You, Me And Yoga For Mental Health: The Truth 2020

Hello guys,

Do you ever notice how fast your brain performs when you practice yoga daily in the morning?

Maybe you didn’t but I would suggest you figure it out by yourself, compare those days when you used to start up your day with a bad routine (waking up late).

Here I have listed some of the best yoga for mental health which will calm your nervous systems which results in the calm your mind.

A good start is similar to your first meal of the day (breakfast), it’s so important that if you have it properly then you going to be energized and work properly throughout the day without any issues.

I hope you guys got my point, in our 21st-century people are moving so fast in their life that they don’t even realize how stressful life they live, according to research on yoga and mental health 33 % of people in this world reported extreme stress they have been going through.

You might be curious to know what about others, the rest 77% of people in this world experienced stress in their life which causes their mental health at some point.

This ratio is crazy, almost everybody in this world including me, and you also had been through stress/anxiety.

But wait, do we have the solution?

Yes, there is a lot of mental health therapy are going on on market but it not possible for everyone to afford that.

Do not worry, I have the solution for that as well.

In this article, I am going to tell you a little bit briefing about mental health issues and anxiety, how they can impact your life badly, and of course, am also going to share how can you overcome the situation if you are stressed again.

Now without any further delay let’s dig into this.

What Are Depression And Anxiety?

Depression and anxiety seem to be so common these days, like every single person suffering from that there is no age limit even no matter whether you are too old or too young.

You might have heard everything has its advantages and disadvantages.

Yes, it’s true we live in so modern environment where with just one click you got food at your home, clothes at your home.

Even if you are so stressed you got the pills at your home, isn’t it great?

But the sad point is pills aren’t fixed the problem yet it might give you a nice sleep for a few hours but the next morning when you wake up everything repeats the same as yesterday.

Let’s find out what they mean.


In a medical language depression is a common but serious disorder, which causes medical illness and negatively affects the person, like how you feel, your behavior, and other social things.

Depression causes a feeling of sadness and lack of interest in activities you once enjoyed. It’s not only about emotionally, but the depression can affect you physically or mentally too. And decrease your ability to do work.


⦁ Feeling sad or having a depressed mood.

⦁ Loss of interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyed.

⦁ Changes in appetite — weight loss or gain unrelated to dieting.

⦁ Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much.

⦁ Loss of energy or increased fatigue.


Anxiety is a mental health disorder that can be characterized by feelings, places, worry, or fear that are strong enough to interfere in daily activities.

If you have a presentation in your office and you got stressed before, let me tell you that stress is completely normal even it can help you to perform better.

But in cases like where people think too much and get worried about daily things sometimes the anxiety is so severe that it causes someone to be anxious about leaving the house, social gathering, doing everyday things, etc.

People who think too much about everyday activities which they can’t even control could be the sign of anxiety and it develops in teenagers.


⦁ Nervousness, restlessness, or being tense.

⦁ Feelings of anger, panic, or dread.

⦁ Increased or heavy sweating.

⦁ Weakness and lethargy.

⦁ Performing certain behaviors over and over again.

Here I have tried to describe some important points of the depression and the anxiety but the point comes, how to come over from this?

Here come the roles of yoga for mental health.

I have listed some of the best yoga poses for that.

Have a look at the research and what they have found after doing this.

Study of yoga on Mental health

Top yoga for mental health

1. Anjaneyasa

anjaneyasana Yoga for knee pain

Anjaneyasana is a dynamic standing yoga pose that utilizes and joined the entire body together to perform an exercise. This pose stretches your legs and upper body while creating balance and stability.

This one is one of the best yoga for mental health.

How To Do It

⦁ Take a wide stance and your hands should be on your hips.

⦁ Now take your right tow points out 90 degrees and turn towards your right side. (exhale)

⦁ Place your left knee on the floor and left tow pointing behind.

⦁ Start inhaling and now join the palm above to your head, arch your back and look up while raising the chin as high as possible.

⦁ Again, hands on the hips and tuck your tows on the back foot and come up.

⦁ Repeat this same on the other side, do this for 5-10 min.

video source: Thrive Yoga and Wellness


⦁ This pose is said to have a calming effect on your mind.

⦁ It helps you to build core awareness and build your workflow.

⦁ Stretches your chest, lungs, and shoulder.

⦁ It re-energizes your body

⦁ Releases tension in your hips.

2. Viparita Karani

viparita karani yoga for mental health

This pose is also known as legs – up – the wall poses. This helps you to re-energize your body as well as release up the stress instantly. All you got to do Is lay down and balance your legs all the way up with the help of a wall

How To Do It

⦁ First, you have to lay down on your back comfortably and bend your knees with inhaling.

⦁ Bend your knees and slowly bring them up and troll your elbows inwards. (supporting the back)

⦁ Bring your hips and legs straight in the upward direction.

⦁ Make sure to maintain a certain amount of gap between your chin and your chest.

⦁ Now hold your position for a while and start taking deep breaths, after you did bend your knees and slowly release the posture.

⦁ Do this exercise for 5- 10 min regularly.


⦁ This asana helps you to activate the Vishuddhi chakra which is a spiritual center around the neck.

⦁ It helps to tone the neck, the spine, the intestine, and also the other organs present in the abdomen.

⦁ It helps to ease and relax tired feet, and legs.

