10 Effective Bikram Yoga Poses And Benefits (Hot Yoga) 2020

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Do you want to learn the Bikram yoga or want to know how to do and what it is all about?

So here I have tried to elaborate all the things and top 10 Bikram yoga sequences for you.

Bikram yoga is the traditional practice of the hatha yoga, which is reinvented as a new fitness Franchise.

Let’s start without wasting any time, and If you are in a hurry so tag this post as it going to be lengthy, because I don’t want to share any half knowledge to you.

I promise at this end of this you will get to know everything about the Bikram Yoga.

What is Bikram Yoga?

Bikram yoga is one of the well-established yoga in the world which consists of the total 26 yoga asanas along with the two pranayamas exercise, this class is done in a “Hot Room” with the heated to 105 F which is 40’c.

In order to get the strength and perfect stretch people especially performed this yoga asanas in which the room temperature helps us to go dive into the posture and the sweat helps us to remove the toxin out of the body.

Bikram yoga referred to as the 26 +2 yoga poses 26 simple poses and the 2 breathing exercises these exercises will energize your body by stimulating the glands and the organs and also increase the circulation of the oxygen throughout the body.

Today we can found the Bikram yoga studio worldwide but due to some of the controversy they have changed his brand name as Manhattan’s Bikram yoga Soho knowns as The Yoga loft of Tribeca, and the Hot Bikram yoga known as the hot yoga society.

Who is Bikram Choudhury and founder of Bikram yoga?

Bikram Yoga Founder Bikram Choudhury

It is devised by the Bikram Choudhury, in early 1970, when he emigrated to America and started teaching yoga classes, He opened his first studio in the Los Angeles and start working there in his style even his wife Rajashree Choudhury also assisted him in the yoga business.

Bikram Choudhury was born in Calcutta in 1944, and start studying yoga in 1969, Once he arrived in America in 1971 He started to teach yoga in the health resorts in California, with his two pupils Shirley Maclaine and Anne Marie Bennstrom.

During the time duration of 1990, this business started to expand across America like fire and he began to start the nine-week certification coursed for the training and this is the time when he established the so many studios in many other countries as well.

However, according to him he also taught yoga poses to celebrities like Madonna, lady gaga, and the football star David Beckham, and also claimed that he taught yoga to the American president Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton.

Bikram Choudhury always had a philosophy for the pupil to work through the pain, even he always conducted the highly entertaining classes, and feel happy to tell pupils that
I am a butcher and I try to kill you,, but don’t worry Yoga is the best death.

Sexual Assault and Harassment cases

Where he was expanding his business all over the world he also faced the issue where he was alleged with a different lawsuit, and the sexual harassment, assault, racism, and homophobia is one of them.

January 2014 five women suied on Bikram Choudhury and allegation including sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Two lawsuits also filed against him in May 2013 in which one was describing a cult-like atmosphere where members of Choudhury’s inner circles help him to find the young women to assault, and the other one claims that he recruits the volunteers from overseas who are afraid of the defendant Bikram and travel to us and risk violation of the immigration laws to serve him.

Things you should consider before doing this

• If you are beginners in this you just need to reach the 30 minutes early to give yourself well sufficient time to start over.

• Be mentally strong and properly gear up your dress and settle down on your mat and try to accumulate the heat in your body.

• Make sure that if you are suffering from any injuries then you should introduce that to your trainer so that he can guide you through the postures without exacerbating any issues.

• In this posture you will feel excessive sweating, so you just need to choose the light clothing that is breathable and make the heat more bearable.

• I would suggest you use the yogitoes skidless mat towels which is more popular for this yoga asanas, in which the towels place over the mat to absorb the sweat.

• Don’t forget to drink plenty of water before and after the yoga class so you don’t get dehydrated, either you can also take small sips of water during the classes but not too much as it may cause you bloating and uncomforted during the workout.

• If you are pregnant so avoid doing this it may cause you several injuries for sure.

• Try not to eat at least two hours before the class, but it should be like you are doing with the empty stomach, you can have so that you don’t feel any unfitness during expanding your muscles to reach the full range of heat.

Bikram Yoga Benefits

1. Detoxify Your Body

One of the biggest benefits that you can get from doing the Bikram yoga that it will excrete out the harmful toxins and the chemical out of your body, the heat level in this program Cause you to seat like nothing else.

As you might know that sweating is great for you as it is not all about to releasing the water from your body but you are sweating the toxin substance that shouldn’t be in your body.

