10 Profitable Importance Of Yoga: Nobody Talk about 2020

Hello guys,

You will be familiar that having a good meal in the morning is so important to start up your day, but what about the exercise before having a meal?

Here comes in picture the Importance of yoga in your life.

Just think about yourself if you don’t move your body from one place and just lay down on a couch for hours and hours then what your thought process going to be like, will your brain function properly?

As you all know if you want a healthy mindset then you may have a healthy lifestyle, whether it is eating fresh, exercise or any other social activities.

Do not worry here in this blog I am going to share some brief knowledge about the cure of all disease.

Yes, I am talking about yoga and its importance in our life.

It doesn’t matter where you belong, who you are, whats your age, if you want to have a healthy lifestyle and a peaceful mind then I would suggest you stay with me till the end of this blog.

So, without any further delay lets dig into this.


Yoga exercise
Yoga exercise

Yoga is an ancient way of healing your body as well as your mind. It makes you calm mentally, physically and spiritually.

The origin of yoga started 5000 years ago in India and the name yoga comes from the Sanskrit word Yuj which means to yoke join or unite.

Many of you even experience how this exercise connects you spiritually with the high power you believe in and it also helps you to make a parallel combination like body with mind and mind with soul with respect to achieve a balanced and happy life.

Yes, it’s so true, it’s the best way to connect your mind and your soul spiritually in the higher power you believe in.

Right now, it’s very important to clean your head with lots of impurities moving around you.

In short, if you want to know how this works, I would suggest you apply yoga for a month and understand the importance of yoga in your life and for sure you will see the results by yourself. 

Where Did Yoga Come From?

Did you know yoga was first mentioned in the book of Rig Vedas?

Right now, there is no proof or any written record which can prove who invented yoga, but we all know this exercise used to perform by Yogis and Rishi Munis back in the days.

In the earliest written records of yoga and the oldest text in the existence, generally believed to have been written by Patanjali called yoga sutras and the book gained huge fame in the west in the 20th century after its being introduced by Swami Vivekananda.

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Yoga gurus from India later introduced yoga to the western country after swami Vivekananda got admired for it in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. And now it’s everywhere many people across different countries adopt yoga in their life and they really know the importance of yoga in this hectic life.

Importance Of Yoga In Your Life

Before moving to the importance of yoga let me introduce to you with a fact according to the research of it is shown that 90% of doctor visits are totally related to stress.

when they tested they found there is nothing better than yoga to get relief from stress, strength, balancing and focus, No pills have the power to improve all the aspects of the body in a single time.

In today’s world yoga and other exercises are equally as important as food. It’s almost similar to food for body and yoga exercises for mentally/physically as well as spiritually. 

We can’t just ignore our health issues and move on we need to give more priority to our physical and mental state, because nowadays the stress, diseases, and toxic elements increasing as fast as they before.

And of course, there are some extreme benefits you get after adopting this healthy habit in your daily life.

Yoga you to reduce your anxiety, stress but on the other hand, it also helps you increase your stamina, flexibility, strength and body tone.

Apart from this, It has numerous benefits in our life.

Let’s find out some of the best importance of yoga pose for a better understanding.

What Is The Importance Of Yoga?

1. Better circulation

As you all know yoga helps you to improves your blood circulation. And what it means?
If you have proper blood circulation in your body then your mind will react instantly and perform better, it means better transportation of oxygen and nutrients in the body, which is good for your organs as well as your skin.

2. Reduces stress/anxiety

Depression is the most common or frequent issue that encounters in our daily life and even as per World health organization that globally 264 million people of all ages suffer from this.

Yes, we indeed live in an environment where stress/anxiety became so common, now every third person is suffering from it and here comes the point you may rely on daily pills or you can adopt yoga.

In respect to controls your stress and anxiety, all you need to do is practice its asanas regularly and feel the difference.

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“Smile breath and go slowly”

3. Increase your strength

Have you ever compare yourself with an athlete/sportsperson. Did you notice how physically strong they are?

Some of you may even notice and trust me you can also be like them and increase your physical strength better than before.

You just need to perform some advanced yoga asanas where you have to use your body weight to increase your strength. 

You don’t need any heavy large equipment, registration club fees or different protein powders and many other ways to increase your strength.

“Use your body weight as a tool”

4. Teaches Balance

This is one of the best importance of yoga as it teaches us a lot of things If you don’t have a balanced life than you may have a chance to fall soon.

You may have heard this line before but do you follow that?
Here, yoga allows you to take total control and focus on your body.

Yoga cleans your mind spiritually as well as mentally and after applying some of these asanas regularly you may have a better understanding and a clear vision of a balanced life.

It also improves your ability to balance in or outside the class.

