Yoga For Weight Loss: 7 Days 7 Convenient Ways 2020

Yoga for weight loss, Sound interesting !!!

Do you even know that yoga imposes some physical and psychological changes in our body that supported weight loss?

Hey, There, once again I have come in front of you with another post where I am gonna tell you that how you can use the yoga for weight loss?

Yoga is a kind of wonder tool to lose the belly fat, as it supports the mental and spiritual development that allows you to find the best version of yourself.

Obesity, all comes from our diet, and the digest has a mindful relation with this as well because an improper diet may lead to the stage of the stubborn belly fat.

However, it has been proven that yoga helps you to maintain a more healthy mind and proper mindset that which food is good for your mind and body.

A yoga practice develops the mindfulness which allows us to us to opt and resist the unhealthy food, which will help the obesity.

So, how to get rid of this and How to increase that mindset?

Do not worry, I am here with you and here I have curated some of the best-advanced yoga for weight loss which will help you in this manner.

Stay tuned till the end, if you want to burn the stubborn belly fat without losing the money on expensive pills and aerobics classes.

Let’s dig into this.

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What Are The Best Yoga For Weight Loss?

1. Extended side angle pose

extended side angle yoga for weight loss

This yoga pose is also known as a “Utthita Parsvakonasanaa”. This pose derived from Sanskrit Word “Utthita” that means “extended” and “parsva” means “side”, “kona” means “angle”.
It is particularly responsible to stretch the body parts.

How to do it

• To get into this asanas step out with the right leg into the 90 degrees taking at least four to five distance apart.

• Your left foot slightly inwards, Keep the pelvis neutral.

• Now exhale and lean into the right hip joint making your thigh parallel to the floor.

• Now Take your right hand outside of the right foot and try to touch the side of your leg pinky finger.

• Exhale and Roll your shoulder blade down the back extending your arm over your head and look at your left arm.

• Hold this position for the five to six slow and deep breaths.

• To come out inhale and press your feet strongly into the floor and repeat the same with the left foot as well with the same consistency and the same breath flow.

Tips- If you can’t touch the floor with your right palm you can use the fingers tips for that.


• It improves digestion and soothes the abdominal muscles.

• Reduce the improper menstrual discomfort.

• Flex the spine and increase mobility.

• Strength the legs and calves.

2. Side plank

side plank yoga for weight loss

It is well known that plank is beneficial for our oblique and for strengthening our core muscles.

How To Do It

• Stretching the right arm while elevation the body to ensure body support.

• Now stretch out the left hand and make sure the fingers are pointing towards the ceiling.

• Lift your heads and ensure that you can see your left-hand thumb properly.

• Do not try to overstretch.

• Try to maintain this position approx for the 15 sec.

This is one of the best side planks that can help you get rid of reducing the belly handles.
lie on the right side of your body in that position legs should over to each other.


• Strength your legs, abdomen arms, and wrist.

• Best yoga for weight loss.

• Engage your core muscles for better results.

3. Warrior 3 Pose

warrior pose

This yoga poses an effect or challenges our body forward and backward. It builds power and strength to your core, hamstring, and back as well.

How to do it

• This posture is going to be a standing posture of course and you are going to put your entire body weight to one leg and then balance through the posture.

• Now just stand tall and line maintenance and move your right leg forward.

• Keep your breathing normal and start transferring your complete body weight on your leg.

• Slightly off your left leg from the mat as you are going to bring your body weight completely on to the right foot.

• Slowly transfer your complete body weight on the right leg and start lifting your back foot and torso straight.

• Once you found yourself on the stable position slowly bring your arms all the way and look downwards.

• Post that tries to stable on that position for 5 seconds and slowly inhales and comes to the initial pose.

• Tips- Beware while doing this do not try to make any kind of rush in this pose as you might fall, so, be confident in what you are going to do.

To make this in a precise way try to focus on a single object so something whichever is in front of your vision.


• This Yoga asanas provide strengths to our abdomen and the whole backside of the body.

• It is very beneficial for the mobility of the hips joints and the leg muscles, useful in the legs cramp.

• This will melt the excessive fat in your body and if you are suffering from indigestion.

4. Upward plank pose

upward plank yoga for weight loss

This poses also known as the “Purvottanasana” Yoga pose.
It is an intermediates back-bending yoga pose that provides the flexibility and the core strength of our body.

How to do it

• In respect to form this, you just need to start with the reverse table pose.

• Do not worry, let me describe how to execute this.

• Sit in the normal position and touch your palms on floor fingers pointing towards your legs.

• Now bend your knees and place your feet and hips distance apart.

• Post that drops your elbows behind you and marks that position and place your palms on that point position.

• As you inhale and lifts your hips upward and moving the navel towards the ceiling and engaging the hips, thigh, and abdomen.

• You can tuck your chin on your chest or drop that behind.

• Now you are done with the reverse chair position.

• For the actual Purvottanasana, sit on the reverse chair pose and keep your legs straight forward.

• Keep your palms on the floor and move your navel in an upward direction towards the ceiling, allowing your torso towards the mat.

