Fascinating Yoga vs Tai Chi | Benefits | Comparison| Similarity | 2020

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Yes, you heard it right I am going to share brief knowledge about yoga vs tai chi.

But wait for those who might be thinking that I am going to compare this exercise together, well I don’t think it’s a good idea to compare two finest exercises together. (both are best on their own).

In some of our previous blogs you have read about yoga, whether its yoga for diabetes or different types of amazing asanas and its benefits or performing yoga to finding a cure for diseases, etc.

But right now, we are going to cover a few things we haven’t talked about before.
If you did not check the previous one.

So, like always without any further delay lets dig into this!

What Is The History Of Yoga?

girl doing yoga pose

• When do we say yoga what image comes to your mind?

• Exercises, piece, healthy lifestyle isn’t it? yes, all these words belong to yoga.

• Let’s go a little deeper today and find out where it comes from what that means from its past to present.


The beginning of yoga started in the 5th and 6th centuries (quite long right), it’s developed by the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in the northern side of India where all Rishi Muni used to live in the mountains of Himalayas for Sadhana back then.

Most of you might know that the yoga word was first mentioned in the oldest textbook of Rig Veda. The Vedas were the collection of the song, mantras, and rituals which are used by Brahmans back then.

At that period peoples used to believe in spirituality, self -realization and the connection between the higher power with soul. The aim of doing this to make your self more connected to the higher power and find the Moksha and Mukti.

Yoga is as old as India may be more than that when this beautiful country called Hindustan back then.

It’s so good to see that our ancestor was so brave and intelligent that they discover such a beautiful piece of art for the whole of mankind, back in the 5th and 6th centuries.

What Is The History Of Tai chi ?

lady doing tai chi

When it comes to china you may think of kung fu, but there is one more which is one of the finest ancient art forms belongs to more than 3000 years back in (1100-1221 BC) during the Zhou Dynasty. 

This exercise is known as tai chi (martial arts).

Back then in the 12th century, a legendary man called Zhang Shan Feng, He was a famous Taoist priest who believes in the superhuman ability and internal power of humans. Zhang Shan Feng was also the founder of tai chi.

The actual principal of tai chi is truly based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism, which helps people to reduce stress and make a spiritual connection with the natural environment and other natural patterns.

In the ancient period people used to learn this finest art in a large number of amounts, it makes them feel calm and divide the equal balance between their body and mind.

The origin of tai chi still a mystery nobody knows when it originated, I would like to add a note here, the origin of tai chi we added here may not be correct because different sources show different information. And the actual origin of tai chi still a mystery

What Are The Similarities Between Yoga Vs


• Meditation…This is the most common factor between both of them yoga asanas and the Tai chi, as both, the posture required the proper meditation to attain the most beneficial results.

• While doing yoga meditation can be done with the proper meditation and some time with the close eyes if we are facing any kind of issue while doing that.

• On the other hand, tai chi also required the meditation but with the ease of the mind of flow with the air slowly and steady.

• There is the similarity in the yoga asana and the tai chi is when we stretch out our ligaments in tai chi or we can do it more precisely and learn efficiently with the help of the yoga.

• These both can provide the super flexibility in our body, healthy and being fully absorbed in the present moment.

• Yoga asanas and the tai chi looks pretty simple to do until we try to figure out and start doing that, apart from that there is some of the advance yoga asanas and the tai chi pose which can make you sore of the day for sure.

• The major similarity is the alignment and it is the best part of both the exercise, and it could be done under the supervision of the qualified trainer as major damage can be done to your knee and another joint ligament in this posture.

What Is The Difference Between the Yoga and

Tai Chi?


• In general, yoga is all about the more conscious and towards the spirituality with the proper chanting sometimes and meditation.

• However, on the other hand, the tai chi is about to relax and try to balance your mind so you can figure out the opponent and defend yourself properly.


• Yoga has to do with the strengthening, balancing with your hands with the limbs as well.

• On the other hand, the tai chi provides more strength to our leg as compared to yoga and increases the balance on your feet.

• Tai chi focus on the core strength dynamically powered through with the hips.

• Yoga works on static core strength and mobility.


• Yoga originated in India and the tai chi in China.

Fear of falling

• We can face the fear of falling in Yoga asanas while doing that even after practicing.

• Tai chi reduces the fear of falling as it is the total exercise of the balancing on your legs and move with the flow of the air.

Teaching Institute

• The most important difference that you can find the best teacher for your yoga asanas which are available nearby to you easily.