2. Healing Old Injuries.

It is more beneficial to reduce body pain and old injuries, which might be causing ou the inflexibility and the uncomforted, Bikram yoga asanas involve various yoga asanas to alleviate various forms of pain.

It includes certain yoga asanas that block off blood supply from a certain area and that increases the blood which is rich in nutrients and oxygen to the damaged areas so that it can heal the injuries and the old scar tissues.

3. Flexibility

Yes, it also helps to increase the flexibility of your body, now you might be wondering, OH! common we can get this with the other yoga asanas as well so what’s good in this.
Let me clear this mess, in this heat, involve and which expedites the stretching process so that you can get the maximum stretch.

This external heat will allow your muscles to expand and contract in greater limits so that the maximum flexibility can be achieved with the lower risk attempt.

4. For Glowing Skin

While doing Bikram yoga poses you boost your heart rate and the circulation, which results in the more blood cells and oxygenated cells, which help you flush your skin and give you a natural glow skin.

Even according to the research also when you include the heating program in your yoga that increases the blood circulation even more than the yoga class in the normal temperature.

5. Boost your mood

As we know that various form of yoga-like meditation, can help us to boost our mood, especially for those who are undergoing any kind of depression or the other problems, but when you involve the heat in this it will naturally ignite the more heat inside that person and can result in the releasing the passion of the person as excessive sweating also help to boost the endorphins in the brain.

6. Weight loss

This yoga can help you burn more calories than any other yoga class, as a 90 minutes Bikram yoga session can help you burn almost 1000 calories. Various yoga forms will help your digestive system to be more efficient and increase the metabolic rate as well, which results in higher metabolism the can burn more calories.

7. Better focus

Bikram yoga is more efficient to increase the focus and concentration in your everyday life. Because it includes a lot of yoga poses that require the precise mental focus to execute them.
As brain is the central part and it is the most prominent the more we train it the better it becomes at its job.

Benefits of bikram yoga

What Are The Bikram Yoga Poses?

1. Standing Deep Breathing Technique

Bikram yoga starts with the Standing Deep Breathing Technique it is a pranayama breathing, in which the optimal lung capacity utilizes from the doer, and obviously, deep inhalation and the exhalation provide the oxygenated blood throughout the body.

How to do

• This exercise is all about preparing the body and the mind for the process and expanding the lungs and the chest.

• Now start with knuckles your both hands fingers together, and place that just below the chin, with the relaxed shoulder.

• Start inhaling through the nose, lengthen the spine and start opening your chest to keep the shoulders and elbow up.

• Do not lose your knuckles from below your chin.

• Now start exhaling and lengthening the spine and lift your chin up and back from the neck and touch your elbow as much as possible you can.

• Repeat this process Keep inhaling and down your chin and exhale lift your chin and touch your elbow.

• You might feel some uncomforted while touching your elbow, make sure to relax your shoulder, gradually you can perform it precisely.

Video Credit: Hot Yoga Kapolei

2. Half Moon pose

It is also called as the Ardha Chandrasana and the standing side stretch in the Bikram yoga, It is helpful for the bad posture, and beneficial for the lower back pain.

How to do it

• This is a pretty easy Bikram yoga sequence, or even everyone does this in their daily lifestyle.
Stand on your feet, and make sure to touch the toes and the sole of both feet together.

• Now start inh aling and raise your both hands in an upward direction.

• Knuckles your both hands fingers together and try to keep them near to your ears and align to the shoulders.

• Now start bending to the right side and do not bend your knees and it might happen at the beginning but soon you will be habitual for this.

• This is the reciprocal exercise you have to do this to the other side as well.

Video Credit: Soul I M

3. Awkward pose

You might hear about it the Utkatasna, or as a chair pose, it provides strength to your lower body and increase the blood flow, which is quite helpful in regulating the blood pressure.

How to do

• Stand tall with your feet and move one foot far about to the 6-inch gap between them.

• Now extend your arms in front of your and align to your shoulders and try to keep straight your elbow.

• Start slowly lower your hips so that your thighs become parallel to the ground, make sure to hold that positing till you feel comfortable, Do n’t try to overstretch at the beginning.

• Now let’s move to another variation which is quite difficult at the beginning because in this you have to put all your body weight in your toes joint.

• Go back to the straight position, and this time stand on your toes, Keep standing tall on this few minutes so that you won’t feel any uncomforted in the actual pose.

• Now again bring your hips down where it became parallel to the ground and hold that posting for a while.

