10 Fundamental Types Of Yoga: Step By Step Clarity 2020

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Do you know that the number of American’s doing yoga grew up to 50% in four years? Like one in a three American’s have tried yoga at least once.

It’s great it shows how much yoga comes into the mainstreams, it’s not only about the origin of yoga (India). But today other many western countries believe in it and apply for their healthy lives.

We always come up with different types of yoga articles like Yoga for Nidra, the Importance of yoga, Yoga for sexual health, and many more like that.

This time we bring up the whole tree of yoga in front of you, here we listed some of the best types of yoga for you, trust me it’s like a tree, just go and grab the fruit you think it’s better now.

So, without any further delays let’s dig into this.

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How Does Yoga Works?

Yoga becomes a well-known spiritual, traditional exercise across all over the world. Like if you search on google and see those analytics about yoga, then you may see so many people who believe in it and apply it in their real life to.

Now yoga is a part of the mainstream. People from all around the world whether you take European countries, Asia, or the United States. So many countries and their people believe in it and also recommend to others for a healthy life.

It provides you so many benefits that if you start writing down on a paper you might shock to see how far it works on a human body. Here I would like to share some major diseases which can be cured by the regular practice of yoga.

Diabetes, Diagnosis, and some major diseases like mental health can also be cured by yoga and its different types of form. It works on your overall physical health but on the other hand, it improves your inner health too.

Some of the recent researchers found that yoga helps to increased your bone density and improved sleep quality as well. it’s a wonderful activity which keeps your mind relax and helps you to focus your goals.

What Are The Types of Yoga?

Types of yoga and its work as similar to medicines do. Like for every other disease you need a specific kind of medicine to gives you relief. Same as yoga its big form of activity. That allows you to pick one and start performing against the disease.

Types of yoga

1. Hatha Yoga

10 Fundamental Types Of Yoga: Step By Step Clarity 2020 1

There is a misconception you may hear that hatha yoga is all about the physical exercise, or you may have heard don’t do meditation we do hatha yoga. But it’s not like that. Many things have included in this posture until now.

Hatha yoga is about bringing the balance in our physical and the mental body, as well as it’s a technique of purification. In yogic literature, the hatha yoga comes from a two Sanskrit word “Ha” that represents the sun (solar force) in our body, whereas “Tha” represents the moon (passive force) in our body.

You can practice this asana to make your inner soul calm and relaxed.

2. Ashtanga Yoga

padangustasana types of yoga Asthanga

Other ones come in the Category of Types of yoga is Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is a style of yoga exercise that makes your body energetic and harmonize your breath with movements. It’s a dynamic form of hatha yoga which involves healthy flow from posture to posture.

Now here ashtanga yoga is divided into eight limbs:

Yama: Yama defined as the moral observance which will help you to be in harmony with the universe. It includes five principles in it.

Niyama: Niyama is defined as the moral observance which will help you to be in harmony with your own self. It includes 5 principles in it.

Asana: Asana practice will help you to understand, develop your body and it brings a lot of awareness to yourself. Asana can be performed by physically.

Pranayama: once you are aware of your body, then the second step is all about to be aware of your breath. Using pranayama is called the regulation of your prana. (Breath)

Pratyahara: The moment you are aware of your breath, then you are completely aware of your mind as well. Pratyahara is which controls all of your senses.

Dharana: Dharana helps you to focus your mind in one place without break into different directions. It controls the mind to engage in one place

Dhyana: When you feel focus at one point for a long time, that’s the point where meditation automatically happens. That’s where Dhyana comes in.

Samadhi: If you established yourself in Dhyana for a very long time, that is called samadhi. A final stage of ashtanga yoga. Where the ashtanga yoga process ends from the beginning.

3. Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini types of yoga

Kundalini yoga is also described as the yoga of awareness. In 1968 Harbhajan Singh Khalsa also knows as yogi bhajan introduced his own way of kundalini yoga in the united states. It’s a powerful technique that allows you to experience your own soul. There are many types of yoga that focus on the physical state of your body but kundalini yoga focuses on what’s happening inside of your body.

One more thing that makes kundalini yoga different from another form of yoga is, there is no one going to help you to come out of your unconscious mind, no matter in what state your mind is in, you have to deal with it by yourself.

This form of yoga releases energy in your body that is coiled in the lower spine. And it also wakes you up with a conscious mind.

4. Vinyasa Yoga:

Upward plank Catagory: Vinyasa

This is an offshoot of ashtanga asana that involves physical postures and every other posture is connected with your breath. While performing this exercise you are not supposed to hold any posture for too long.