• Make sure that your chest is lifting and the navel towards the ceiling.

• Stay in that position for few breaths and as you exhale come back to the resting pose.

Plank is the best yoga for weight loss as it required the intense strength in our core muscles and shoulders as well.


• This is one of the best poses for the strengthing your wrist.

• Improve the body posture which arises from the hunching.

• Strength your complete abdomen.

• Beneficial for the spine as well.

5. Padahastasana

Padahastasana yoga for wight loss

It is also known as the “standing forward fold”. It will help you increase the blood flow to your upper body because of aversion effects.

How to do it

• Now stand tall and spread your legs hip-distance apart feet parallel to each other.

• Now bend forward from your hips and try to interlock your elbows and start attention from your neck shoulder and lower back.

• Let’s start swaying your body from side to side to release some tension from the back and the hamstring.

• Try to perform this 3, 4 times for better results.

• Start working on our actual pose, stand, and spread your legs wide apart.

• As you inhale raise your arms up over the head fingers pointing towards the sky, as you exhale bend forward from your hips and keep lengthening through your spine. Do not try to make any curve into your spine.

• Reach forward with your hand and go down, now if possible to try to touch the ground or you can make a different kind of variation with your hands, like place your hands behind the palms.

• With here start exhaling and fold forward and sucking your belly in and try to reach to the forehead towards the knees if possible.

• Maintain this fine position for 3.4 deep breaths.

• Now inhale and raise your hand to come up into the initial pose.

• You can also tuck your toes as well with your index and middle fingers.

• To move into an extreme level you can place both the hands underneath the feet as well.


• It affects the entire backside of your body from your head to heels.

• Keep health to your organs and remove the excessive belly fat.

• It makes the spine super flexible and maintains the toning of the nerves.

• If you are facing any back issue or disc prolapse, so it is recommended to take the precaution while doing this.

6. Bridge pose

setu bandhasana bridge yoga for weight loss

This pose also called the “Setu Bandasana”. You can heal your back with this yoga pose effectively if you are suffering from any back torment. However, this can be useful for the abdomen, as we engage core muscles in this yoga pose.

This one is the best yoga for weight loss if you are beginners as well.

However, there is lots of yoga pose for beginners which will provide the flexibility to you at the beginning.

How To Do It

• Start to rests on your back on your matt.

• Now Bend your legs and spot them as close to your hips.

• Use two hands to hold your lower leg and ensure that your thumbs ought to be outside a bit.

• Take a full breath and gradually lift your hips far up.

• Try to reach as conceivable as you can and ensure that there would a point of 90 between your thigh and the lower leg.

• While doing this your breath ought to be in the typical range and remain in that position for two or three seconds as reasonable to you.

• Now simply go to the loosen up position drop down your hips gradually and spread your legs in the Savasana.


• Reduce anxiety, fatigue by acting on the central nervous system.

• Stimulate the internal organ and will help you get rid of stomach obesity and hamstring.

• It has a beneficial effect on menstrual discomfort.

7. Bhujangasana

bujangasana yoga for weight loss

It is also known as the Cobra pose, reclining back-bending asana. It should be done on empty stomach, or ensure that you had a meal before 4-5 hours before.

How To Do It

• Initially, set down on your tangle or something, on your stomach, and attempt to put your hands on the side.

• Do not neglect to contact the two legs toes.

• Second, gradually move your hands in front of your face and attempt to put your palms under your shoulder.

• Now, you simply need to put all your body pressure in your palms.

• When you go the upward way your arms ought to be bowed at your elbow.

• Take a breathe in and gradually raise your body an upward way and push your chest forward.

• Do not have to raise your hips as of now attempt to fix that on your mat.

• Always attempt to hang on that position for a couple of moments with the ordinary breath.

• At last, just to discharge the posture as you breathe out, tenderly drop your chest down and lay your jaw on the floor.

• Move gradually and deliberately. Lower your arms to the sides of the body.

• Repeat this yoga for weight loss and get moment alleviation.


• You can do this posture to get calmed from pressure.

• It gives the conditioning of your stomach and the organs.

• It is beneficial for back pain as well.

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Wrapping up

Obesity is one of the major issues that are responsible and encourage a lot of other diseases as well. However, it’s not that as nobody knows about it, but the thing is sometimes we know each and everything but always tries to procrastinate for implementing those things.

I assure you that if you follow these 7 days 7 ways program of the yoga for weight loss, I can guarantee that you will see the results soon. It won’t take too much time of yourself, though, we should think about the time if anything related to our body.

Here I have tried to sum up one of the best yoga poses that will help you reduce the stubborn belly fat instantly, but I would like to say that you have the patience that it is not the overnight process, Just be consistent.


Thanks for being with me throughout the post, I hope you like the post.

If you found this helpful and you want to aware of others your family and friends, so, do share with them and tell get rid of belly and stay healthy.

Apart from this, If you have any queries and suggestions related to me and post you can drop down that in the comment box I would love to be with you there.

Also, let me know what yoga for weight loss that you found beautiful and effective to lose your belly fat?

Thank you…

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