Extremely 7 Importance Of Pranayama (contradiction) 2020

Do you know how pranayama can help us to get rid of any problem in our day to day life?

Let’s understand with an example.

Mobile Phone has become indispensable nowadays and we need to charge it before it ends, but what are you doing to charge up your body and mind?

Yes, we need to charge up our mind and you need to perform those pranayama techniques that gonna help us in this process.

Pranayama sequence helps your body to increase mental health, remove the stress, and improve all over the physical health.

Let’s break down all these with from scratch for a better and clear understanding.

It going to be a bit longer as I never want to share any half knowledge to you so that you lack something about this.


What Is Pranayama?

It is the Breath Control In Yoga and in modern life it is all about synchronizing the breath while doing the yoga asanas, Generally it is also the different part of yoga as well, which usually performed at the end of the yoga exercises.

If I differentiate these that word “Prana” means the Vital energy of the body which is totally responsible for the Life forces and the other word “Ayama” Which stands for the ” Control” 

Even In the Text Like the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras It has mentioned already that it is all about attaining the higher states of the awareness, and in order to reach the samadhi stage it is required to hold the breath and the Eight limbs of yoga.

We are talking about Breathing so it is also important to know that types of breathing apart from the natural breath without we can live.

Types of Breathing

Abdominal Breathing: In this Technique we used the internal organ Diaphragm properly with Allowing the Breath into the lower part of the Lungs, The diaphragm Separate the Chest and Abdomen, When we start the deep breathing diaphragm become tightens, flatten and move to downward, with allowing air to the lungs.

Thoracic Breathing: It is also called the Chest Breathing and in that, we just need to expand and contract the chest part, You don’t have to breathe with the Diaphragm and filled your lungs with air, here the only thing would involve and that is your chest, On the inhale you just need to lift your rib cage and on the expand go back to the down.

Clavicular Breathing: It is known as the sectional Breathing and all about the control of the Abdomen part, this breathing performed by forcing the air into the upper part of the lungs and raising your shoulders and contract abdomen.

7 Importance of Pranayama

• Pranayama Technique is lucrative for the wide range of Stress-related disorders.

• With these pranayama techniques we can clear the pathway of the Respiratory organs and also provide strength to that.

• I can feel the forms of the breathing, whenever I am exhaust I breath in a different way when I am angry I breathe in a different way or even I am excited I breathe in a different way, so it has the relation with the emotional stage as well, With this exercise, you can also control the forms of breath and calm your mind as well.

• It helps us to get rid of the waste and toxic products out of the body via breathing.

• It clear way the respiratory channels with purifying about the 72,000 nadis and help to purify the blood as well.

• It gonna help your overactive mind to calm downstage thus reduce anxiety and depression.

It also has been proved that Pranayama can be effective to lower your blood pressure.

• We have discussed some Importance of the Pranayama but you might know that everything in this world has some pros and cons something available for anyone and the same things is not available for other people as well.

• Yes, I am talking about the Contradiction of the Pranayamas.

Contradiction Of Pranayama who should not do?

• It is not recommended at the time of the menstruation and the pregnancy.

• If anyone suffering from some kind of psychological condition like sadness, grief, trauma, and suicidal feeling, They should avoid this.

• People with the hearth disease background or they can do this under the proper guidance but that who already had gone with the heart attack recently is not recommended for them.

• If You have to do the Radiation or the Chemo Therapy Avoid doing this.

How Does Even Pranayama Works In Our Body?

The spine is the most eminent part of the body, and you have the two energy levels on both sides of Spine One is called the Nadi That is IDA on the left and the other one is Pingala On the Right side.

When we start inhalation the energy travels to the upward direction via the Nadi and drawn to the lungs, which resulted in our mind draws out of the senses.

On the other half when the energy level travels to the downward it used the Pingala channel, and this happens due to the physical exhalation,that denotes the signal of the rejection of the external circumstances.

7 Types of Pranayama

Kapalabhati Pranayama

It is also known as the Skull Shining Breathing technique, derived from the Sanskrit word “Kapala” which stands for “Skull” and Bhati which means ” Shining”.

How To Kapalbhati Pranayama

• Start with Sitting Comfortable with the erect spine, and put your hands on your knees with the palm facing to the sky.

• Now take A long Breath, and Hold for a second then exhale and make sure while exhaling pull your stomach and the navel inside towards the spine

• Do not try to over sucked only pull your stomach inward where you feel comfortable, You can also use your hands as well to feel the stretching of the stomach.

