How To Do Yoga Nidra: 7 Amazing step you should do 2020

Have you imagined that Yog Nidra also helps us to get rid of many problems as compared to normal sleep?

Sounds Cool! Right

Hello, There. Today I have come again with one of the best yoga poses that are going to be very useful for us.

Even help us to get rid of our daily routine problem.

According to Dr. James E. Stahl and his team of the Harvard researchers studied mind-body relaxation program. Where participants were taught several different mind-body approaches, behavior skills, meditation, yoga.

The results were too shocking, they have found that the people in the relaxation program used 43 % fewer medical services than they did the previous year.

It means that the yoga and the meditation program can be a good deal for us.

Now the question comes up on how yoga Nidra can be useful for us?

Do not worry, I am gonna tell you the proper step by step guide in this article about that and I am sure at the end of this article you would love to do that.

So, before moving to that what benefits yoga Nidra for us it is necessary to know about it, first.

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Yoga Nidra Explained: What it is?

girl doing yoga nidra pratice

Yoga Nidra also is known as the ‘Yogic Sleep” asanas, and it is one of the most powerful and easiest techniques for meditation.

Yoga Nidra is one of the practices of the pratyahara or withdrawal of senses.

It is the state of being between the sleep and the consciousness state. Where our body always remains on the sleeping state.

Lets clear this with an example- have you ever notice that someone of even you also don’t like something like fruits, vegetable or anything, but do you know why?

However, if you know why, then that would a very rare I guess so but the most important thing and the truth behind this is the negative impression of that things in our subconscious mind since childhood.

They could be anyone your parents, friends, or anyone, so in respect to clear this all myth from the subconscious mind and making things for better understanding or control over our sensory organ, Yoga Nidra one of the best techniques to do.

This practice is like deep sleep while you awaken. Although It has a lot of more benefits more than that.

Do not worry, I will let you know about that later as well in this article.

Let’s start the position we should keep in mind before moving to this yoga Nidra.

Because if you want to take the more advantage of this Yoga Nidra so it would be better if you do it in a precise way.

What Are The Basic Steps Involve In YogaNidra?

1. Construction of Pose

This Yoga Asanas usually performed in the Shavasana ( Corpse Pose) with closing your eyes. You can use some kind of support underneath your head and back or you fold your yoga mat as well. In this stage, the relaxation of the mind mainly induce by the posture, and welcoming the external sound and taking the stress out of your body.

2. Think about your desire or Do Sankalp

Now after getting the stage of the relaxation. I would advise you to think about your desire that you want to achieve or looking for something, wellbeing, or anything your wish.
Your revolution should be clear and more positive and feel that things in your present time as it has been done.

3. Rotation

In this stage, you just need to start moving your different parts of the body in an organized manner. Just take the things in your mind and start moving your body parts one by one without any physical movement. Start with the left side- first move your left hand, then left thumb, and end up with the left toe.

Repeat this with the right hand as well- right hand, right thumb, and the right legs toe at the end. Post that back to the body from heel to the upper head and similarly to the front body as well.

4. Importance of the Breath

In the fourth stage we just need to focus on our normal breath, do not try to overthink or attempt to change the flow of the breath.
Just aware of the breath from the nostril to the chest and then abdomen, watch your breath.

5. Just Welcome the opposite feeling

In this stage, the physical and the mental sensation are involved, try to think just opposite whatever comes in your mind. Like if you are feeling worrying then feel ease. Feeling sad then just opposite happy. Love to hate, etc.

6. Find yourself

Just welcomes everything that coming in your mind and do not try to restrict anything in your mind. Just notice the sense of feeling hungry or angry or some other thoughts.
This is also called the visualization of the dark image place in front of your closed eyes and think about the object story or anything.

7. At the end

In respect to finish, this poses you just need to once again become aware of the external sounds, people, voice and then slowly move your body and the comes to the stretching stage.

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What are the benefits of yoga Nidra?

1. Help in sleep and insomnia

sleepless night

Yes, as the word also says the Yoga Nidra, we all know that lack of sleep also ends up with the stress and anxiety or depression. It is good to have a good sleep for better mental health.
But I would like to tell you that it is not the yoga sleep,

It is the relaxed state of mind adding with some awareness because when we sleep all goes shutdown, but in this yoga asanas, we are aware of our body parts thoughts and the consciousness.

