Lower Your High Blood Pressure With Yoga Pose instantly 2020

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Do you know that according to the research Hypertension is responsible for nearly 45% of deaths due to ischemic heart disease and 51% of deaths due to stroke?

Yeah, You might have faced this kind of problem, and that time our body starts shivering and even some time that you might experience insomnia throughout the night.

However, as my motto is staying fit and conquer the world so here, I have tried to arrange some of the yoga poses for the lower your high blood pressure which gonna help you to get rid of this for sure.

I would recommend you include these steps in your daily life routine and you will never face any kind of hypertension issue life long.

This required consistency and it won’t happen overnight you will have some patience, but I can say you will see the prominent effect in your body after doing these yoga poses for the high blood pressure.

Now, without any delay let’s dig into this.

What Is Hypertension Blood Pressure?

• High blood pressure or hypertension is a normal condition in this our blood forces too high in the wall of our arteries.

• Arteries are the blood vessels that carry the blood away from our heart to the other tissue.

• As blood flows through with the important factor that affects the arteries walls are

• The first is cardiac production or the amount of blood your ventricle pushes out every single minute.

• The second one is blood volume or the total amount of blood in your body.

• As the blood pressure and the blood volume is inversely proportional to each other if the blood pressure increases the volume also increases.

• Your body is capable enough to increase the diameter of arteries and lower the pressure but sometime it won’t work as well.

• The most important thing is the blood viscosity or thickness. There are certain particles, fat, or protein which increase the viscosity of the blood in our body.

If the blood is thicker, then your heart will have to work harder to push that through the blood vessels.

• Generally, we can measure high blood pressure or hypertension with the help of a sphygmomanometer, or it is also called the blood pressure cuff.

• When your heart beats, the pressure of blood on the walls of your arteries is called systolic pressure it should normally be less than 120 millimeters of mercury for systolic pressure, and less than 80 millimeters for diastolic pressure.

• When Your arteries stop responding or damage then they reduce the blood flow and that leads to the stroke, heart attack of some kind of kidney disease as well.
It has been seen that most of the time the cause of hypertension is totally unknown.

That’s the reason I have tried to make the list of some of the best yoga poses to lower your high blood pressure here.

I guarantee that this article going to be helpful for you as per my view.

What Are the Cause of Hypertension/ High

Blood pressure?

• If you are highly using sodium or salt or in your daily routine doctor will advise you to take that in the limitation of salt and highly process food.

• Because Sodium increases the water retention in our body which leads to an increase in blood volume and pressure.

• Some of the main significant cause of hypertension is stress, as whenever we feel a little bit stress or overthink about something at that time our heart beat faster than normal beats.

• The other factor is weight and this is the most common cause of hypertension that we always ignore.

• As the long term force again the artery walls are high that may lead to certain heart disease.

• The most common factor is our lifestyle and the excessive use of drinking alcohol, smoking drug abuse.

• Here comes the role of the yoga pose to lower blood pressure in our regular life to stop the effect of high blood pressure.

Why We Do Yoga For Hypertension/ High Blood


• Yoga is exceptionally useful for any pressure related issues, just as yoga models for hypertension are useful assets in mending these conditions, particularly healing these conditions normally with no harmful results just useful side-effects.

• Yoga’s most renowned quality decrease the pressure, it increases the flow of the oxygenate blood in our body and clear all the blockage pathway to our organ which is not working properly.

• Hypertension is a genuine condition that prompts heart attack, strokes, and also death sometime.

• This is a ‘quiet executioner’ even more dangerous because it shows no side effects.

• In this way, the main way you can discover is by getting yourself checked normally.

• Yoga and Pranayama are two characteristic approaches to control hypertension.

• Your doctor may also recommend medications that act on your kidneys, blood vessels, or heart to help reduce your high blood pressure.

• However, why should go for that if we can maintain our physical health with the proper yoga pose for blood pressure?

However, it requires consistency, not the overnight process, I am repeating again.

You will have to follow my guide and these basic step and I assure that very soon you will get the best result with these yoga poses to lower your blood pressure.

What Are The Best Yoga Pose For Blood

Pressure/ Hypertension?

1. Anulom Vilom Pranayam

Anulom Vilom

• Pran means Is your “breath” or Ayam mean” to control, pause, so this pose is all related to the control of the breath.

• There is a phrase “When your breath is steady your mind is calm”.

• It improves the oxygen flow in the body and the function.

• This one is the most recommended yoga pose for high blood pressure.

• Let practice together.

How to do it:

• It is also known as the Nadi Sudh Pranayam which means this poses clear the pathway of our veins and when your energy pathway is clear so it will increase the flow throughout the body and those parts which are not functioning well will be maintained.

• Start with the normal setting normal cross leg position out of the Padmasana and back erect.

• Now, use your pinky and ring finger and the thumb of your right hand, another finger should be facing inwards.

