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Who Am I ?

I am Ashok belongs to Rishikesh which is also known as the capital of yoga. I am a registered pharmacist and professional blogger and Sharing our passion and a little bit of knowledge by writing blogs.

I think it’s still the best way to present our-self like the old-school way, and get people engaging as well as developing the habit to share our point of view and thought about something.

Last Year I was facing some medical issues and the doctor advised me to complete bed rest for almost a year and in that year I realized the value of the yoga in my life as I never thought that this will change my life.

So I thought to share and start about my blog on this and now Here in Yogalphabets.com, I am sharing all the things that we are facing in our daily life and how to cure them with the help of yoga Asanas easily without spending a handsome amount on pills.

This is my personal experience that yoga change my life and it can change your life too if you adopt this in your daily life and be concise with this.


It's the place where you will find the exact thing that you looking for. I know how you guys say why we, when we have google!

It's simple as that when you go shopping and the salesman shows you the different varieties of the same thing then it becomes hard for you to choose and sometimes you make the wrong decision, am not saying it’s bad but it’s quite confusing.

On the other hand, when you know what exactly you need to go for then it becomes much easier its similar to yogalphabets our website gives you the knowledge and the exact researched results you looking for in one place.

Yogalphabets is a community where we try to provide the all essential information regarding the health and and how to cure from the disease which are going on or we encounter in our daily lives, We simply believe that

“Stay healthy and let’s conquer the world”

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