Top 5+ Thyroid Essential Yoga Asana To Cure it 2020

Do you want to know about the thyroid and cure for that?

Yes, So you have landed on the correct page, Here I am gonna tell a bit about the Thyroid and some panacea yoga asana for thyroid.

It is an endocrine disorder that either manifests as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism which is excess or under-production of the thyroid hormone.

The main factor for causing thyroid is our lifestyle and somehow we are responsible for this as well, as we always use to take our lifestyle for granted.
We never think of small little carelessness can turn to tragedy.

As per my perceptive, that time is not too far when the doctor will recommend you to adopt yoga in your lifestyle.

Yoga is known to improve our lifestyle and eliminate these harmful diseases in a healthy way by doing a certain type of exercise.

Before jumping on the Yoga asana for the Thyroid I would like to give some brief about it.

So without any further delay let’s dig into this.

What Is Thyroid?

⦁ It’s located in front of the neck and it secrets the hormones and which govern so many functions in our body.

⦁ Thyroid mainly occurs when our thyroid gland secret too much or fewer hormones and this can lead to a wide range of the health problem.

What Are The Types Of thyroid?

Hyperthyroidism – Its define on its own, if you find hyper written somewhere that means to much of hormones produced by the thyroid gland.


⦁ The most common cause of grave disease is an autoimmune disease.

⦁ Thyroiditis the other cause for the inflammation, If you ever see the word end with the “ITIS” that means the infection of inflammation functional.

Sign & Symptoms

Sweating which means
Weight loss
Emotional instability
Appetite increases
Gastrointestinal problem.

Hypothyroidism– It is also called Mike’s edema.

⦁ If you come across the word “HYPO” that means not good enough or a low amount is called hypothyroidism.
⦁ Here our gland doesn’t produce enough hormones, totally opposite to hyperthyroidism.


⦁ Iodine deficiency

⦁ It also caused by the Hashimoto’s thyroiditis(a condition that causes inflammation of the thyroid gland)

Sign & Symptoms


Memory Loss
⦁ Goiter
Skin dryness
Intolerance to cold
Energy levels are low

What Are The Yoga Poses For Thyroid?

1. Shoulder Stand Yoga Asana

Shoulder stand yoga asana for thyroid

⦁ This Yoga Asana also called the Sarvangasana in the ‘Sanskrit’ it is the most effective advance pose for the thyroid if you do it on a regular basis.

⦁ It is also called the “Queen of Asanas”.

⦁ Highly beneficial for thyroid dysfunction as it stimulated the thyroid gland.

How To Do It

⦁ To begin with, this pose lies down comfortably with your back like Savasana.

⦁ Now inhale and lift your legs slowly.

⦁ Don’t forget to push your hips all the way forward and bring your chest closer to your chin with supporting your hands.

⦁ Keep your body lower portion elongated and take the normal breath.

⦁ Hold the position as much as you can it will strengthen your shoulder.

⦁ Now release lower your hips and bend your knees and keep close to your chest and fall back to the savasana.

⦁ You can use the towel or something to support your shoulder as well.

⦁ If you are a beginner so you can use the corner of the wall and goes upward direction.

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⦁ If you are suffering from Diarrhea.

⦁ Facing any kind of issue like blood pressure.

⦁ Women facing the menstrual problem.

⦁ If you have undergone any neck surgery.

2. Upward Bow Pose/ Chakrasan Yoga Asan

upward bow chakrasana for thyroid

⦁ This is also called the “Chakrasana” in “Sanskrit” in this yoga asana our body curve looks like a wheel.

⦁ It is the most advanced level yoga asana.

⦁ Just to perform this asana we required the strength in arms, shoulders, and legs muscles.

How To Do It

⦁ It comes with a different name it is known as the Chakrasana.

⦁ It is also called the backward bending yoga asana as in this asana our body takes the position of the circle.

⦁ You just need to start with the lie down on your back and bend your knees and keep close to your hips.

⦁ Now put your hand next to your head and as your elbow is seeing towards the room ceiling and finger in the inwards position.

⦁ Alright, just exhale and try to focus on your inner strength and press to your feet on exhale.

⦁ Start lifting your hips and your tailbone and keep your thighs strong in this position.

⦁ Let’s move with the next step.

⦁ Press with your fingers and lifting your shoulder and press legs lifting your hips all together.

⦁ Try to press all the four-point together.

⦁ Hold on that yoga asana as much you feel comfortable.

⦁ Now come back to the rest position all the same as you go upwards.

⦁ Repeat this yoga asana regularly for better results.

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⦁ Do not perform for the Blood pressure patient( especially high blood pressure) or can be done under supervision.

⦁ Back injury.

⦁ Facing the hernia issue.

3. King Pigeon Yoga Asana

kind pigeon yoga asana

⦁ This yoga asana helps to stretch the shoulder, chest, groin, and the neck area where our thyroid gland locates.

How To Do It

⦁ This is the asymmetric posture so while doing with one side it is necessary to perform with the other side as well.

⦁ Now get into the table position your hand and the knees touch the floor.

⦁ Where our wrist, elbow, and shoulder in a straight line and your hips and the knees as well.

⦁ Now take your right knee in between your legs and stretch the other one towards the outside.

⦁ Tuck your toes pull your knee back do this repetition for one or two times.