Video Credit: Reel Hot Yoga

4. Eagle Pose

As you start moving further in the Bikram yoga sequence you have to challenge yourself on the manner of the balancing, the same happened with the Eagle pose, and it is also called the Garudasana, which includes all the body parts and provide strength and the greater mobility.

How to do it

• Keep your both feet together and raise your arms above your hand, and gradually start to hook your right arm underneath to the left arm at the elbow level, if possible and your body allows then must go to cross your fingers together in both palms.

• Now keep your hips down like you are sitting in a chair, and hold the positing for a while post than start lifting the right leg, whichever you feel comfortable, and try to place that over the left leg.

• Make sure that your aim should be that you can touch the calf of the left leg with the lifted right leg from the backside.

• However, if it is not possible for you to do not overstretch just try to reach as much you can and hold the position, sooner or later you will improve enough.

• Relax your shoulders to the back, which will help you to open the joints push your boy slightly in the upward direction from the chest.

• You have to perform this again with the other hand and the other leg as well.

Video Credit: Howcast

5. Standing Head to Knee Pose

This is also called the Janusirsana, which is a highly engaging posture that engages your whole body posture. It is also helpful in boosting concentration.

How to do it

• Begin with shifting all your body weight onto your one leg and interlock your fingers.

• Keep your spine straight, and bend forward from your waist and lift your right leg knee towards your chest, and place that onto the interlocking platform of your fingers.

• Make sure your interlock fingers 3 to 4 inches below the tips of the toes.

• Now close the interlock strongly and try to straighten your right leg until it becomes parallel to the floor, don’t go with my words and try to overstretch, it would be hard for the beginners and you might end up with hurting yourself.

• Just try to reach as much as possible for you, there you will start feeling pain and the uncomforted, hold that position.

• After holding the positing then take a deep breath and exhale and start putting your elbow towards the calf, and the entire upper body, and reach to the neutral position.

Video Credit: Hot Yoga Kapolei

6. Standing Bow Pulling Pose

It is also called the Dandayamana- Dhanurasana, or the Standing Bow Pulling Pose, in the Bikram Yoga sequence, this pose improves the flexibility of the body and provide the strength.

In the Bikram yoga style, this pose is the only posture that has the circulation effect of the blood flow from one side of the body to the other side of the body.

How to do it

• This is also the balancing pose, in which you have to start with standing on your legs, take a deep breath. Now start bending your right legs to the backward, so that it moves towards your hips.

• Use your right arm and grab the right raised foot behind the back with the inner side, and make sure to grab it with all fingers including the thumb as well around the ankle height.

• Now extent the left arm upward straight in the front and align with the shoulder and start bending forward and raise the right hand with grabbing the right legs in an upward direction pointed towards the ceiling.

• Hold this position for at least 10 to 15 seconds, or as long as you feel comfortable.

• Try to achieve your arm lift as high as possible so it becomes perpendicular to the floor.

• Post that returns to the initial stage and does it with the other leg.

Video Credit: Reel Hot Yoga

7. Balancing Stick Pose

The next pose in the Bikram sequence is Tuladandasana, also known as the Balancing Stick pose. It required the core strength and the balance and it is really simple to execute even the beginners can also perform this better. It has a tremendous effect on the spine.

How to do it

• Start with standing on your feet, and slowly raise your hands to close your ears pointing towards the ceiling, your elbow should be locked in this variation.

• Now take a step forward with the right leg and lock the knee once it touches the ground the other left leg would remain at the same place.

• lower your upper body from the waist and simultaneously lift your left leg as well. Make sure you perform these both task at the same point, ( bending forward and raising the left leg)

• Once you raised your leg it should form the perfect parallel to the floor, and think that you are trying to form the Shape “T”.

• The right leg on the ground keeps that also pointing towards in the same direction where your fingers are pointing.

• Begin to stretch your body in two opposite directions, hold that position in up to the 10 to 15 seconds and repeat the same procedure with the other leg.

Video Credit: Reel Hot Yoga

8. Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose

As it is obvious with the name that this imposes the stretches of the legs, spinal muscles, and the sciatic nerve.
It helps the functioning of the abdominal organs and brings blood to the brain, additionally help to improve the Pelvis, ankles, hip.

How to do it

• Stand straight on your feet, begin to raise your arms above your head, or towards the ceiling point.

• Start with the extending the right leg sideways, and make sure that you are making the shape of “V” with your legs, the distance of the legs should be approx 4-5 feet or as you feel comfortable.

• Keep your knee locked, and move your hips backward a little bit, once you do this, you might feel the slight stretch in the hamstrings.