Vinyasa brings up the idea to move with intention, in a simple word it’s a systematic way to move from one point to another with a breath. Linking your body movement with the breath has become a very popular way to get the heart rate going.

This is also a highly demanded physical exercise, that doesn’t depend on a teacher who guides you to meditate while chanting mantras. If you love to test your physical limits then this yoga may be just your thing.

5. Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is a classic series as a collection of 26 posters, 2 breathing exercises created by the yoga guru Bikram Choudhary from India. And the exercise uses to perform in a heated room to 41 degrees centigrade and 40 percent humidity.

The reason for performing this exercise in a hot room is to protect your muscles, because sometimes when you stretch to do a certain posture then you move to go far. The heat actually protects you to go deeper into the posture.

This form of hot yoga is meant to flush toxins, manage weight, and allow people to move more deeply into poses. Most people know this form of yoga in the name of hot yoga classes in the category of types of yoga.

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Types of yoga

6. Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga pose

In simple words, Iyengar yoga is the practice that moves you to a place where you have never been before, so it keeps life very refreshing on a daily bases if you practice it every day. It also brings clarity, and confidence, strength in your life.

It focuses on the correct alignment of the body and very precise moves. These postures held while holding your breath and as you become more expert in the posture. Then you can even increase the limits of holding your breath.

The specific trademark of Iyengar yoga is the use of props like, blocks, belts, boosters, and chairs which are used to accommodate injuries, tightness, and structural imbalances.

7. Yin yoga

Yin yoga is a gentler restorative type of yoga that differs from other active yoga practices in a few key ways. Like most of the yin yoga postures are done on the ground by laying down so it’s a very passive restorative experience for people who might try this posture.

It allows you to holds poses for a longer period of time from 45 minutes to 2 minutes. By holding postures for a longer time, you stretch your connective tissues and make them more flexible. Even it helps you to improve blood circulation.

In this style of yoga, there are props that help you to relax into the posture instead of keeping your muscles flexed and taut. Generally, this type of yoga postures, are performed in a heated room to make your muscles more flexible.

8. Prenatal Yoga

Parental Yoga pose

There is always a question by lots of women during her pregnancy days, is it safe for me and my baby?

Prenatal yoga is a workout that pregnant mothers can safely practice without facing any problems, and the fetus at risk. Its specially customize for all pregnant mothers in all trimesters.

This types of yoga work on your pelvic floor muscles and teach you some of the breathing exercises that ease labor and delivery.

So many women have already tried this yoga and instead of facing any problem they actually figure out how beneficial this yoga is for every woman who wants to exercise during pregnancy days.

9. Restorative Yoga

10 Fundamental Types Of Yoga: Step By Step Clarity 2020 2

As the name suggests, Restorative yoga is one of the yoga practices that we can emphasize the healing and therapeutic benefits of yoga. In today’s busy world we all are hyper-stimulated encountering a lot of stress on a daily basis.

Today many of the classic yoga poses have been modified so that they are easy to do and more relaxing. The regular practice of restorative types of yoga helps you to tap your parasympathetic nervous system so that you can truly relax your mind and body deeply.

And like many other forms of yoga, it also takes the help of many different props like blanket, bolsters, and yoga block just to make sure you do it perfectly without straining yourself.

10. Anusara Yoga

Last but not lease in the category of types of yoga is Anusara yoga it’s a style of hatha yoga which was created formally by john’s friend in 1997. The several philosophies about this style of yoga are that everything is an expression of unique and absolute consciousness.

Our body and mind are vessels in which the divine can express itself. So Anusara yoga while we move our bodies, is held together by being deeply connected to each other. It follows the unique system called universal principles of alignment.

It works on the basis of 5-universal principles of alignment that helps our body to stay safe while allowing unique creativity and every pose we do.

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Wrapping Up

As you see above how fast yoga trending across all over the world. It started in India and now 192 countries are involved till date. It is because people are becoming more and more aware of their health.

This is a proud moment for each one of us who believes in yoga. Even western countries are doing Surya Namaskar isn’t it great?

Yoga is a wide range of so many different postures, that helps you to work on the physical and mental state of your mind. In this busy world who don’t want to live a stress-free life, but our lives move so fast that it doesn’t allow us to know who we really are.

And that’s yoga heals your soul from deep inside, and gives you the way to connect your mind to the higher power you believe in. It’s a gift for all of us to find peace and live a life that we want to have.

If you have any suggestions and queries, drop-down that in the comment box, Also let me know what types of yoga you found useful for yourself?

At last, I would like to say wherever you are, or whatever you do, it doesn’t matter.

“There is always room for change, But you have to open to that change”

Thank you!

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