2. Life management

life management

Regular practice of the Yoga Nidra not only helps you internally but also help you outside to develop or change the entire routine of your lifestyle for the better experience.

Because you experience a lot of joy and strength from your surroundings which gonna help you at your worse phase as well.

3. Strengthen your mind

mind strength

While doing this yoga asanas or yoga Nidra we train our mind what to observe or what not do. You might have noticed that I have mentioned taking some resolution or desire that you want or some opposite sensation.

In that, we trained our subconscious mind to follow the path and when we come to relax stage our ordinary mind follows the same path as you already have planted those things in your mind when your mind was relaxed and ready to absorb or accept this.

“The Sankalpa taken at the beginning of yoga Nidra is like sowing a seed, and the Sankalpa at the end is like irrigating it. So, the resolve took in yoga Nidra always brings result, if it is taken sincerely”. Swami Satyananda

4. Connect with yourself

found yourself

Moving one step in the list of the benefits now comes to the word connect with yourself, it means yoga Nidra is a way attach to your soul or deeper spiritual self.

you granted permission yourself or the time to focus on your health and wellness and it creates more space in your mind and gives the opportunity your mind to learn about yourself through the restful experience.

5. Get Rid of Psychosomatic issue

stress and depression

This psychosomatic formes when the tension, frustration of any kind of conflict together in your mind.Yoga Nidra helps us to suppress the conflict in the mind which results in the relaxing stage because if we can suppress the parent thing so we can easily get rid of this disease as well.

Even the researches also show it can be the best remedy for the high blood pressure patient and some other kind of psychosomatic disease.

6.Increase the will power

will power

Will power is the most effective and required if you want to fight against anything either a disease or something else. If I talk about the current situation the patient suffering from COVID-19 or cancer they need a strong will power to overcome this disease.

Yoga Nidra gives us the same that’s why we do Sankalpa in this, and by developing the confidence, will power we can cure cancer as well because at the time of Sankalp we trained our mind to sowed the things again and again.

7. Help In PMS

menstrual pain

Postmenstrual symptoms according to the study women with irregular menstrual cycles often find yoga Nidra helpful. Because these kinds of irregularities could cause psychological issues due to anxiety and depression.

However, with the proper regularities with this yoga help us to maintain the immune system and fill the mind with self-love.

8.Helpful for the Diabetes

diabetes check

Diabetes has become a major issue worldwide and according to the Department of Physiology, S. S. Medical College, Rewa has found that yoga Nidra can reduce the symptoms of this type 2 diabetes and maintain the blood sugar level in the body.

9.Enhance the immune systems

As you know not only you but somehow everyone is busy in this hectic life schedule and which sometimes leads to stress and depression.

This stress has a direct effect on our digestive system and this is the cause of the different kinds of diseases. But with the proper guidance of the yoga Nidra, we can boost our immune system efficiently.

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What does Nidra mean in Sanskrit?

In which Yoga Nidra the word “yoga” means “union or one point awareness” and the other “Nidra” means the “sleep”

What should I bring to Yoga Nidra?

It doesn’t require any high equipment, just make sure to bring your yoga mat or something to cover up if you are going to the deep meditation as then your body drops down the temp.

Can Yoga Nidra replace sleep?

Certainly, not. The proper sleep rejuvenates the mentally and physically, however, the yoga Nidra allows us to come in the consciousness stage by performing the calm and other position so that we can be ready for the sleep.

Does Yoga Nidra work?

I would say Yes, it helps to suppress the anxiety and the depression all the parent cause in our body which leads to the relaxation of the body and also support in the Psychosomatic issue.

Is yoga Nidra a form of meditation?

This technique could say the form of the meditation but I have come across the practitioners says that with the regular practice of this, it is the same as the meditation.


Now you all might have aware of the proper guidance and the technique of how to perform and all benefits of yoga Nidra for better results. This yoga pose has a lot of benefits prevents the stress-related issue by inducing deep physical and mental relaxation.

Even, a lot of the researches also indicated that yoga Nidra can be more beneficial in the disorder like asthma, coronary heart disease, cancer, anxiety.

In the era where the psychological and the psychosomatic issue are on their peak so this yoga pose is one of the best panaceas for all of them.

I hope you like reading this article.
Thanks for being with me throughout the post.

Now it’s your time to start this and also let me know how long you can perform this? Drop your suggestion and answer in the comment box?

Till then “Stay healthy and let’s conquer the world”

Thank you.

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