• Close the right nostril with the thumb and close your eyes.

• Post that, slowly start inhaling with the left nostril and while doing this your shoulder goes up and the chest starts expanding.

• After taking the full air according to you you just need to close both nostrils and put your chin close to your chest.

• Now just release the right nostril and start exhaling through the right and chin upward.

• Now again start inhaling through the right and exhale just opposite of that.

Try to do this repeatedly and focus on your breathing.

2. Bhastrika Pranayama (Breath of Fire)

Bhastrika Pranayama ( Breath Of Fire)

How to do it:

• Siting the normal position.

• To start this, you need to breathe in full with your lungs until your stomach makes the pouch.

• Make sure to breathe through your nose completely ( it should be the long inhaling with making sound).

• Now exhale and try to exhale with the same intensity as you inhale.

• Try to breathe fully with your stomach and lungs and try to maintain the intensity of inhaling and breathing.

• Slowly you can increase the repetition.

• While doing this only nostril should involve, do not try to exhale with your mouth.

• Try to make it slowly only.

• Make it happens with ease and slowly you will see the improvement.

• This yoga pose will certainly ease your mind and the best one yoga pose to lower blood pressure.

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3. Halasana


• This is the continuation of the Sarvangasana.

• It required the lots of the core strength so just take your time and start with the Sarvangasana

How to do it:

• Now after starting with the Sarvangasana, take your time and keep yourself comfortable and without bending your knee and legs, inhale deeply.

• As you exhale bring your legs down and pull your legs all the way up to your head.

• Do not try to rush into this posture, use your core and engaging your core muscles, and bring your legs all the way over your head and your hand back to your shoulder interlocked with each other.

• Bring all the way down and strengthening with our shoulder and try to hold that position for almost 5 sec, keep some normal breaths.

• Now start exhaling and slowly bring your hand back to your hips and start lifting your legs slowly one by one.

• If you perform this pose Halasana regularly then you completely get over with diseases like diabetes, constipation, stomach strikes, blood pressure.

4. Head To Knee Forward Bend

Head to Knee Forward Bend

• This pose also called the “Janu Sirsasana” this asana will calm the mind and help to stretch the spine as well.

• This works as a panacea for high blood pressure, headache.

How to do it:

• Now start with extending your legs forward, and bend the right knee such as the sole of that is touching the inner thigh.

• Always try to erect and keep your chest open don’t make your back fall.

• Next step, curl the toes inward and inhale and raise your hand close to the ear.

• Exhale, and reach out towards the toes with the straight line, do not compromise on a curve.

• Stay there on that position, Initially, you do not wanna bend deeper but after some time with the proper exercise, you might go deeper.

• Make sure to straight the spine line a pipe and go down now.

• Keep your elbow close to your legs both sides and relax and keep breathing with your nostrils.

• Inhale and raise your hand up and exhale.

• Now, let’s switch with the other legs as well.

5. Humming Bee Breath (Bhramari Pranayama)

Humming Bee Breath

• In this Pranayam, the exhalation resembles the sound of the Humming bee that’s the reason it is called the humming bee breath.

• Responsible to relive the mind from anxiety and high blood pressure.

How to do it:

• Shut your ears with your thumb and eyes close with the rest of your fingers.

• Make sure to shut your ears in that way that you can’t hear anything out from the outside.

• Touch your tongue with the palet and make the sound as a hummingbird does.

• Once you are done with that you just inhale through your nostrils and one you exhale you will make the sound of the humming bee.

• Let’s do more than 5 to 6 times at least for the better result and slowly release your thumb and your fingers.

• These poses are more effective if you do these with altogether, however, if you are rookie in this you can try to do one by one.

• Just try to make it consistent for the better result.


• Loos extra weight and try to maintain a healthy routine.

• Go for the exercise daily and make it your daily routine.

• Lesser the amount of sodium in your diet.

• Limit the alcohol and quit smoking, you might face the issue at the beginning but gradually you will get over it for sure.

• Stop overthinking about anything and try to execute the thing perfectly and give your hundred 100% only.

Blood Pressure Range

Normal Blood Pressure RangeLess than 120 UpperLess than 80 at the bottom
ElevatedBetween 120-129Less than 80
High Blood Pressure (stage-1)130-13980-89
High Blood Pressure( stage- 2)140 or above of this90 or above of this
Hypertensive CriticHigher than 180Higher than 120


• High blood pressure can be cured with yoga for sure, but the most important as I said it is not the overnight formula to stay healthy.

• I would request you to do these yoga poses to lower the blood pressure and wait for the result.

• Yoga soothes the mind and relieves us from anxiety and depression as well.

Thanks for being with me at the end.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

However, if you have any suggestions related to the post and for me do share your valuable suggestion in the comment box and I will try to repose them for sure.

Moreover of this also let me know which yoga poses you like the most to do frequently?

 Do share with your friends and let them know how to stay happy and healthy.

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