4 Stunning Yoga For Sexual Health: Blah To Fantastic 2020

Do you even know that according to The Journal Of Sexual Medicine regular yoga practice improves the sexual function, including the desire or overall satisfaction?

Hello, There.

Today again, I have come in front of you with my new post and some interesting fact about yoga for sexual health.

Yes, It has been proven that without wasting a lot of money on pills or something we can easily maintain our sexual health by just adopting yoga in our daily life routine.

How Does Yoga Relate To Sexual Health?

In our daily lifestyle somewhere we always forget to forge a good empire of the healthy body and try to opt the medicine instead of the other source.

However, I am not telling you that they are wrong but why should you need to use them if you have the natural and generic source that you can perform easily all it needs a bit of time as well.

Maybe that is not good enough with respect to keeping your body healthy.

Yoga is directly transferring your focus and attention to the breathing and the body, and while doing this you will find the results in lower you anxiety and release in the physical tension as well.

But Do not worry, Let me fix this for you.

Here I have proposed some best yoga for the bedroom which will help you in male virility as well.

All you have to do is stay until the end of this post.

So without doing a bit delay, let’s find what I have for you today.

Why Yoga For Sexual Health, Not Others?

It has proven that yoga can be a powerful element or can play a vital role to ease your sexual health.

Yoga targets your sexual zone like the spine, pelvic floor, or perineum, and if you are already aware of the yoga pose that involves these zone so that is too good.

Because having knowledge about these areas definitely going to help you in the better bedroom experience.

Apart from this yoga can be done anywhere it not only increase your sexual life but also helpful for the skin and flexibility, strength, and balance.

It is better to do some advanced yoga poses to be the master in yoga series as that yoga poses definitely going to unlock a new variation of yoga.

What Are Some Of The Best Yoga for Sexual


1. Ustrasana

ustrasana yoga for sexual health

This poses normal open up your hips area and this is the back-bending posture it required the good strength to do this and one of the best yoga for sexual health in bed.
It looks like a simple and pretty yoga but the most effective yoga for better sexual health.

How to do it

• Begin with the Vajrasana and stand on your knees. widen your legs nicely.

• I would suggest you before doing this posture you just need to warm up your back first.

• For that bring your palm facing down onto the back of your hip.

• Slowly inhale and push your hips forward and gaze to the backside.

• Exhale and come to the center position.

• Try to repeat this one of two times for the warm-up.

• Now we will move to the actual posture.

• Inhale and keep your palms on your hips and push your hips forwards and draw an arch.

• Now slowly move your hand from the hips to the ankle and look backside making an arch.
Bingo your pose has been completed

• Try to repeat this pose 4, 5 times for better results.

2. Happy Baby Pose

Girl doing happy baby pose for sexual health

Ananda Balasana also is known as the Happy Baby Pose.
It helps to stretch the inner groin and the lower back spine while calming the mind and relieving from the stress.

How to do it

• Lie flat on your back. and start inhaling and lift your legs up, try to bring both the knees close to the chest.

• Put your arms inside the legs and hold your toes using a toe lock with your arms stretched on the inside of the legs.

• Gently open up your hips and widen your legs to deepen the stretch.

• Make sure the head is resting on the floor.

• Make sure your ankle directly over the knee so that the shins are perpendicular to the floor.

• Press tailbone and the spine down to the floor while you press your heels up, pulling back with your arms.

• Make sure that your shoulder and the complete back portion is attached to the floor.

• Press the knees down to feel the stretch in the hip, inner thighs, and groin.

• Hold the pose for almost 30 seconds with few normal breaths.

• Exhale and release your arms and legs.

• Lie on the floor some seconds before moving to the next move.

• On the list of yoga for sexual health, it is one of the best yoga poses for a better bedtime. I would suggest you perform this 4, 5 times a day for a better result.

3. Bhekasana (frog pose)

Frog pose ( Bhekasana)

Bheka is also known as the frog in “Sanskrit”. This one is the effective yoga pose in stretching the front and the deep end backend.
However, make sure that your body is already warm up to do this pose.

