5 Yoga Asanas For Diabetes? It’s Easy If You Do It Smartly 2020

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I have mention family here and when it comes to friends and family do you know in our modern environment every third person in this world is suffering from diabetes, Strange right!

Yes, it is so true but this disease is indeed so common these days like it doesn’t have any age limit it can occur to anyone such as 16 yrs old kid to 30 yrs. old man, there’s is no age limit.

You might say yes, I heard about it but you never know that this disease could be that much dangerous, well let me tell you all brief information about it.

So, in this article today I am going to share a little bit briefing about the common but very dangerous diseases with you guys. Stay with me till the end, this post going to be the roller coaster ride for you..

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What Is Diabetes?

• Diabetes is a multi-disorder that may occur by having a lack of daily proper exercises and good healthy food.

• Having proper healthy food and a little bit of exercise shows how much you dedicated to your-self.

• Well in today’s world where everybody is so busy and hurry in our life, and a lot of pressure and responsibilities might cause you to stress which is also the main part of having diabetes. (keep in mind)

• It’s a myth that diabetes only relates to having a good amount of sweets and sugar, well none of the diseases occurs in a day, it’s a long going process by the time you had your first sweet and you ignore the exercises on the other side.

• All these small irresponsibilities are towards your health invite theses disease to harm you and you’re loved once.

• It’s is not a myth that we can cure diabetes with the help of these yoga asanas for diabetes.

Two types of diabetes

Type 1 and Type 2 Both types of diabetes are serious and affect the way your body regulates insulin level and glucose.

To make it easy to understand for you, glucose is the fuel for your body, that feeds to your body cells, but to enter in your cells its needs a key, and the insulin is that key.

People with Type 1 diabetes do not take insulin.

And people with Type 2 diabetes take insulin but they do not respond to it, you can imagine it’s like a trigger to have whole control over your sugar level by insulin.

Both types of diabetes can lead you to extremely high blood sugar levels. That increases the risk of diabetes complications.

What Are The Causes Of Diabetes?

⦁ Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes both of their names might same similar to you but let me tell you both of these diseases having unique causes.

⦁ Cause of type 1 diabetes Our body immune system works like a shield and it is responsible for fighting off harmful bacteria and viruses.

⦁ In type 1 diabetes the immune system mistakes the body to own healthy cells for foreign invaders.

⦁ The immune system destroys and attacks the insulin who produces healthy beta cells in the pancreas.

⦁ Cause of type 2 diabetes (People with type 2 diabetes have different abilities.

⦁ The body still produces insulin but its unable to use it properly.

⦁ Type 2 diabetes reacts differently to peoples who take insulin. And of course, it depends upon your age, genes, and immune system.

⦁ Diabetes is also the disease that transfers from one to another generation.

⦁ When you develop type 2 diabetes your pancreas starts producing more insulin because our body is unable to use insulin effectively, and hence glucose increases in some bloodstream.


⦁ Well if you have any member in your family who is suffering from this disease. You might see some symptoms as follows!

⦁ Increased in thirst

⦁ Frequent urination

⦁ Extreme hunger

⦁ Unexplained weight loss

⦁ Fatigue

⦁ Irritability

⦁ Blurred vision

What Are The Diet/precautions For diabetes


⦁ A nutritional diet is very important for every human being to have a healthy and good lifestyle.

⦁ If you are one of those who love to eat sweets then you might change your taste and shift to some other product.

⦁ People who have type 1 diabetes should avoid having carbohydrates, rice, potatoes, and all. It can increase your sugar level.

⦁ People those who are suffering from type 2 diabetes, they need to focus on healthy eating, if you are one of those sugar patients and has a lot of weight, then you need to be alert.

⦁ Diabetes people should eat as much as healthy food, if you are one of them then you may depend on healthy juices too.

⦁ People who take insulin should know that insulin might control your sugar level but you don’t have to depend on insulin for your whole life.

⦁ So instead of depending on some kind of medicines and insulins, it’s better to concentrate on your diet and add some quality food in your diet.

⦁ I have figured out that few of us can maintain the daily lifestyle for a long time, so in this process to cure diabetes I have listed some of the best yoga asanas for diabetes that you can include in your daily lifestyle and it won’t take that much time of yours.

⦁ These are the best yoga asanas for diabetes patient and if you perform these as I will discuss very soon you will see the immense recovery, even, you can get rid of the insulin intake after some time.

What Are The Yoga Asanas For Diabetes?

1. Half spinal twist

⦁ This pose also called the Ardha matsyendrasana

⦁ It is one of the most advanced yoga asanas for spinal mobility.

⦁ This yoga asana helps us to get rid of diabetes as well, as it compresses our pancreas.

⦁ Let jump into the procedure.

How to do it

⦁ Just perform this very popular yoga asana for diabetes you just need to bend your one knees and the other knees like Gomukhasana.

⦁ Try to maintain both knees over and over to each other.

⦁ Next, you will lift the upper knee and try to push your inner thigh toward your abdomen that will massage your abdomen.

⦁ As I mentioned that this is the seated posture so, I use the opposite arm, if left legs are upper then use the right hand just opposite to the upper leg.

