Yoga For Heart Disease: 5 Best Guaranteed Ways 2020

Do you know where diseases like heart attack, blood pressure, diabetes, are affecting our health on the other hand yoga for the heart is also giving its prominent effect on the youngster?

Hey, There, once again I have come in front of you with another post where I am gonna tell you about how you can use these yoga poses for a better healthy heart.

According to the Harvard Health Publishing research performed on the range from young and healthy people to the old with good health condition.

When the results come they found that the people who took yoga classes saw improvement in numbers that affects the heart disease risk and even they lower the level of harmful LDL Cholesterol by 12 points.

Yoga helps us to calm the nervous system, which leads to the lower the blood pressure and blood sugar level in our body.

So today I am going to talk and share some brief knowledge about how you can fix your heart issues by applying some effective yoga pose in your life.

So, without any further delay lets dig into this.

What Are the Best Yoga For Heart?

1. Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Yoga For Heart Disease: 5 Best Guaranteed Ways 2020 1

It comes from the Sanskrit word called “tada” which means “mountain”.

Mountain pose is the foundation of all standing postures and very simple to do. In this pose, the body looks like a standing tree and that’s the reason it is called the mountain pose.

The majority of all standing poses are the shift in a specific part of your body or an individual joint, that originates from tadasana. The regular practice of this exercise can increase your height, body posture, and the best yoga for heart problems.

How To Do It

• Stand straight up with your feet and big toes.

• Now try to touch it and heels slightly apart from each other.

• Now Stand tall with your legs but try to avoid locking your knees, make them free. Bring your attention to the numerous muscles of the calf, the front upper leg, and your hips.

• Try to hold the form in your legs, while directing your attention to your torso.

• Take some comfortable breath through the nostril.

• Start to inhale and gaze on the point that you have chosen and while inhaling tries to stretch your arms up and lift with your toes up too.

• Try to balance the same position for a few minutes.

• Now exhale and come along down like the same you go upward.

• Keep practicing this 4,5 times and see the difference.


• Strength Feet.

• Reduce Back Pain.

• Maintain Mental Health.

• Regulation of Blood Flow.

• Maintain Body Posture.


Do not put to much pressure on your knees otherwise, it may cause you the pain in your knees. Do not practice this asana for too long, it may cause the stain on the muscles of your legs.

2. Bridge pose (Setu Bandhasana)

setu bandhasana bridge yoga for weight loss

In Sanskrit words “Setu” means “bridge” where the “Bandha” means “Lock” and “Asana” means “pose”.

This pose similar to the shape of the bridge this yoga pose is highly suggested yoga for heart issues as well as back pain and even for the weight loss as well.

How to do it 

• Begin to lie down on your back on your matt.

• Now Bend your legs and place them as near to your hips.

• Use both hands to grip your ankle and make sure that your thumbs should be outside portion.

• Start taking deep breaths and slowly lift your hips up.

• Now try to reach as much as you can and make sure that there would an angle of 90 degrees between your thigh and the ankle.

• By the time you perform this exercise keep in mind that your breath should be in the normal range and stay in that position for a couple of seconds as suitable to you.

• Now start moving your body into the relaxed position, drop down your hips slowly and spread your legs in the Savasana.

• Practice this exercise regularly for 4-5 times.


• Stretch the chest, neck, and spine area.

• It improves your internal organs and our thyroid glands.

• Relief from the tiredness of the legs.

• Reduce anxiety, fatigue, headache, and insomnia.

• It is beneficial for you if you are suffering from serious heart issues.

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You can avoid this pose if you have some serious injury on your shoulder or upper body.

People who are suffering from knee pain as well as neck pain than I would suggest you better avoid this pose otherwise you may have a big issue later.

3. Standing forward bend (Uttanasana)

Yoga For Heart Disease: 5 Best Guaranteed Ways 2020 2

This poses also known as the Uttanasana which means the “intense stretch pose”.It stretches your hamstring up to a great extent and encourages a good alignment for your spine as well.
People suffering from heart problems can be the best yoga for heart and act as a remedy for them and their improper digestion too.

How to do it

• Stand on your mat and make sure so that your body weight is evenly distributed with them.

