Top 5 Advanced Yoga poses you should dare to do 2020

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Do you even know that advanced Yoga poses does not only provide the confidence to you but will help you to do and unlock the more variation hard yoga pose?

Well if you don’t know then, Don’t worry today I am gonna tell you to step by step guide how to execute them precisely.

Great !! as you are looking for some Insane yoga pose then definitely you have the courage to do that top advanced yoga pose of 2020 as per my perspective….

Now without any delay let’s jump into my Advanced yoga poses that everyone shout try!

Note: All poses should conduct under the supervision of a qualified yoga trainer for the first time.

Top 5 Advanced Yoga Poses 2020?

1. Yoga Sleep Pose (Yoganidarasana)


Yoga sleep poses only to try if your body is super flexible.

• As in this pose, you will feel like restricted( as someone locks you up with something). As most of the time, this advanced yoga pose induces sleep while performing this pose that the reason it called the yoga sleep pose.

• I have given the Yoga sleep pose at number 2 on advanced yoga poses 2020 as we thoroughly enjoy doing this in our class.

How to perform this:

• You just need to lay on your back then lift your legs and cross them with your ankle. slightly bring your keens close to your chest to relax on that position as you are performing that for the first time.

• Post that you just need to push your keens over the head so that crossed your head and stick on below of your head, and breathe out.

• It would be very difficult to breathe in this position as it will constrict your body, but later you will be habitual to that and you can breathe in or out so easily.


• Create overall health and well-being.

• Feeling anxious. ( Must do it)

• Beneficial for the spine problem. (under supervision of trainer)

• Whole-body stretch.

• It improves sleep and can help overcome insomnia.

2. Visvamitrasana Insane advanced yoga poses

Visvamitrasana advanced yoga poses

It’s is the arm balancing advanced yoga pose, it is most important that your body is warm and prepared for this pose if you feeling any pain in your joints do not perform this one.

How to perform this:

• From downward-facing dog, breathe in your correct advantage into a three-legged dog.

• Twist your correct knee towards your chest, Inhale back to the three leg hound.

• From three-legged pooch with your right leg lifted, on a breathe out, twist your right knee and present it and over your body to contact (or come as close as it can to contacting) your left upper arm or elbow.

• Carry your left hand to hold just beneath your right knee and embrace your right knee up somewhat higher toward your chest.

• With your left hand, grasp the pinky-toe side of your correct foot.

• Presently start to stretch out your right leg out to the side (your leg won’t stretch too much).

• Keep up some association between your middle and thigh with the goal that you don’t overstretch or stretch just the most adaptable pieces of your hamstrings.

• Turn your gut, rib confine, and chest up toward the sky.

• This is the most confusing pose ever I almost found myself on the dilemma which hand and how to do.

• But finally, I have achieved that therefore due to this reason I have curated this on the third position of my hard yoga pose.


• Improves balance and mental core interest.

• Expands adaptability of both personality and body.

• Tones the rear of the body and spine.

• Reinforces the arms and legs.

3) Scorpion Handstand

scorpion advanced yoga pose

• It is an advanced balancing inversion followed by the basic handstand.

• Better to consult your trainer before performing this as do not perform if you facing the wrist injury, spine problem, and heart disease.

• This pose focus on your strength and the back and arm and shoulders.

• Scorpion handstand manages on top 5 on my curated list of top advanced yoga poses 2020 because it is required the proper body balance and endurance.

How to perform this:

• First of all, make your hands to the mat lifting one leg and then both into a handstand.
Second, start by bending the knees and lifting the chest forward tilting the head back and touching the toes toward the crown of the head.

• The key is to really open the chest forward and then to come out of it extending legs back up hinging from the hips folding the feet back to the mat and then making her way immediately into Child’s Pose.


• Reinforces the arms, wrists, and shoulders.

• Reinforces muscular strength.

• Stretches the spine and the whole front of the body.

• Expands bloodstream to the cerebrum.

4) Peacock Pose (Mayurasana)

peacock advanced yoga poses

• It’s also the hand balancing yoga pose and one of the advanced yoga pose of the all-time.

• By performing this task your core, wrist, and forearms fully stretched and engaged.

• You certainly have seen the peacock somewhere, he looks great, Isn’t it. This pose is similar to that pose and doing this a totally a challenge, Let’s learn this advanced yoga poses.

How to perform this:

• Start in an upstanding situated position, you simply need to sit on your keens and heals.

• Lean forward and place your hands on the ground, ensure your elbow, and the hand inward to your heart.

• After that, simply press your palms into the floor, the head will approach, unbend your knees and broaden your legs behind you, toes towards the floor.

• Bodyweight should lie between the hand and feet. So as to become one single unit squeeze your thigh. So that your body align in a straight line.

• At that point gradually lift your feet off the ground one at a solitary time. Hold on that position for the 10-15 second.

• Discharge the posture by bringing down the feet to the ground, a post that on your knees, and ease the heat off from your palms.


• Helpful for building center quality.

• Augmentation of your legs will help discharge.

• Augmentation by opening up your back.

• Compelling solution for diabetes and piles.

• Tones up the stomach related organs.

• Certainly, you might be wondering to do some extraordinary pose, Right?

• Do not worry, I have got something more.

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5) Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana

Urdhva Prasarita advanced Yoga poses

• Urdhva Prasarita Eka padmasana is totally a balancing and the stretches advance yoga pose which will provide the strengths to your legs clams the mind, besides this, it will also improvise balance concentration.

• This pose gives the relaxation to our body with the flow of the blood circulation in our brain stream.

How to perform this:

• Firstly, being in Adho Mukha savasana.

• Breathe in and lift your leg (right) wherein you feel good to point your toes towards the roof and keep your knee straight.

• Breathe in gradually and move your palms somewhat forward.

• Not to stress if you are not ready to keep your leg excessively high, attempt to extend that only.

• Breathe out and contact your forehead to one side elbow( palms place forward).

• Hold the Right lower leg with your right hand and offset your body with your left hand and right leg.

• At that point holds the right hand down and gradually turn your body and fold the other free hand over your thigh ( touch the ground).

• Attempt to keep your head close to the other foot( address the ground).

• Finally, remain in that position now to 3 – 4 long breaths.


• Invigorates the liver and kidneys.

• Back rubs the stomach organs.

• Quiets the brain.

• It improves blood flow and metabolic rate.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the most difficult yoga pose?

Here are the topmost difficult yoga pose.
1. Scorpion Handstand
2. Peacock Pose ( Mayurasana)
3. Visvamitrasana
4. Yoganidarasana

Is Crow pose harder than handstand?

Both are a bit similar, as initially, crow pose might seem easier than the inversion like handstand because we need more strength to perform the handstand and the crow pose is one of the best ways to build that strength.

How do you do a crow pose without hurting your arm?

In Crow Pose Squeezing is the key factor in this pose, make sure to keep yourself tight and small, when you lift your hips up and forward, try to compact as you can and push the floor away and pull the legs into arms.


Hence, a condition of yoga can be achieved when insight is set up. This has been the vision of the soothsayers who delivered Satyananda yoga. Therefore, yoga is introduced as a way of life, comprehension, and frame of mind.

Alert while endeavoring them for the first time. However, Importantly in the event that your body doesn’t allow you to do, so don’t do it else, therefore you could harm yourself.

You will be ace with these yet you simply need to move slow and steady.

Tell me which yoga pose you found the most troublesome in these advanced yoga poses 2020.

Dropdown your suggestion and query in the comment section. And I will make sure to answer them!

Thank you…!

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