• Repeat this once again, and when you exhale and relax the navel your breath will start flowing into your lungs automatically.

• For the Better Results you just need to perform to the 5-10 long breath, you can increase it later as well.

• Relax your body with closing your eyes and feel and observe your body sensation.

Video Credit: Natasha Noel

Benefits of Kapalbhati

• It helps you reduce the Body weight and Also Clear the Nadis.

• It Could be more beneficial for Diabetic patients.

• It increases the blood Circulation to the Entire body.

• In order to improve Brain Memory, it activates the Brain Cells.

• It aids you to reduce the Acidity and Gas Related problems.

• Provide Calmness and Uplift your mind as well.

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Anulom Vilom

It is the Alternate nostril Breathing Exercise and the main practice of the Pranayama. It involves the Inhalation, retention, and the exhalation process.

How to do Anulom Vilom

• Sit Crossed- legged and comfortably on the Ground, with making your spine straight.

• Now, in order to keep yourself away from the surrounding you just need to close your eyes and relax for a few minutes.

• Take your right hand close to your nose and the left hand on the left knees.

• Now close your Right nose nostril with the Thumb, and make sure to press that in a way so the airflow is fully obstructed.

• Start with inhaling through the left nostril and take a long and deep breath, once you have done with that close that nostril with the right finger and hold the air inside for few seconds.

• Now, release your thumb and allow the air to flow outside via the right nostril.

• Make sure while exhaling the air from the Right nostril you perfectly blocked the Left nostril with the Ring finger.

• You need to consider one thing that while doing the exhalation makes sure to attempt this for a long breath usually as compare to the inhalation process.

• Now the next move you have to again start inhaling with the same exhalation point that is your right nostril, take a deep inhalation.

• Shut down your both nostril and hold the air inside for a few seconds, then release that from the Left Nostril with blocking the Right One.

• Your Exhalation should be slower than the Inhalation.

Video Credit: Natasha Noel

Nadi Sodhan

Nadi stands for Tube, Pipe, or kind of nerve or a channel through traditionally the energies such as prana the subtle body flows.

You might come across the Nadi Sodhan as well, as both the Anulom vilom and the Nadi sodhan Pranayama look similar but let me clear the confusion for your ease.

In both of these you have to start inhaling from the left nostril but in anulom vilom you don’t need to hold the breath inside before exhaling, but in nadi you will have to hold the breath before exhaling.

Benefits of Anulom Vilom

• It has a huge impact on the Brain as it provides the calmness and relieving the stress on the Brain.

• In order to clear the Eyesight with Enhancing the Blood Flow to the Eyes, it could be useful for that.

• It also aids you in weight loss and provides flexibility as well.

• During the Pregnancy, it can help you in reducing maternal depression.

• Regular practice of this will keep you away from the Stomach infection and the Constipation issues.

• Even the study shows that it could be helpful to reduce the tension on the joints and the blockage, the reason being you are facing arthritis.

• If you are suffering From Blood Pressure then you should do this in a regular manner.


Bhramari is the Hindu Goddess, and Bhramari Stands for the “Goddess of bees”, the Hindu goddess associated with the Bees, and the hornets.

How to do Bhramari

• Sit Up in a straight and quiet position with posing a smile on your face and close eyes.

• Keep your eyes close and try to observe the sensation of the body for a few minutes.

• Once you completed with this place your index fingers on your ears, just shut down properly so you can’t hear anything from the surroundings.

• Start Taking A deep Breath and as you breathe out, make sure your press your fingers once again just to make sure to close the ears, and release the air with making the sound like a bee.

• However, the pitch of the sound is all depend on you but for the better results you just need to high pitch sound clearly.

• Just Repeat this pattern 3-5 times regularly.

Video Credit: VENTUNO YOGA

Benefits of Bhramari

• Regular practice of this will soothe your mind and help you to reduce the stress.

• It helps you to facilitate the concentration of mind with the humming bee sound.

• It works very well if you are having a mild headache.

• Give Instant Relief From Tension, Anger, and Anxiety.

• Reduce Blood Pressure.

• Help you to cultivate your Confidence.

Shitali Pranayama

This Pranayama Technique designed to soothe the mind and also cool the body, term “Sitali” taken from Sanskrit which means “Cooling”.

How to do Shitali Pranayama

• Start With Sitting On a Comfortable Position.

• Now place your both hands on your knees and make the Gyan mudra pose ( if you don’t’ know about that how to do that you can read that here as well.

