7 Days challenge to do handstand yoga pose like pro-2020

Hey, folks,

Do you know that performing handstand not only provide the strength to your core but also unlock lots of advanced variation which are useful for our body?

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.

Here I am going to tell you how to perform the handstand pose 2020 like a pro in 7 days for sure. You just need to follow my step and you will end up by performing this super cool.

When I was a child I always wondered how to do handstand so that I can be one of those dope people among my friends.

And that time I never frightened before doing that, even I failed lots of time as well.
However, there is no space of fear when I was a child, all I had to do the pose holding my body upon my hands. But failed to do that.

The most important thing about doing the handstand is you can do this even if you are feeling the anxiety and to fatigue and it will rush the great energy in your body.

Though, If you ask any qualified trainer that he will have only one thing to say that handstand is the most intimidating pose.

Getting bored….!

Let’s begin the 7 days challenge to perform the handstand.

“The mental battle is the hardest challenge to overcome,
But if you can overcome your fears and doubts, you won’t just become physically stronger, but mentally, too.”

You Should Keep These Things In Your Mind

Before Doing This.

• Do not overthink about the fear of falling.

• It requires the most physical skills because it all depends on our arm and wrist to kick yourself upside down.

• Do not do it if you have undergone several wrist and shoulder surgery.

• Never think about to execute in one single day, It will take a bit of time to perform like a pro for sure.

• Handstand is an advanced yoga pose that requires some serious energy and practice to ace.

• It can appear to be overwhelming from the start, however, separating it into steps can make it progressively sensible.

How to do the handstand?

DAY 1. The focus point in our body:- Handstand pose 2020

• So the basic three components involved in mastering your handstand pose on a steady position that is upper body strength as I discussed above, form, and balance.

• You’re going to need enough body strength to execute and hold your body upside down on your arms and wrist.

• So, if you have made up the mind to do the handstand.

• Therefore, you will have to adapt the required body strength needed for this pose to comfortably hold against the wall without struggling.

Day 2. Keep yourself in the pike position

• To be the master of this pose as fast as possible, you just need to focus on your form, never and ever focus on trying not to fall (lose the fear of falling).

• That’s the second step to be the pro player of this pose, try to reframe the correct upper body strength.

• Second, let’s hold the pike position, being on this position will distribute my whole body weight onto my shoulders.

• “Pike position is just laying down in a push-up position hand and toes downwards to the floor, and slightly crawl back with your hand and try to make the shape of “V” But downwards “^” like this.

• Try to repeat this only for some days…. Do not rush while performing that.

• At the end of this, I am sure you will be able to learn how!!!!!

• This post is going to be a bit lengthy, Have patience, But no-lose after all at the end of this post you will get to know how to do a handstand yoga pose.

DAY 3. Elevate the pike position with the higher surface

• Being on the pike position for a while and feel comfortable.

• That means you have the strength in your shoulders and you’re ready to move on.

• Next step you just need to elevate the pike position and try to put your legs in something higher position.

• Try to place your legs up on the higher box that means you are putting more body-weight in your shoulder and they are gaining more strength.

Now we have moved a bit further to hold the handstand like a pro.

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DAY 4. Start with the wall walking:- Handstand pose 2020

• After practicing some days putting your legs on a higher surface, now you have developed a significant increase in shoulder strength and endurance.

• Now we move further and start by wall walking.

• Just come up with the push-up position, and put your legs on walls and try to walk the backward with your hands and upward with your legs, focus on reach as much you can.

• Try to stick your forehead and hand, the body as much as close to the wall.

• Hold on that positing and don’t forget to push with your shoulders.

• Once you reach the as high as you can that means your whole body weight is on your shoulder and that is the pose of your handstand.PRACTICE…….

• Now if you are master in these steps holding the positing in the wall walk for up to the 20 sec at least 2,3 times then just jump into the next step.

• Until keep tries to do that as that is our base and will help us a lot further.

DAY 5. Handstand pose kick up 2020

video source: ben lowery himself

• To perform this you will have to make the push-up position and face towards the wall, then try to switch with the runner position and now just lift the leg in upward and the other one will be swinging up.

