5 Obsessed Bedtime Yoga: Effortless Way to do 2020

Hey, Guys do you know in a survey found that over 55% of people who practice bedtime yoga, found that it helps them to get a night of better sleep?

Hey, readers, here I am with another post that is too beneficial for our healthy lifestyle or you can say the better thought process.

And it’s so important for our health even the whole thought process and your energy depends on how you relax your mind. Which is possible but only if you follow the right way to live a healthy lifestyle.

Now tell me can you able to present yourself with the same energy and a positive mindset?

Of course not, and trust me it may create a bad impression too. So today am going to share a brief knowledge with you guys about some bedtime yoga poses which can help you to sleep better.

And like always without any further delay lets dig into this.

Why I Am Not Getting The Proper sleep?

Many people have an issue regarding sleep. Whether they are the patients of diabetes, insomnia, blood pressure, and many other major diseases. And sometime these diseases may trouble you to get proper sleep.

However, It’s not only about the people suffering from diseases. But in some cases, I have seen that even youngsters are also facing the same problem which is not good for their health as well as mind.

Scientifically it’s also called sleep hygiene or a sleep disorder. Where you try to lay down on your bed. But somehow you can’t able to focus on your sleep.

And after some time, you start noticing a certain kind of changes in your behavior like rudeness, laziness, and a lack of energy or not getting the results that you are looking for.

So the general question crossing your mind that how do I overcome this issue, do I need to take any medicine or any psychiatrist?

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Hell no, You do not need to go anywhere Here I have listed some of the effective bedtime yoga that will help you with this issue and if anyone of you struggling with any kind of disease, I would prefer you to apply yoga in your life at least once and see how it works for you.

How Does Yoga Help You To Get Proper Sleep?

Yoga allows your body function and your mind to work properly. Even I have seen Some people believe that yoga helps them to fight against these several diseases and they following the footsteps of yoga for so long.

Yoga works on your central body and rebuilds the system again as it was before. It helps you to focus on your breaths and as you all know how important breathing is in yoga exercises just to make you relax and calm which is necessary to have a proper sleep. Everything depends on your inner system where all the major problems start coming through.

Sleep disturbance almost increases with aging and even to the youngsters as well and it has been estimated that 67% of elderly people almost face a single complaint about improper sleep.

The most common factor of improper sleep is lack of physical activity, poor sleep hygiene or it could be the day time napping as well.

It’s not like that this issue just upcoming rapidly or all of sudden, we do have some medication for that like the benzodiazepines or the nonbenzodiazepines as well, but as they help you to get rid of this issue.

On the other hand, these agents come up with the numbers side effects and the long terms use also leads to you the adversity of the drug, which is not good for you physically or psychologically.

Bedtime Yoga or any other yoga exercise plays a vital role in this as it’s a combination of the posture, meditation, breathing and the physical movement, which helps us to increase the concentration directly action on the central nervous systems, and the breathing technique aids us to experience our true essence.

Many of us implement their theory and practice them regularly. This helps them to think better, work better, and most important for better sleep is a calm mind.

cause of insomnia

What Are The Best Bedtime Yoga poses?

1. Twisted Roots

twist root bedtime yoga

This is another kind of bedtime yoga poses which could be better for your spine and all other types of pains that may come from sitting too long on a chair or walking around and most effective yoga for sleeping.

It can also give you a better massage for your internal digestive organs which can help you to digest your dinner as well before going to bed.

How to do it

• Lay down on your bed and take a deep breath before performing this pose. Now make sure your body is fully relaxed and your legs should be straight and extended.

• Now bring your knees up to your chest and you can stop wherever you feel uncomfortable while performing this pose.

• Now start moving your legs from chest to side and try to touch the floor with your knee, the other leg will remain calm and straight in this position.

• Remember your knees should be in the opposite direction of your face, your arms need to be wide and open. Though If you are feeling uncomfortable you can use a pillow for better support.

• Stay on that position for a few normal breaths and then come back to the normal stage.

• Do this pose for 10-15 breaths and repeat.


• It helps you to restore the equilibrium in the nervous system and release tension in the spine.

• Bringing your knee towards your chest can relieve sciatica.

• Massage your stomach and fix the problem of gastritis.

2. Sleeping Butterfly

sleeping butterfly bedtime yoga

This pose could be better for those who are looking for a specific hips flexors. It helps you to stretch out and open your hips which may become tight and closed while working for hours and hours in a single place, And this may also help you to stretch out your lower back.

You can perform this pose on your bed before going to sleep and it will help you to relax your body and your groin as well.