⦁ If you are facing uncomfortable while touching your hips place your palm on your hips and press in downward gently.

⦁ Place your palms inside to the legs and push your palm and drop your neck backward.

⦁ Make an arch and up then drop your neck.

⦁ The next move tucks your toes and then point your toes and come up. If possible so hold your hand on ankle and stay for that position.

⦁ You can overstretch as much you can.

⦁ Now exhale and lower your legs and back down to the floor.

⦁ Repeat this with the other legs as well.

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⦁ Not recommended for the back, knee, or cervical injury patient.

4. Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana

dwi pada viparita yoga for thyroid

How To Do It

⦁ In respect to do this, you just need to lay down on your back, tuck your heel near to your hips.

⦁ Keep your hand near to your shoulder and the legs near to your hips like we did earlier in the upward yoga Asana.

⦁ Now squeeze your legs and lift your shoulders and legs with the help of your hands and make the yoga Asana Chakrasana.

⦁ If you feel comfortable you just need to place your forearm on the floor one by one near to your head in the shape of the “V”.

⦁ Interlock your hands and put them underneath your head.

⦁ Now exhale and spread your legs outward direction as much as you can.

⦁ Make the beautiful arch with the opening of your chest.

⦁ Now when you want to come back rolled back your legs and come to the chakrasana.

⦁ Make sure you will have to place your head first, then neck, and the shoulder post that your spine and hips.

⦁ Relax in the savasana yoga asana for a while.

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⦁ Pregnant lady highly not recommending this yoga asana as this is the advanced level yoga asana.

⦁ Facing high blood pressure or neck injury, shoulder, and arms as well.

5. Sirshasana (handstand pose)

sirsasna for thyroid

⦁ This pose means “Sirsha” means head and the asana means “pose”, It is considered the king of all asana.

⦁ It is mostly done at the end of all yoga asana.

⦁ Key to do it carefully or either under the supervision of someone or you can also be done against the wall.

How To Do It

⦁ Now bring your mat and put it as close as to the wall.

⦁ For the first time, you might face the pressure or pain in your head so it would be better if you put some extra cushions underneath your head.

⦁ Just spread your hand and measure your biceps and the elbow makes the angle of the 90 degrees between your shoulder and palm.

⦁ Let’s move ahead interlock your hands together make a clasp.

⦁ Try to place hands underneath your head in the crown area not in the middle part of the head.

⦁ Do not put the pressure in your hand that clasp will just work as a basket for your head.

⦁ Now moving ahead do not roll your head with the back as that might cause a severe injury to your neck or you might fall.

⦁ In respect to performing this well, place your head in your fingers, and then tuck your toes inward and lift your hips.

⦁ Crawl inward with your legs until your hips don’t come over your head.

⦁ When you find your hips just over your head with the erect spine.

⦁ Inhale and lift your one legs in the upward direction and then the second one.

⦁ You can also perform this against the wall.

⦁ Stay on that position for while as much as you can.

⦁ Now coming back to the relaxed position, put your legs down lift your head, and finish with the child pose.

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⦁ This is the advanced level yoga asana if you are doing for the first time that should be under the supervision of a qualified trainer or someone else.

⦁ Avoid doing this if you faced the neck injury.

⦁ Not recommended for the pregnant lady.

⦁ If you have any case history like blood hemorrhage

6.Halasana Yoga Asana

halasan yoga pose for thyroid

⦁ This is also called the plow yoga asana.

How To Do It

⦁ To perform this pose lay down on your back.

⦁ Inhale and lifts your legs up to 90 degrees and exhale.

⦁ Now again inhale and put lifts your hips up from the waist and make the Sarvangasana yoga asana in which chin touch close to the chest.

⦁ Keep your back supported with the hands.

⦁ Moving forward now inhale and slowly keep your right leg down over your head without bending the knees.

⦁ Now exhale and bring your right legs up.

⦁ Repeat the same with the left leg, inhale, and put over to your head without bending the knees.

⦁ Now, inhale and keep both legs behind the head slow and steady without bending the knees.

⦁ Keep the back supported till your feet touch the floor.

⦁ Make sure to keep your toes inward to your head and interlock your fingers and take them behind the back.

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⦁ Not recommended for ⦁ high blood pressure, diarrhea, or and asthma patient.

⦁ The pregnant lady should avoid doing this.

⦁ There is a lot of other yoga asanas as well but I have listed some of the best yoga asanas for the thyroid here.

Yoga gives us hope to survive like a survivor!


In the beginning, like I said thyroid is a very common disease nowadays among us.
Either if you are a man or a woman, young or old, student or work person these diseases can occur to anyone who lives a stressful or unhealthy lifestyle.

Most of us live an unhealthy lifestyle and when it comes to food than we almost forget what suitable or not for that body.

But wait if there is a pain then there is a cure too!

Yoga is the only Ayurveda way that can heal your body and heal you in every way. You just need to adopt yoga in your life and make it a habit of doing regular exercises on daily bases, and trust me after some time you feel much better than before!

Thanks for being with me throughout the post.

If you like reading this pose do share with your family, friends and also let them aware of it.
Let me know what yoga asana you found useful for yourself in the comment box?

Your suggestion and the query are most welcome in the comment area I will try to answer them for sure.

Thank you !!!!

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