Learn Powerful Elements Of Yoga: No One Talks About 2020

Don’t you think that we should find out all the elements of yoga before doing this?

Hey there, today I have come with another post and today I have brought something good which is the baseline of yoga, and every person is doing yoga or thinking about to do, it is necessary for them to have knowledge about the elements of yoga.

The practice of yoga has a long and ancient root that many reach back two millennia. It is a collection of the varied physical practice and reflection that are nearly useful in our daily life functionally.

Generally, there are eight limbs are embraced by the yogis and healthcare providers who perceive that yoga is a healing art of science, that deal and help us to stand out against a lot of diseases that are going on in our regular life.

It is the practice of finding the union of the body, mind, and spirit, in which all the aspects have involved the breathwork, asanas, and body posture, and the meditation as well.

In respect to do this yoga asana and practice the yogis and The, Yoga Sutras describe the 8 elements of yoga (or eight-limbed) path to enlightenment or purposeful life.

Today I am going to tell you a brief about the limbs and all the details about that.

So without any delay, let’s find out.

What Are The Elements Of Yoga?

1. The Yamas

Elements of yoga
Elements of yoga

Yamas is the first element of yoga. The practice of Yama can abstain from doing things that keep one’s mind involved in the inevitable struggle for survival. One can remain away from violence.

It makes the standard and your behavior pattern, and how you should live your lives and restraints are meant to prevent a person from indulging in undesirable world activities.

In addition to that, this also helps the yoga students to learn more about the right posture or behavior which will turn you into a better person.

It has five moral values According to Maharishi Patanjali.

• Ahimsa or Non-violence,

• Satya or truthfulness,

• Asteya or Non- stealing,

• Brahmacharya

• Aparigraha

2. Niyama (duties)

Elements of yoga
Niyama Elements of yoga

The second element of yoga is Niyama in which you will get to know about your duties which in too useful for your self-improvement.

It includes all of the regular activities that you are doing with the consistency, like going to the church or temple, doing the proper meditation, and even walking as well.

It’s a type of attitude that a yogi always should take towards oneself. Niyamas cultivate the self-discipline will power, and the determination and make you confident about your path and your goal.

• Saucha (cleanliness)

• Samtosha (contentment)

• Tapas ( spiritual)

• Svadhyaya(self-inquiry)

• Isvara pranidhana ( surrender to god)

3. Asanas

Asana Elements of yoga
Asana Elements of yoga

The third limb is Asanas a physical posture while doing yoga. The body considered a temple of the spirit, and you must take care of it throughout life.

Asanas practice helps us in this manner to detoxify and purify, which lead us to concentrate and meditate.

It is a step towards yoga, and especially performed to keep the body flexible, agile, and young, not only this it will help you to reduce the stubborn body fat.

The importance of yoga asanas in our life is indispensable, and the reason being it has become the lifestyle that you should adopt as soon as.

4.  Pranayama

pranayama elements of yoga
Pranayama elements of yoga

Pranayama, is the fourth in the list of elements of yoga, and it is all about breathing techniques. In which prana means “vital energy” and the Ayama means “exercise”.

In this process, you have to control your breath while doing the inhalation and exhalation.

It is rhythmic control of breathing performed to improve the functionality of the body, It has a lot of positive effects on the body.

Doing in a precise way can help you to control your breathing pattern, and allows more oxygen to feed the brain.

Apart from this, it has the capacity to stay awake and concentrate and bring more awareness to your life.

elements of yoga
Elements of yoga

5. Pratyahara

Pratyahara elements of yoga
Pratyahara elements of yoga

Another and important one limbs is  “pratyahara” a withdrawal of sense.

It provides us the opportunity to look at ourselves, observing craving and habits, and control over sense.

Indeed in this, the sense is longer responsive to the external objects that make hinder the mental concentration and allow us to remove the external and internal irritation to achieve the deep meditation.

Step of self-extraction and abstraction.

6. Dharana

Dharana Elements of yoga
Dharana Elements of yoga

The six elements of yoga are “Dharana” It is the type of single-pointed concentration.

As you know that our mind always scattered so many things even at a single point, and how about if we brought that scattered mind under control and set that in a focal point.

The focal point could be anything your mid-center of your forehead and the center of your naval, which means by doing this we can achieve the precise concentration.

It is not an easy thing to do, honestly, it takes something years of practice and determination for most of us, even some of the people are born with the same ability to concentrate like this.

7. Dyana

Dyana elements of yoga-min
Dyana elements of yoga

Dyana is the seventh Elements of yoga and part of limbs, It is also a technique of meditation and contemplation.

It is the uninterrupted train of thoughts, current, and cognition, flow f awareness.

It is a bit related to the “Dharana” state of mind. Patanjali defines this contemplation as the mind process, where our mind is fixed on something an object.

All the elements one by one prepare us for the next element.

Where Dharana we practice one-pointed attention here in dhyana you ultimately a state of being aware of the focus.

It is the stage of mind, where the mind has been reached at that level where it produces few or no thoughts at all.

8. Samadhi

Samadhi elements of yoga
Samadhi elements of yoga

Patanjali has described the “samadhi” the last and the eight elements of yoga and it is also called the state of ecstasy.

Samadhi is the spiritual stage of mind in which your mind is so absorbed in whatever it is contemplating on, even the mind also loses the sense of its own identity.

The main way of doing this is to connect with the spiritual divine by doing meditation and self-realization and it is also the state of enlightenment and sate of inner peace by practicing this.

Wrapping Up

These are all 8 elements of yoga, and it is quite necessary to know them before practicing yoga these are the baselines of yoga.

As yoga is not only the exercise to do the meditation but it can be helpful for you to fight against so many other problems.

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Thank you.

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