6 Dominating Yoga For Constipation: Reliable way to do 2020

Hello, friends,

Do you know that the regular practice of yoga for constipation can help you overcome this issue forever?

You might have known that how constipation can disturb or destroy our regular life of routine work,

Constipation among older people is far more common than younger people, the main factor including lack of normal bowel movements is lack of proper diet, lack of adequate fluid intake, physical activity, illness, or the other kind of drugs.

However, I have seen that even some people are taking the proper diet but still they are facing issues because they are not taking that in the adequate quantity or taking in the excess quantity.

Do not worry, Here I am going to tell you some of the top yoga for constipation that will change your perceptive and you will love to do this in your daily life for sure.

So without further, any delay let’s start working on it together, and I will crack the step by step of all these as well.

What Is Constipation?

Constipation is the most frequent or common problem that we face in our daily life routine and it is the sort of Gastrointestinal problem that affects our quality of life, functioning so that we have to compromise in our daily activity.

It is also known as the irritable bowel syndrome(IBS) a ground of symptoms in which you might face abdominal pain, discomfort, and bloating after that you often relieved with the defecation.

Constipation as the reduction in the bowel movement three or fewer time per week, It is one of the most common issues found in the women, elderly and patients with the psychiatric illness, but now it can happen to anyone even to the youngster as well.

It is most prevalent in western countries 30% and the eastern countries 11%. it can affect people of all ages but is more likely to occur between 20 and 45 years of age

What Is The Effect Of Yoga On Constipation?

Yoga practice can provide positive effects on this problem, because where yoga is helpful to get rid of the disease like blood pressure, anxiety, diabetes, and the other.

It is also helpful in the Gastrointestinal problem, such as irritable bowel syndrome, Even One of the most randomized controlled studies on 22 IBS patient undergone with the yoga exercise for almost 2 months, and they found that there is a significant improvement in the gastrointestinal symptoms, pain, and the anxiety and depression as well.

As I mentioned that yoga could have a positive effect on the symptoms of constipation,

Even according to the research of the Patanjali, mastery over the modification of the time that if we do regular yoga for constipation so that can help you get rid of this Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

What is the best yoga for constipation?

1. Crescent lunge twist

crescent lunge yoga for constipation

It is also called the Parivrtta Anjenayasana, it is a great pose to wring out the middle of the spine and the internal organs.

How to do it

Start with doing downward facing dog and lift your leg foot to the sky take a deep breath in and exhale step your foot between your hands and drop your right knee down.

Now again inhale and raise your arms to the sky and close to the ears and then bring your arms together in front of your heart.

Now exhale and twist to the left and hook your right elbow outside of your left knee.

When you feel stable tuck your right backward foot toe inward and press through the back heel to lift your knee hopefully.

Do not forget to breathe and watch your breath for up to 30 seconds.

Slowly release the knee down and unhook your elbow and come back to the downward-facing dog as well.

2. Wind relieving pose

wind relieving yoga for constipation

How to do it

Lie on the back, legs extending forwards and close together as well.

Stretch your arms and put them close together the ears and placing facing the ceiling.

Now inhale and start lifting your legs to the 45 degrees without bending the knees, and then exhale and with the other inhalation move your legs up to the 90 degrees and bring your arms down.

Make sure that you do not directly reach the 90-degree position as it is the slow movement yoga asanas so start moving gently and with calm.

Next with the exhalation bend your knees and keep them close to the chest, hold the legs with your arms around them.

Lift your head and place your head or chin on the knees and try to maintain that position for the few long breath or 10 to 15 times.

With inhalation bring the head down and release your arms as well.

Release the same position with the same way that you start, reach to the 90 degrees and then exhale and reach to the 45 degrees, Inhale and lower his legs further down till it touches the ground with exhalation.

This yoga pose has a lot of benefits apart from constipation it works on your spine as well reason being I have listed this sequence in the yoga for constipation for overall benefits.

3. Revolved chair

Revolved Chair yoga for constipation

A twisted chair post is one of the best postures for building the strength and the better yoga for constipation as well. The bend engages our knees and builds strengths to our quadriceps.

How to do it

To start this pose you just need to hold the chair pose but make sure that your torso is completely on your thighs and your arms are extending forwards.

Now just place your arms on to the mat and try to maintain the balance and when you feel ready just bring your left elbow on the right side of your thighs, and arms in the namaste position.

It would be a little twist on your spine and your abdomen muscles.

Try to maintain the position for 5-7 long breaths.