How to do it

• Bend your knees as suitable for you and close to the hips. Your feet can be as near as you like or if you want to open them more you can depend on how you feel.

• Now inhale and stretch your spine, and try to touch the sole of your feet together and your knees would be wide open.

• Make sure that you don’t overstretch your legs to touch the ground, just make them easy and relax all by itself.

• Remember your neck as well as curving the spine close towards your feet.
Do this pose for 5 -10 before going to bed or you can extend the time as suitable to you.


• It stimulates your abdominal organs like ovaries and prostate glands, bladder, and kidneys.

• It stimulates your heart and improves general circulation.

• It stretches the inner thighs, groins, and knees.

This bedtime yoga poses help you to induce relaxation and ultimately invite you to better sleep.

3. Waterfall

waterfall bedtime yoga pose

It’s a gentle bedtime yoga posture of relieving your lower body and providing a relaxing effect on your central nervous system.

It’s a very good way to stretch out your specific body parts which may get tights due to standing or sitting all day at your workplaces. If you apply this pose before going to sleep then I am sure it going to work for you.,

How to do it

• Start with laying down on your bed while your legs should be straight in a relaxing position.

• Now bring your legs slowly in an upward direction and make sure your legs are fully in line with your hips. That’s how you are going make a 90 degrees angle to your body.

• While doing this position if you feel to bend your knees a little than you can. It depends on yourself. Now bring your arms out to the sides of your bed, close your eyes and start breathing deeply for 10 minutes.

• You can also perform this pose against a wall or any supportive object. There are no time limits to do this you can extend as much as you like.


• Help you to maintain the equilibrium of mind and remove out the stress and anxiety out of the body.

• It helps to relieve your lower back tension.

• It increases the circulation of your body and makes smooth venous drainage.

• It also helps you to give relief from swallow feet or legs after sitting too long on a particular area.

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4. Happy baby pose

Girl doing happy baby pose for sexual health

This pose is so easy to do similar to the waterfall pose Like I said its quite easy to perform so it is the basic yoga pose that is found in the many contemporary yoga routines, knowns for the inner groin and relieving the stress and fatigue.

How to do it

• Start with laying down on your bed while your legs should be straight in a relaxed position.

• Now bring your legs up toward your chest and now it holds it for a second. While in previous pose your legs were straight and performing 90 degrees angle.

• But this time extend your legs fully and make them wide, and let your elbows fall inside to the thighs.

• Now try to tuck your legs toes with the middle and index fingers and form the nice and simple stretch to your legs alongside.

• Maintain the position for a few long breaths.

• Do this bedtime yoga pose for 10 minutes and if you want to have more fun then you can roll your body from one side to another and that’s how you give a massage to your lower back.


• It increases your vitality.

• It helps you to release your neck strain and tightness.

• It increases your calves.

5. Supported child pose

Child pose

This is one of the best bedtime yoga poses that many peoples look forward to trying. It does not only work on your hips and back but it can relieve your central nervous system as well.
Like every other bedtime, yoga poses this one also helps you to get better sleep.

How to do it

• Sit down in a relaxed position and grab a pillow, bolster, or one or 2 blankets together. Start with the Vajrasana and keep your knees folded and hands-on thighs.

• Put your pillow in front of you place your both legs side of the pillow and start to fold forward towards it.

• Start putting your head on the pillow in a resting position while hands should be in the front.

• If you face any pain in your back while doing this you can increase the count of the pillow or bolster underneath of you.

• Make sure while you performing this exercise your knees should be bend and your face facing towards the left or right direction wherever you want.

• Do this exercise for 10-15 breaths and let your thoughts settle down.

• Post that you will feel the relaxation and calmness.


• It helps you to stretch your hips, ankle, and thighs.

• It reduces your stress and fatigue.

• It helps to relax your body while stretching the muscles of the lower torso.

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Sleeping disorder is a very common disease among us. And it’s a big issue because a healthy mind can help you to perform much better than the tired mind.

Nowadays peoples find a way to be dependent on medicines just to get a night of better sleep, and as I mentioned before how medicine can we harmful for us.

It’s all about our unhealthy lifestyle whether you like it or not watching movies or playing games all night long, or any other activities don’t help you, it will only cause you a serious disease later in life.

I hope you liked reading this post, I have listed all of the best bedtime yoga poses that will help you to get rid of insomnia.

Now it’s your turn to share this with your friends and let them know about this as well.

Your suggestion and query are most welcomed in the comment area and also let’s find out which yoga poses that you found good before bedtime?

Thank you…..

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