health as well as you might have heard that

” HEALTH IS WEALTH” And That Is So True!

I hope you liked reading this article, however, if you enjoy this do share with your friends and family and also let them aware of this.

If you have any questions and the suggestion for me then please write to me in the comment box, I would love to answer that.

Thank you….!

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