⦁ Now inhale and bring your right hand up to keep pushing your upper legs towards your chest and hold the leg with the under the elbow, so your hand can reach your hips.

⦁ In this, your right left arm should go back creating the twist and gaze toward the backside.

⦁ Hold the position as much you feel comfortable with that.

⦁ Now in respect come to resting position, inhale and lift your hand all the up and put it down your knees as well.

⦁ This yoga asana is asymmetric so you will have to perform this from both sides.

⦁ Try to repeat this posture as much as you can, this is the best yoga asana for the diabetic patient.

2. Manduk Asan

⦁ Mandukasana word comes from the “Sanskrit” Manduka, “a Frog” from the frog-like position.

⦁ This frog posture is a group of seated asanas in hath yoga.

How to do it

⦁ In respect to performing this yoga asana sit on the Vajrasana and relax.

⦁ If you are facing any kind of issue or joint pain so you can use the padmasana.

⦁ Now lift the one hand make the fist, while making the fist make sure that your thump is facing inward to the fist.

⦁ On the next step inhale and place the fist on your naval put the inner side of the fist on the naval.

⦁ Place your other hand on the supporting of the fist outside.

⦁ Start exhaling and press with your fist inward direction to your abdomen, and slowly go downward position.

⦁ Keep looking straight.

⦁ Try to hold the position as much you can, do not overstretch at starting if you are facing any kind of issue.

⦁ Inhale and come back to the starting position.

⦁ Perform this yoga Asana 3-4 times for better results.

3. Yog mudras for diabetes

⦁ Yogmudra is also known as the “Psychic Union Pose” be careful while doing this if you facing the knee or hips injury.

⦁ This is one of the best yoga asanas for diabetes patients.

How to do it

⦁ To perform this sit back to the padmasana.

⦁ Hold the right wrist behind the back with the other one hand.

⦁ Inhale and stretch your spine in a straight line and chest forward.

⦁ Now Exhaling and bring your forehead towards the floor and try to bring as much as you can.

⦁ Post that, relax the whole body and breath normally and slowly.

⦁ Hold the position for some while till you feel comfortable.

⦁ Inhale and slowly stretch your back and comes up.

⦁ Exhale and release both hands and come to relax position.

⦁ Stretch your legs outward

4. Kapalabhati Yoga Asanas for diabetes

⦁ It is also known as the skull shining Breathing.

⦁ I came across that most of the people think that this yoga asana is one of the easiest among all the yoga asanas.

⦁ As per my perception, this is one of the best ones for the diabetic patient if we perform in a good manner.

⦁ This works on our pancreas a lot and allows to regulate the glucose level in our body.

How to do it

⦁ Start with the padmasana the cross-legged position.

⦁ Inhale a long breath and exhale with the forcefully as short breaths with contracting your abdomen muscles.

⦁ Then again inhale deeply and exhale short breath forcefully.

⦁ Try to reframe this yoga asana 10-15 times for better results.

5. Shavasana

shavasana yoga asanas for diabetes

⦁ I have listed this yoga asana at the end, as this is also done at the end of all exercises.

⦁ It allows your mind and boy to come to the resting stage and feel everything you did.

⦁ In this pose, you allow your body that all of the work has been done.

How to do it

⦁ Just lay down on the floor on your back.

⦁ Extent your feet wide apart, allow your feet to gently fall to the side.

⦁ Bring your arms to the side with the arms facing the upwards direction.

⦁ Try to allow your body to simply melt down onto the floor and try to focus the floor underneath you.

⦁ Allow your body to surrender to the floor and let your body absorb all the things that you did today.

⦁ Notice, any part of your body should be in a relaxed position, your head, shoulders, your lower back, your arms and your pelvis, and your feet.

⦁ If you notice that any part of your body holding tension try to release that.

⦁ Bring your one hand to the heart and the other one to the belly and take a deep breath through your nostrils.

⦁ Bring your both knee close to the chest and gently allow them to fall the right side and your head to relax on your right arm.

⦁ Breath in this yoga asanas for a few breaths and allow relaxation


⦁ In this article, you read about diabetes, Causes, Symptoms, Yoga asanas, etc.

⦁ Somehow, we try to put everything in one so it becomes easy for you to get every single information you looking for.

⦁ You should attentive towards your health, and it’s good to see how you developed their point of view about yoga asanas for diabetes.

⦁ As you see yoga is the cure of all types of diseases whether diseases like diabetes.

⦁ With yoga, you can easily take control over your diseases all you need to do is regular exercise, eat healthily eat fresh, and always be attentive towards your weakness.

⦁ If you are one of those peoples who are suffering from diabetes and you feel weakness, stressed, mood swings.

⦁ I recommend you to think about your health a little bit, make sure you have good food, you do these yoga asanas for diabetes exercises daily.

⦁ Also, I am sure you will get the result very fast.

⦁ If you like reading this article do share with your friends and also let them know about this.

Apart from this if you have any queries and suggestions for me so most welcome you can drop your comment and I will give the response of the same for sure.

⦁ Thank you

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