• Now, inhale and try to reach your arms straight up, and on the other side start expanding your chest.

• Let’s, exhale and bend forward at the waist towards your torso, make sure your spine, and arms are parallel to the floor.

• Make sure your back is flattened, and expand your chest and relax your neck as well.
Try to hold the position for several minutes and a few long breathes.


• It can play a major role in treating symptoms of several alignments including blood flow, menopause, asthma, headaches, and insomnia.

• It regenerates your mind and relaxes the nerves.

• It stimulates the kidneys, liver, heart, and spleen, thus giving you a sense of physical relief.

• It alleviates symptoms of stress, anxiety, mild depression, and fatigue of the body and mind.

• By allowing direct blood flow into the head, it creates a fresh influx of blood cells and rejuvenates the mind.


• If you are suffering from Spine injury,  ankle pain, knee problems, sciatica, etc.

• You can avoid this yoga pose or you can do after having a word with your docs.

4. Easy Pose (Sukhasana)

easy pose yoga for heart

In Sanskrit Sukha” — meaning “easy,” “comfortable, Sukhasana is one of the basic seated postures. It is also a very common pose of practicing yoga and meditation. It’s the basic seated posture to do in yoga and effective yoga for heart problems.

How to do it

• Sit down on your mat with legs straight in front of you.

• Bend your left leg and the knee and bring the foot close to the right thigh.

• Now similarly bend the right leg and slightly take your foot under the left scalp.

• Rest your arms over the knees, keep your spine straight, relax and close your eyes.

• Now all you have to do is breathe normally and focus on your counts.

• By the regular practice of this exercise, you can remain in the posture for a long time.


• Build physical and mental balance.

• It helps you to reduce stress and anxiety.

• Excellent for people who have an inflexible body.

• It also helps your heart to function properly.


• Its name defined how easy this pose going to be like. But for some people, it could be hard to do due to some knee joint pain issues.

• In case you are suffering from knee pain, lower backache, and sciatica than avoid practicing this pose.

5. Big-Toe Pose  (Padangusthasana)


• Its comes from the Sanskrit word “Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana” which means

. “Utthita” — meaning “extended”

· “Hasta”— meaning “hand”

· “Pada” — meaning “foot”

· “Angusta” — meaning “big toe”

· “Asana” — meaning “pose”

Where Big-Toe Pose is an intermediate yoga posture that helps you to stretches the back of your legs while you are balancing on your feet. It’s a nice pose to stretch your body quite beneficial yoga for heart attack and the cardiac tissue.

How To Do it

• Stand with feet together and your hands should be on your hips.

• Now lift the right leg up and hold the right toe with the help of index and middle finger.

• Straighten your right legs in front and making it parallel to the floor, do this step while making your balance on your feet’s,

• Now take your extended right leg to the right side of the hip and turn your head to the left.

• Take three breaths normally while keeping your spine straight. Do this posture regularly for a better posture and heart.


• It improves blood circulation.

• Provide strengthens of your thighs.

• It helps to get rid of insomnia and headache.

• It also improves your digestion system and makes it a lot better than before.

• It stimulates your liver and kidneys.

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• If you can’t raise the toes of your raised legs then I would suggest you practice standing knee hug posture until you become better in that posture.

• For people who can’t able to straighten their lifted leg while keeping the spine straight, then you may try using a trap instead of your fingers.

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Here I have tried to list some of the best yoga for heart, however, there is other yoga as well but these are the best ones that I have to recommend to you with the proper research.

As you see these are some better yoga poses you can use to avoid problems and issues related to the heart and the other cardiovascular as well and I am sure after doing this you will definitely see the results in some time, however, I would request you do not expect any overnight results.

Heart problems are a major issue now, there is a medical cure to but as you all know not everyone can afford it, but you don’t need to worry, there is a 0-money investment way to. Heart problems, back pain, knee pain, mental health issues all of the health-related issues can be cured by yoga.

I hope you like reading this article and thanks for being with me throughout the post.

If you found this post helpful, do share this with your friends and also let them know how some easy pose can be useful for them?

Apart from this if you have any questions and suggestions so you can drop that in the comment box I would love to the response.

Thank you.

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