• Remember, your body should be stacked while doing the handstand pose 2020 and engaged.

• Try to spread your fingertips as much you can just to secure the grip on the floor, your head a bit ahead of your hands and shoulder as well.

• Because if your head would be back so your body is not able to be aligned.

• While performing this do not look upward direction always focus downwards and try to reform the triangle between your hands and where you are looking.

• The most important rule is that once you’re up into that holding position, make sure to hold your arm straight. Because if your arms bend at the point of time then you will fall immediately.

DAY 6. Slow and steady towards the wall

• Now while practicing the last step, and kicking into this exercise try to fall with your hips and then legs fall behind that.

• Try to execute this slowly or You might hurt or fall for sure.

• You don’t want to kick and slamming the wall, Right?

• You are doing great ! keep going and you will end up like a pro.

DAY 7. Handstand finger press: 2020

• Here the roles come off the fingertips because when you are doing the handstand you either going to fall backward and either forward.

• So with this handstand pressing, you will get you to know how to push back your body.

• If you’re falling forward, and bring your body back to the balancing position.

• Now just try with the kick-off exercise and this is the time we are going to steer and control our body upside-down.

• Now slightly, get away your legs with the wall and try to press your finger as hard enough as you can so that your body completely away with the wall and you can come back down to the floor.

• Remember, to keep your arm and legs straight.

• Then straighten your body would be the more precise you can do this pose.

• Try to engage your core, legs, calves, your glutes and try to extend that as hard as you can.

• Because your body will work as a unit and with that, it would be easy to manipulate your body direction and weight.


When pressing with your fingertips, it should feel like you’re pressing on a keyboard as well as you’re trying to grab a ball.
So like this, you see you’re going to grab, push, and press with your fingertips.

Handstand finger press and release:-2020

• Here, I will teach you how to move forward with the just opposite of what we learned.

• While jumping to this step I would recommend being the master in the last against the wall.

• If you can then let’s move forward.

• Now just start with the kickoff and you will need to get away your legs from the wall while pressing the fingertips and continue pressing that until your body comes to the stacked mode.

• Once you feel that you are in the good positing and try to release the pressure from the fingertips.

• Now your whole body weight in your palms and hand.

• While performing that your body might befall backward or the forward. Do not worry.

• The constant battle of pressing your fingertips and releasing.

• Your body is trying to fall backward and forward, and you constantly pressing, releasing, and engaging your mind as well to maintain the body balance.

• You are doing great! Now almost done.

Fingertips engaging:- Handstand pose 2020

• I want you to try to the handstand position with your feet get away from the wall, if you feel that your legs are going close to the wall you will press your fingertips.

• If you feel that your legs are going to far away you will release the pressure, as far as it is the teeter-totter to find yourself in the stable posting upside down as long as you can.

• Now again we have moved a bit forward to become the pro of handstand pose 2020

Repeat- focus on finger and mind

• If you’ve been practicing the handstand kick up exercise as I said that I assured that you will be the master of this with 7 days.

• Do not lose the patience, if you touch the wall, that’s perfect, just come back off.

• Exhale!

• Try again.

• Alright, so I want you guys to master this move right as I said because this is when you start mastering your handstand and be like Dope.

• Try to hold yourself at least 10-20 sec while doing this.

• Keep practicing!!

Practice makes the man perfect!

Handstand has a lot of benefits as well for us.

Benefits of Handstand


Hense, Holding a straight handstand doesn’t happen overnight. It will take you a while to be able to control your body when standing on your hands. You should deal with the fact that handstands are about patience and consistent practice.

Of course, like everyone else, you want to get the most out of your training and progress fast.

Handstand is one of the advanced yoga poses in 2020, as it engages our whole body core and strengthens our arms with the shoulder as well.

I hope it would be helpful for you in this post.

If you have any questions and suggestion do that in the comment section and I will be there for you for sure.

I will try my best to share my knowledge with you. If you enjoyed reading this post do share and spread the love

Thank you!!!!!!!!

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