• Post That you just need to close your eyes and rolled your tongue and shape it like a tube, place your tongue between the lips.

• Start Inhaling as much as you can with your tongue and take your tongue inside and close your mouth.

• Later on exhale through your nostril but make it slow.

• Repeat this at least 5 rounds for the better results.

Video Credit: Director Mdniy

Benefits Of Shitali Pranayama

• It helps to relax the muscles and the nerves by pulling the air through the Tongue.

• Help you to reduce hunger and Thirst.

• It quiet aids for those we are facing spleen disease.

• If you have been facing high blood pressure then you can manage your blood pressure with this.

• People facing excessive sweating can do this for better results.

• It works as a panacea for Pitta related diseases.

Bhaya Pranayama

Bhaya Pranayama is the ancient Vedic Technique of Breathing, and this is derived from the Sanskrit as “Outside”.

How To do Bhaya Pranayama

• In order to perform this start with the Padmasana Or Sukhasana pose( simple sitting pose), make sure to close your eyes and a straight spine.

• Take a deep breath and the long exhalation to clear the air from the lungs.

• Start Holding your breath and tuck your chin to the Chest it is also called the Jalandhar Bandha or the throat lock.

• Once you complete this, now Pull your stomach inside so that your stomach your back seem like touching each other from the inside, It is also called the Uddiyana Bandha.

• Now the last part is to focus on your groin Area and lift that muscles and try to hold all the bandhas all together as much as you feel comfortable, and then release all of them and take a deep inhale.

• Repeat this posture for 3-4 times.

Video Credit: Rakesh Kumar Pradhan

Benefits Of Bhaya Pranayama

• Help you to cure the Acidity, constipation, and all kind of disturbing stomach problems.

• People who are facing the Hernia issue can perform this can be effective for them.

• As the bandhas help your organ to function properly, so reason being the production of insulin also in control which helps in diabetes.

• It provides strength and flexibility to the various muscles and joints.

• The Calmness of mind is also the main important feature of this Pranayama, and this can be achieved by this.

Ujjai Pranayama

It Derives From the Sanskrit Word “Ud” and ended up with the word “JI” Which means “To be Victorious” thus the exact means of this is “One who is victorious”.

How to do Ujjai Pranayama

• In this process all the inhalation will be done via the nostrils.

• Start with Sitting on the normal position.

• Keep your hands on the knees or you cal make the mudra asana.

• Now start inhaling and keep your mouth closed.

• Nech and head keep straight and in line.

• While doing the inhalation you just need to constrict your throat muscles so that whenever you inhale you make a noise or like the rushing noise what we usually do while snoring and Hold the air for few seconds.

• Make sure to inhale and exhale duration the same.

• This posture is all about calming and balancing.

Video Credit: aad yog

Benefits Of Ujjai Pranayama

• It will help you to rectify the Fluid Retention in your body.

• An issue like the Cold, Cough, and improper digestion and even in dysentery, it gonna help you to get rid of that.

Studies show that it will help you to regulate and balance the thyroid gland.

Frequently Asked Question

How do you practice Pranayama?

In order to perform this you just need to sit in the comfortable position and keep your spine and neck straight, later on, start inhaling until your reach your lungs capacity, hold the air there for few seconds, and exhale slowly through the nostril.

What Are the Different Types of Pranayama

Kapalbhati Pranayama
Anulom Vilom
Nadi Sodhan
Shitali Pranayama
Bhaya Pranayama
Ujjai Pranayama

How Many Minutes should we do pranayama?

You can perform this as much as you feel comfortable but according to the procedure you can perform it to a minimum of 45 minutes up to the 2 hours for better results.

Can Pranayama be done At night?

I won’t prefer you to do at night, however, you can perform it in the evening as well, but some other pranayama like Kapalbhati, Bhastrika you should perform, because after doing this you might face insomnia for sure or trouble of sleeping.

What is the Best time For Pranayama?

The best and suitable time to perform the Pranayama is early in the morning, because the amount of the fresh oxygen in the air is maximum just before one and two hours of the sunrise, and if you are doing it with the empty stomach that works like cherry with cake.

Wrapping UP

Here I have tried to demonstrate all the pranayama techniques and the pranayama yoga step that will help you to maintain physical health.

Regular practice of These Breathing Sequence not only helps you internally but also provides the glowing skin as well and you will always look young no matter what’s your age for sure.

I hope You like this post and thanks for being with me throughout the post.

If you have any queries or suggestions you can hit the comment section as well.

Let me know what breathing technique you found useful?

Thank you.

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