• However, it is pretty hard to find the tai chi classes nearby to you I guess so.


• It is easy for you to the distinction between the yoga teacher which one is good according to their flexibility and knowledge.

• In tai chi is pretty hard to find the difference between the real and fake teacher it takes a lot of time to be the master.

Time duration

• You can learn yoga asanas at a particular time as there are many good institutions out there to teach you.

• However, on the other hand, the tai chi takes a lot of time and proper consistency to be the master in tai chi.


• Yoga is fully energetic when you start doing this as we are trying to put our body in a posture to stretch and then relax.

• In tai chi, you will learn a form and once you know the form of how you do that, you will feel the relaxation which allows you to stretch as well.

Place for doing

• In yoga, we required the proper mat for doing that and that is your space for yoga and your world.

• However, in the tai chi, there is not mat to mark the boundary and we can do it anywhere and learn to stay grounded and balanced.

Holding time

• Tai chi is offered less pause while doing and moving with the flow of the air smoothly.

• On the other hand, yoga required the hold position for a bit longer time, to maintain the breathing deeply for flexibility and mobility.

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What Are The Significances of Tai Chi And Yoga?


The significance of yoga techniques is divided into three categories:

The physical aspect of yoga includes flexibility and a good balance of your body while you are performing the exercise.

• It’s also proved that yoga can help you to increase your energy, improve your breathing as well as circulatory blood flow, reduce your body pain, and the best one surely for women’s it also helps you to look younger by performing some devoted exercises.

The mental aspect of yoga includes the piece of mind, reducing stress and deal with stressful situations, and the best part of doing these exercises are it helps your brain to work positively with your thought and ideas.

The spiritual aspect of yoga helps you to connect with positive energy, it makes you believe in that higher power which is running the whole universe. Spirituality is the best way to feel every natural living soul around us.

Tai Chi: 

Tai chi is a good way to feel more relaxed and concentrated on your work.

• It works similarly to yoga in flexibility, developing your strength and stamina, makes a proper balance between your body and mind, and it also helps you to stay stress-free.

• Tai chi is a low impact exercise which helps your joints, and people who are suffering from arthritis, I would suggest you adopt tai chi as soon as possible, it will be beneficial for you.

• Tai chi is more focused on the mind than a body exercise and the best part about it there is no age limit of doing it anybody can perform it, whether you are a kid, or old.


• I came across the research according to the Harvard Helth Publishing both yoga asanas and tai chi are beneficial for your body.

• If you can be the master on the both of them that that would be the cherry on the cake as well.

• However, let me try the distinction between both of them.

• Yoga asanas help us to get rid of diabetes, blood pressure, Thyroid and also reduce the heart rate, aid us to relieve the pain from the sever part of the body.

• Tai chi is also beneficial for relieving from pain but it has a significant effect on those people who are suffering from arthritis pain and Parkinson’s disease.

• Yoga- aid in cancer, asthma, high blood pressure. mental health reduces stress.

• Tai chi- cardiovascular disease, anxiety. Parkinson, Alzheimer’s.

• Doing Tai chi might not boost our cardio or toning but it can improve our flexibility and mobility, balance and strength as well.

• Tai chi you will found some of the high intense core exercises which will work on your both upper and lower boy parts and provide the immense adrenaline in your body.

My perception


• You can go for yoga if you feel comfortable in sitting and as per your required time and place.

• You like proper guidance with spirituality than you must go for it.

• If it’s getting hard for you to find the best master of the tai chi this would be the best alternate for that.

• It can provide mental calmness or might make you a better person as well but it won’t help you in a brawl.

Tai Chi:

• If you feel uncomfortable sitting as most of the posture is perform standing.

• You want to learn self-defense.


Yoga and Tai chi are an easy way to adopt a healthy lifestyle in such a modern environment where people are busy enough on their own and ignore their health in early stages. Which causes serious disease and a hard amount of bills to the hospital.

( Think about and let’s come with the revolution to stay healthy and conquer the world)

We should be thankful to our ancestor who provides us a beautiful way to stay fit and healthy, without spending a single amount of money into big fitness clubs.

Guys all you need to do just a few minutes from your daily routine to perform these exercises, not much and I think it’s the best way you can invest in yourself.

Thanks for being with me throughout the article, if you like reading this do share with your friends and encourage them as well to stay fit and choose one of these.

Also, let me know in the comment box in which form you are master of? Yoga Or Tai chi?

Thank you

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