⦁ This asana helps to calm your mind from inside.

⦁ This asana plays an important role to help in fighting diseases like anxiety, blood pressure, digestive problems, and migraines too.

3. Natarajasana

You, Me And Yoga For Mental Health: The Truth 2020 1

This pose is also called the lord of the dance pose is standing, balancing, and back bending asana in a modern world. It is also coming from the classical Indian dance pose called Bharatanatyam.

Yoga for mental health has become the best way to keep your mind strong and healthy without spending too much money or time. It is easy to do at home as well.

How To Do It

⦁ Come to a standing position with your feet together.

⦁ Now shift your weight on the right foot, bend your left knee, and touch the toe of your ankle with your left hand.

⦁ Raise your right arm over your head and close to your ear and gently press your left foot into your hand and the right hand to the forward position.

⦁ Inhale and now start raising your tows towards the ceiling, until your thigh is parallel to the floor.

Do not overstretch at the beginning if you are beginners.

⦁ Now last relax the shoulder and exhale or gently release the posture.

⦁ Do it for 5 to 10 min daily in the morning.

Watch the video below for better clarification

video source: Gezond10


⦁ This posture can help you to lose weight and burn your calories during exercise.

⦁ It improves your digestive system completely.

⦁ This pose helps your mind to stay calm and make your focus better than before.

⦁ It gives strength and stretches to your chest, shoulder, hips, ankle, legs, etc.

⦁ Practicing this posture daily can improve your balance a lot better

4. Virabhadrasana 2

yoga for knee pain (warrior 2)

Virabhadrasana is a standing yoga pose that enhances your strength, stability, and concentration as well. It’s named after the Hindu mythological warrior Vira Bhadra, an incarnation of lord shiva.

How To Do It

⦁ Start with inhaling and stand straight and make your legs wide, and turn the right foot to your right side try to make the 90 degrees angle between the thigh and foot.

⦁ Join the palms overhead and your palm facing upward and hands parallel to the ground.

Now bend your right knee directly that should be directly above to your right ankle.

⦁ Now reach your arms back a little bit, and start expanding your chest to come into a gentle pose.

⦁ Take a deep breath and start gazing to the right side with the smile on the face.

⦁ While exhalation comes up and switches to the other side, bend your knees and repeat the same posture.

Watch the video below for better clarification.

video source; Alyona Yoga


⦁ The asana helps to increase your stamina.

⦁ It helps you to relieve flat feet, infertility, and sciatica too.

⦁ This asana promotes peace and a calm mind, its an extremely great pose to practice.

⦁ It relieves and kind of backaches, especially during the days of pregnancy.

⦁ It gives you strength and stretches the legs as well as ankle.

5. Garudasana

You, Me And Yoga For Mental Health: The Truth 2020 2

Garudasana is a standing balancing yoga asana in modern yoga as exercise. The name was used in the medieval hath yoga for a different pose.

This yoga pose is one of the advanced yoga poses and it required a lot of practice and under supervision for someone.

However, I have found this suitable yoga for mental health.

How To Do It

⦁ Stand in mountain pose and stretch your arms forward.

⦁ Now bend your knees and put all of your weight in the left foot.

⦁ Now cross your right thigh over your left, and take the right foot behind the left calves.

⦁ After taking your right arm underneath and wrap up the elbow as well as the wrist.

⦁ Now sit down in a bent posture and feel the stretches in your hips.

⦁ Within exhalation unwrap the hands, legs and slowly come up and repeat the same posture on the other side for 5 to 10 min.

Watch the video below for better clarification.

video source: Asana Houding


⦁ Strengthens and stretches the ankle and calves.

⦁ Stretches the thighs, hips, and shoulders.

⦁ Improves concentration.     Settings

⦁ Improves sense of balance.

⦁ It also stimulates the immune system.

Frequently Asked Question?

Can yoga help mentally?

Yes, it does, according to the study, yoga helps us to calm our mind, increase in concentration level as well.

What is the best yoga for mental health?

There has been a lot of yoga for mental health but the
Natarajasana and Anjaneyasana
are the most beneficial for mental health

Does yoga help anxiety and depression?

Certainly, yoga can help us to get rid of depression or anxiety as it is all about deep meditation and body movement which leads us to calm the mind properly.

What does yoga to our minds?

Yoga work on our nervous system and which results in lower stress as in yoga we try to meditate and try to relax our body. which is helpful to maintain the lower blood pressure or another disease as well.

Wrapping Up

Did you see how fast this world is changing, every single second something new is happening around us. Whether it’s new research or a space project. The human mind pushing its boundaries. Isn’t that great?

77% of people in this world experience stress daily, whether it’s a 16yr old teen or a 60yr old person. Stress becomes so common these days that if you look around yourself you find out the stress on their mind, but they do not show.

And by the time goes this situation can take place of depression or anxiety, and trust me this the most common but very severe problem in our society that can lead you to commit even suicide.

I have also listed the best weapon to fight for this yoga for mental health.

Yoga is the only way to find the best results minimum efforts and the effects of yoga on the physical and mental health are tremendous.

I hope everybody takes care of their mental health problems most of us don’t want to talk about it but I would suggest it is a serious matter to talk about.

So adapt yoga asana and make your brain and life free form the trap of mental health issues.

Thank you.

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