• Next step, keep your feet firmly on the ground, with a locked knee, and start bending your back from the waist area, try to attempt to bring your head between your legs, But make sure to keep your head, neck, and spine in one straight line.

• However, it would be difficult for the beginners but that’s okay, sooner or later you will execute this pose.

• The goal of this pose was putting your torso as low as it becomes perpendicular to the floor, once you get there, use your both hands and grab your heals from the beneath. This will provide the complete body stretch.

• For the beginners, you might not touch your head on the ground or you won’t be able to touch your feet, so you can use the fingertips for this.

• Hold this position for the 2.-3 minutes, or as long as you feel comfortable.

Video Credit: Home Hot Yoga

9. Triangle Pose

It is also known as the Trikonasana in the series of the Bikram sequence to provide the strengthen, and especially focus on the hips, legs, and the core muscles.

How to do it

• Raise your arms above your head and keep your palm together.

• Begin to stretch your body in an upward direction and take a step to sideway, The distance of the feet should be at least 5 to 4 feet and your arms over the head position parallel to the floor.

• In this posting, push your hips slightly forward and lean back your upper body, with creating a slight curve in the lower back, do not forget to keep your arms also to the back with the upper body, lift your chin and chest towards the ceiling.

• Turn your right foot by a little over 90 degrees outward, pretend to make it parallel to the wall that you are facing, and bend your leg from the knee so that it becomes right over the ankle.

• Now the next step slightly bends your upper body in the direction of the right leg and tries to put the right hand in front of the right leg which you take outwards. Do not put that behind the leg..check the image once again for this.

• You have to use that right arm to push back the right knee to feel the stretch in your hips and the upper area, and meanwhile look towards the ceiling point and your other hand should also be pointing towards the ceiling point.

• Start pulling your arms apart from each other, and this will bring the super flexibility to the shoulders and the chest cavity.

• Hold the position as long as you feel comfortable, and then repeat the same thing with the other side and the other leg.

Video Credit: VENTUNO YOGA

10. Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose

This pose immediately followed by the triangle pose and precedes the Tree pose. It is helpful for the massaging of the internal organs and increasing metabolism. If you are facing constipation than it would be beneficial for you, additionally for the dyspepsia and the hemorrhoids.

How to do it

• Stand tall both your feet next to each other and lift your arms above your head pointing towards the ceiling point.

• Keep your palm open and flush to each other, with crossing the thumb.

• Next take a step sideway with approximately 5-4 feet wide apart.

• Now positioned your right leg (outward leg) 90 degree to the right, and the other left leg just falling behind the right leg, so that the right leg in front of the left leg not in the side.

• Give a slight bend to your hips towards the right leg, and suck your stomach and tuck your chin in your chest.

• Now start bending downwards and while keeping your feet on the ground make sure that your knees are locked, do not bend them.

• keep bending until your fingers touch to the ground and right in front of the foot or your forehead touching to the knee.

• However, it’s not easy to achieve this position easily you need a lot of practice and determination but later you will execute this precisely for sure.

• Hold the position as long as you want and repeat the step with the other leg as well.

Video Credit: Reel Hot Yoga

Frequently asked question

What is Bikram Style Yoga?

Bikram yoga is short of yoga that involves the sequence of poses which mostly done in a hot room or above the body temperature, it is usually the nine-week training program consist of the 26 yoga poses.

Can I do Bikram Yoga Without Heat?

Yes you can practice the hath yoga bases Bikram yoga In the normal room temperature, and it is not that much difficult to do in the 90 minutes hot yoga session. However, it includes a lot of benefits than other yoga poses.

Is Bikram yoga hard?

It could be hard for the beginners or the first timmer, because of the overcrowded, sweating, heat, and some tricky posture, but make sure that you perfectly health or not having any cardiovascular disease.

How long do you hold Bikram Poses?

Usually, the Bikram yoga sequence is held for the 10 to 60 seconds, but it all depends on you and your health, you can extend it as well.

Does Bikram Yoga Tone Your Body?

It builds the strength and tone of the muscles and the main things about it the heat which will help you reduce the fat but it requires daily practice.


Bikram yoga sequence is one of the most efficient and the full of beneficial effects because it involves the heat which is also playing an important role in these hot yoga classes.

However, it consists of the 26 yoga poses and Here I have tried to elaborate the top first 10 Bikram yoga pose with the sequence, you can also check the next poses here.

I hope you like and the efforts that I have put in this because as it has crossed almost 3000 words.

Thanks for being with me throughout the post.

If you have any suggestions and query you can drop down your comment.

See you around in the next post.

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