Now release the posture bring your palm onto the mat and extend your arms forwards, inhale, and torso all the way upward direction and spine straight as you can.

4. Buddha squat- Malasana

Malasana yoga for constipation

It is also known as the Garland pose or Malasans, which means “impurity”. you can avoid this pose if you are facing any knee injury.

How to do it

Start with the tadasana and keep your legs wide apart and your toes are pointing outwards direction.

Make sure that your heels are touching the floor,

Now separate our thighs with your body so they are making the angle of 45 with your upper body and lean downward direction.

Once you reach the downward position you just need to place your elbow on the inside of your knees and your palm together in the pranayama or prayer position.

Start pushing your legs with elbow gently, and that will help your abdomen to lengthen.

If you are facing to go down you can place a block underneath your hips for support, or you can perform this with the support of the wall slowly going downward.

Start breathing with your nostrils and hold the position for almost 30 sec to 1 min, which suitable for you.

Repeat this yoga for constipation 3 to 5 times daily or it’s quite easy you can perform it anytime.

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5. Kurmasana( turtle pose )

turtle yoga pose

This pose also called the turtle pose, because the pose looks like a tortoise in the final pose.
It could be quite difficult for you in the beginners but the regular practice can lead you to the final posture and from that, you won’t ever face any constipation for sure.

How to do it

Before moving to start this procedure, it is required to do some stretch of the legs and the arms to open your shoulders.

After completing stretching you just need to extend your legs forward, and post that bend your knees and spread your legs.

Bring your torso all the way forward and the slightly slide your arms inside the legs, make sure that your legs inside.

Send your arms down backward and brings your legs a bit forwards, do not try to be the perfect initially just try to attempt this posture.

Now take a couple of few breaths, and your body is going to deep inside and chest towards the floor.

Just calm down your mind inhale and exhale and start moving downward, try to touch the floor with our forehead, and if you feel uncomfortable to do not try to overstretch, just be the comfortable position only.

Keep that position with the 3.4 long breath, and then slowly come back to the resting position and the child pose.

6. Nauli(abdominal massaging)

This nauli kriya helps us to maintain the abdominal viscera and the gastrointestinal and the alimentary systems. In all, it provides deep abdominal massages and stimulates digestion.
It is all about the contracting and the isolation of the abdominal muscles.

How to do it

This yoga for constipation is a little bit challenging, and it required a little bit of proper practice to do this, but I as it is hard to do so on the other hand it’s has a huge impact on your digestive systems.

Start with placing your hands on your knees and take a deep breath and exhaling all the air out.

Now bring your belly in and then from kara gonna release them ourselves on the sides of your stomach, so the center comes out and then from there slowly start rotating them.

In the beginning, you might want to shift your weight from leg to leg, so that would gonna be helpful for you to rotate the stomach.

Again take a deep breath and start moving your stomach belly one side to another.

It would be better if you do it in the morning with the empty stomach after a little bit of warm water with lemon or without.

Frequently Asked Question

Does yoga affect your bowels?

Yes it helps, it provide the gentle massage to your abdominal muscles, and yoga also helps to increase the blood flow and oxygen delivery in the internal organ, and which encourages the stools to move throughout your systems.

Which exercise is best for constipation?

Simply the wind relieving pose, and the twisted chair pose will be an exercise for constipation, doing this regularly for the 10 to 15 with the empty stomach or with a glass of water will provide the better results.

What should I eat when constipated?

You can have the following healthy foods.
Yogurt and kefir

Can I do yoga if I’m not flexible?

Certainly yes, you can do even it will help your body to be more flexible and provide more mobility and strength to our other body part as well, but things are that you have to be consistent with this.

Do eggs cause constipation?

Yes, it can cause you constipation but only if you are taking the high-fat meats, dairy products, and eggs, in high amounts.


We almost encounter constipation in our daily routine and taking the medicine won’t be helpful for you always, however, sometime it could be beneficial for the instant action.

But If you are facing this frequently and taking the medicine for that so it is quite obvious that after some time your body will start generating them resistant to that drugs and that medicine would be waste for you…

So it would be better to add the yoga for constipation in your lifestyle, and yes it is a bit long term process but I assure you that you won’t regret after doing this and you will see the results for sure.

I hope you like reading this article and if you have any queries and suggestions than you can drop that in the comment section.

If you found this helpful so do share it with your friends and also let me aware of this.

Now it’s your turn and drop down your suggestion that which yoga for constipation you found nice and easy for you?

Thank you.

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