“Find a balance in your life”

5. Lower your blood pressure

Do you know that according to the research Hypertension is responsible for nearly 45% of deaths due to ischemic heart disease and 51% of deaths due to stroke?

Blood pressure is now the most common disease we see around us And the person who deals with this only knows how it supposed to feels like

Just relax every problem has its solution.

Yoga improves your blood circulatory system as well as it enables the flow of oxygen in your body due to which there is lit more reduction in the blood pressure and the body calms down.

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“Keep the blood circulation into your body”

6. Makes you smile/happier

 In our fast life just sit down on a couch and ask yourself when was the last time you had a large smile on your face. Still, thinking?

Happiness comes from inside and we better understand it But its really in your hand and that’s the way yoga heals you, it provides you peace and calm, as it works on our central nervous system which releases the dopamine hormones.

These hormones also are known as the happy hormone.

You can try some yoga mudras to achieve happiness in your life.
As I said it’s all in your hand how to get rid of all the negative thoughts and move one importance of the yoga in our life.

“Being happy is all depends on you”

7. Helps you to focus better

Lots of distraction and some hard incidents in life stops you to focus on your goals and it’s pretty obvious.

Be in the moment is very important in life it shows you the path and even helps you to just focus on one thing without getting worried about the future.

Researches have found that regular yoga practice improves, coordination, reaction time, memory power and even helps in enhance the IQ level.

Meditation regularly is the best way to focus better in your life which makes you live in the moment.

“I want to be in the moment”

8. Helps you to sleep properly

I have seemed a lot of people always just busy with themselves always thinking about something, even when they are hitting the sack, and this improper sleep also causes depression or other diseases.

Work is important we understand but your health is much more important than that.
Stimulation is good but too much makes your nervous system down and here yoga provides you the relief with its asanas like savasana, pranayama, and meditation makes calm down your nervous system.

It also has been proven that people who do yoga regularly get better sleep and less stress than others.

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“Good sleep and early exercises”

9. Improve your relationship

In the list of importance of yoga, this one is quite interesting that having a healthy relationship with your loved one is so important, and who don’t want to have a good relationship?

Love may not give you all but it can heal you in many ways. Having a good healthy relationship with your friends, family and your partner improve your health and healing so much.
Regular yoga practice also helps you to develops friendlessness, compassion, and great behavior and on the other hand, it helps you to stay positive and truthful with your loved once. (all depends on you)

“Have a healthy life/relationship”

10. Gives you peace of mind

Stress/anxiety/depression makes us so weak from inside that sometimes the situation gets out of control and in some cases, people commit some bad step.

Yoga helps to improve mentally and make your mind stable with the regular practice and some meditation in the morning can help you to stay relax as well.

With some breathing exercises like pranayama and kapal bhati which also reduces the frustration, anxiety, and stress which may trouble you from inside. 
If you learn to keep your mind relax then you can able to achieve the positivity and pure happiness in your life for a long time, and it can be possible.

“Find your peace of mind with yoga”

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Some FAQ About Yoga

  1. Why yoga is important in modern life?

    Yoga has become the most indispensable things for our life, It teaches us how to deal with the severe disease that is going on and increase our will power to fight against them apart from this it works on our overall body.

  2. Why is yoga important for students?

    Yoga is one of the best weapons for the student as it includes a lot of yoga pose that is very helpful to increase concentration, immunity and the energy level and better vision.

  3. What are the disadvantages of yoga?

    As everything has its standard procedure to execute things, this applies to yoga as well. If you are doing in a rush so it may cause you a never damage, strokes, however, that are on rare occasions.
    A complete step by step guide and patience will lead you to a healthy lifestyle for sure.

  4. What is the conclusion of yoga?

    Yoga is not only about the exercise to do but it is the lifestyle that we should follow because having medicine to cure something won’t gonna help you in the future or even nowadays as well. Yoga clears all the debris from your mind and provides strength and inner peace.

  5. Who is the father of yoga?

    Patanjali knows as the father of the modern yoga, as it believed that the book called sutra was written by Patanjali in the earliest of 20th centuries. They sum up all the aspects of the yoga in the sutra in certain formats.


Here I have tried to sum up one of the best importance of yoga in our life.

Yoga is now one of the biggest names and the finest exercises we have in this world and I am not saying because I feel in that way but if you check it out you may see there is an extreme increment in the graph.

People all over the world start adopting this ancient method of healing the body as well as mind into the modern world, over the machines, proteins, and a lot more modern equipment to stay healthy.

To live a healthy lifestyle you don’t need anything else, and yoga is the best example of it. All you need is to have a good mentality to change something and nothing else.

Just remember if you lose the money you can make it again, but if you lose your health once then you may have a chance to get in touch with serious health disease, and trust me it will cost you a lot then money for your whole life.

I hope you like reading this article and thanks for being with me.

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Thank you!

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