Reliable Method To Do Tadasana Effortlessly 2020

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Are you looking for some yoga asana which improves your mental health and the body posture altogether?

Finally, you have reached the exact page. It might look very easy to stand in one straight position, but the Tadasana pose is a lot more than that.

It helps your body posture, balance, and improves your focus and calm. The name comes from the Sanskrit word tada (meaning “mountain”) and asana (meaning “pose”).

The alignment, muscle movements, and the mindset you learn in tadasana are applied every time you do a standing yoga asana which is the foundation of all standing postures, so it’s important to learn how to do it correctly.

It is easy to do and it can be very effective for you and your body. Now you might be thinking of what’s different in this asana while standing straight but let me tell you practicing this pose regularly can give you so many benefits, that you never think of.

Where I am going to share a little bit briefing about one of the foundation asanas of yoga asana.

So without any further delay let’s dig into this.

How To Do Tadasana?


• This pose creates awareness of your muscles and balance and increases strength in the feet legs and hips area.

• This pose seems to be so pretty but do not forget to do it with the same intensity and concentration as you are doing the other one yoga asana.

• Start standing up with feet and your big toes touching and heels slightly apart from each other.

• Stand tall with your legs, but try to avoid locking your knees, make them free. Bring your attention to the numerous muscle of the calf, the front upper leg, and your hips.

• Now next feel the inner muscle or your thighs and bring your knees a little bit forward, not too much.

• Fix a center point in front of your eyes where you can gaze while doing this yoga asana.
• Make sure to interlock your fingers together and place over your head, palm facing towards the ceiling.

• Try to hold the form in your legs, while directing your attention to your torso.

• Make sure to erect the spine in the straight line and neutral and let your abdominal muscles and lower back engage to stay in an upright position.

• Take some comfortable breath through the nostril.

• Let’s inhale and gaze on the point that you have chosen and while inhaling try to stretch your arms up and lift with your toes up too.

• Try to hold the position as long as you can.

• Now exhale and come along down like the same you go upward.

• Keep practicing this 4,5 times for better results.

• As with deepen breath keep focusing on relaxing and engaging in your muscles.

• Overall you want to find and active posture that comes naturally to your body.

• Stay in this position for five long breaths.

• Come to the resting pose whenever you feel ready.

Tips– If you are a newbie in this pose or performing for the first time and not able to focus, try to keep your eyes closed while doing this in this your body will search for the balance and you more deeply can feel the muscles.

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What Are the Benefits Of Tadasana?

1 Strength Feet

Tadasana especially benefits to our legs and the calf muscles, creating a strong arch during the practice of Tadasana can help to strengthen our feet.
Regular practice of this and you will see the immense change in your feet and the way you walking.

2 Reduce The Back Pain

This poses mainly to increase the mobility to the muscle which maintains the position of the spine. Tadasana could be the beneficial yoga asana if you do it as I mentioned.

3 Maintain The Mental Health

This posture helps us to keep our mental health in a good state, as this yoga asana directly affects our mental state. People who are suffering from depression or headache, this would be a remedy for them.

4. Regulation Of Blood Flow 

Whenever you start this yoga asana your complete body muscles engaged without tension the inner and the outer which increases the blood flow in our muscle. which leads to the eradication of the toxin from our body.

5. Maintain Body Posture

Tadasana has significant benefits to maintain our body posture if you are facing any hunch back issue that can be cured with this.
Because making the best body posture is also necessary with the proper spine erect.

6. Reduce The Abdomen Fat

This yoga asana can be good to reduce the body fat percentage with regular practice. This posture engages our abdomen muscles and creates the intensity of that as well.

7. Increase In Height

To get the perfect hight we can perform this with the consistency and it has been found that it is useful to increase height as well.

8. Improve The Dyspepsia Problem.

If you are suffering from improper digestion then It is one of the best yoga asanas to maintain the digestion and the regulation of the menstrual cycle in women.

9. For Flat Feet

It can be very useful for the flat feet problem.

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What Are The Contradictions Of Tadasana?

• If you suffering from any of these diseases like insomnia, blood pressure, joint pain, or a migraine then I would suggest you avoid doing tadasana.

• Pregnant women or who are on their menstrual period are advised to stay away from this yoga asana or perform with supporting your back with the wall.

• While doing this make sure the alignment of your toes right into the point, otherwise any alteration on your feet may affect your body parts.

• Do not try to stay in this position for the long period It might cause the strain in your legs muscles, apart from this you can try this with the regular interval

What Are The Common Error We Face While

Doing Tadasana?

I have come across lots of common errors while practicing this  Tadasana yoga asana.

Rushing to do this

Since this yoga asana looks so simple to do, You might be rush to do this.
However, we should give it a second thought before doing this and relax our mind and try to find the perfect alignment of the body posture for the better results.

It would be great if you check up your body and set up your mind to form this yoga asana.

Foward leaning

This is one of the biggest errors that I have found while doing this yoga asana you do not lean too much forward or put the pressure on your toes.

The reason being you might suffer from pain along with this Yoga asana.
Keep your abdomen above to your heel using abs for the support.

Shoulder rounded forward

Most of the people face this issue of the shoulder rounded forward as you are living that kind of lifestyle which might affect your body posture, Because of that whenever you perform this yoga asana this won’t give the best results.

So to fix this you just need to engage the upper back muscle so think pulling your both shoulder back together and keep your chest forward, keep your arms alongside by side and turn your palm face forward.


If you are a beginner in this yoga asana you can perform this with your back against the wall.
Make sure that your heels, shoulder, and sacrum touch the wall.

Need Modification

Beginners performing the mountain pose for the first time may find difficult exercise for them as you know it’s not that easy to hold the pose for a while you might lose balance too. To do it properly you can stretch out your feet a few inches and widen your base. This will help you a lot to make a proper balance.

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Tadasana is a simple exercise to do in the morning all you need is your mat and a few minutes to perform this exercise regularly.

From your neck to toe, this exercise can make you a lot better than before, you just need to do it in the right way.

After performing this exercise regularly you will see the major difference on your health, and it also fights against many diseases as well, isn’t it great?

The main thing is to take care of your body before you ended up while laying on a hospital bed.

Thanks for being with me throughout the article.

I hope you liked reading this article, however, if you have any suggestions or query drop that in the comment box and I would love to answer them for sure.

If you found this article useful so do share with your friends and let them know about this as well and be the part of this revolution.

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