How to do it

• Let’s begin with the table pose your both and hands should be on the floor.

• Now extend your legs straight back one by one.

• Start moving down into the hips eventually the belly and the chest.

• Make sure your knees are close together, shoulders aways from your ears.

• Start inhaling and bending your knees one by one and post that grab your ankle with your both hands together.

• Stay on this position as much as you can with some normal breath.

Once you feel comfortable in that position, start moving your hands inside of your feet. You can stretch here as long as you feel comfortable, it’s good enough stretch. Exhale and make some repetition of the breath.

Advanced Variation

• For a further stretch, you can push your heels towards the sit bones possibly even to the outer edge of the hips, and bending your elbow will give you a bit more leverage opening.

• Start normal breathing.

• To releasing the position push your hand back to your feet and slowly release one hand one leg and then other hand other legs.

• Pushing your hand and knees and come to the table position.

• You can extend that stretch till you feel comfortable.

• Try to repeat this at least 2 to 3 times.


• Patients of High or low blood pressure.

• Facing a long term migraine.

• Undergone to the lower back and neck shoulders injuries.

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4. Upavistha Konasana

upavishtha konasana yoga pose

Upavistha Konasana is a seated forward bend which required the flexibility, this term comes from the “Sanskrit” in which “Upavistha” meaning seated Kona meaning “angle”.This is helpful to open the hip area and the hamstring muscles.

Increase the blood circulation in the pelvis, abdominal area which results in better yoga for sexual health.

How to do it

• Start with the crossed leg position.

• Widen your both legs and keep your back as straight as you can.

• Keep your hand in front of you and bend from the hip area slowly.

• Start inhaling and now slowly move your hands forward and try to touch your elbow as much as you can.

• Do not try to overstretch if you are not feeling comfortable.

• If this is giving you a good enough stretch for your hamstring and hips groin area, so you can stay right here.

• However, if you feel comfortable you can stretch as much as you can and try to touch your chest on the ground while your hands are stretching out.

• Keep your head up and chin touch to the ground.

• stay in this position for normal breathing.


• Do not perform this yoga asanas if you are pregnant as there is the modified version of this pose as well.

• Facing any injury on the lower back and the herniated disk.

• However, you can consult your doctor if you have a herniated disk.

• You can use the folded blanket for sitting if you are facing mild lower back pain.

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How many times should I practice yoga?

Generally, it has been proved that doing yoga on a regular basis especially in the morning can be more beneficial. However, if you are running short of the time so for better health it would be great by doing once in a week as well.

Does yoga help with muscle tightness?

Generally, yoga helps us to maintain the strength, and flexibility and also work on those areas which are weak. So definitely it will help you with the muscle tightness for sure.

Does yoga help you last longer in bed?

Certainly, it is possible to maintain a healthy sexual life with the yoga pose, though apart from this it works in our entire body internally and outside. As it relaxes our mind and gets rid of the anxiety and reducing stress which overall helps in bedtime.

Does yoga help sexually?

Definitely yes, Yoga helps us to increase the sex drive that we called the libido. According to the research yoga all in work in our body awareness which leads to a decrease in the level of the anxiety and the blood flow…So With respect to increasing the sexual drive adopt yoga no doubt.


Yoga for long-lasting in bed as important as another yoga pose.

However, I have seen a lot of people are spending or wasting money on too many costly pills but they don’t know that having a good sex life doesn’t require any pills.

It is all about the mind and how stressful you are feeling, this yoga pose that I have mentioned above will help you calm your mind and also work on your pelvis area as well for the better sexual health.

I have tried to sum up the yoga pose for sexual health that can be done anywhere in your bed or park whenever or wherever you feel comfortable.

As these involve contracting and releasing the muscles of your pubic area…

Regularity with this yoga pose will increase flexibility and also help to relax your mind and because yoga also helps to be more confident and relax you’re likely to have a good sexual relationship for sure.

I hope you like reading this article and thanks for being with me throughout the article.

However, also let me know that have you ever tried any one of this yoga for sexual health?

I would love to interact with you guys.

Thank you.

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