5 + Proven Yoga Poses For Back Pain Need to Learn 2020

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Are you suffering from back pain and fed with taking the pills?

Try to give a hit to our listed yoga poses for back pain.

We pretty much consistently experience the lower back torment, stiffness in our body however never take that genuine as we are occupied in making bucks.

Though, we never consider our well-being and the individuals who consider that after some time they attempt to hesitate to do yoga.

Yoga has the most significant influence on our lives.

Moreover of this, according to the study, we have discovered that our most youthful age is doing the seating work nearly of 8 hrs per day and experiencing the stiffness in their body and yet because of the absence of the time they simply disregard that pain and that pain convert to their agony after some time.

So here I have attempted to show a portion of the main yoga poses for back pain which you can do whenever.

Luckily, you have landed the correct blog.

This stance doesn’t require any expert or qualified educator since I am going to show you how to do that.

So we should bounce into that and I assure you if you perform any one of these yoga poses for back pain you will see signs of improvement bring about certain days.

What Are The Best Yoga Poses For Back Pain?


bhujangasana for back pain

This pose is one of the most practiced yoga poses for back pain and get relief from that pain.

By doing this you not only get relief the back pain but it will also string the spinal cord as well.

Most interesting about this you can try this anywhere you do not need to take any super costly classes for that.

So, all in all, it gives us lots of benefits apart from relief from the back pain.

This pose also called the Cobra pose.

However, do not worry I will try to teach you how to perform this at home perfectly as well.

How to do it:

• Firstly, lay down on your mat or something, on your stomach, and try to place your hands on the side.

• Do not forget to touch both legs toes.

• Second, slowly move your hands in front of your face and try to place your palms under your shoulder.

• Now, you just need to put all your body pressure in your palms.

• When you go in the upward direction your arms should be bent at your elbow.

• Take an inhale and slowly raise your body in an upward direction and push your chest forward.

• Do not need to raise your hips at this moment try to fix that on your mat.

• Always try to hold on that position for a few seconds with the normal breath.

• At last, just to release the pose as you exhale, gently lower your chest down and lay your chin on the floor.

• Move slowly and consciously. Lower your arms to the sides of the body.

• Repeat this yoga poses for back pain and get instant relief.


• You can do this pose to get relieved from stress.

• It provides the toning of the lower organ of our stomach.

• This back pain yoga poses help to improve posture.

• Not but the least one of the great benefits is to get relief from the back pain.

2.Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

camel yoga pose for back pain

It is called the camel pose because in this our entire body stretches.

This pose can be a bit uncomfortable if you are doing this for the first time.

Ustrasana is a front body exercise and beneficial for the chest, abdomen, and provide the flexibility to your spine.

How to do it:

• On first, you will initially broaden your knees and legs and afterward remain on your knees.

• In this pose, your toes should touch the surface.

• Put something underneath your knees to make it a little bit kinder to your knees.

• Tuck the toes under and then use your fingers to hook the heels.

• If you take your arms over the head draw an arch and tuck your heels with your fingers in this time the real thing you’re doing is strengthening.

• Try to focus on the muscle and activate the muscles behind the heart (on your back muscle).

• You must feel the pull and stretch in your navel.

• Most important find the best place for your head without letting it collapse and see how beautiful that camel pose is.

• While doing this triceps are activated, back of the hearts activated.

• The neck and throat are active.

• Breathe out and slowly come back to the initial pose. Withdraw your hands and bring them back to your hips as you straighten up.

• Try this a few times.

I have tried to mix some advanced yoga poses for back pain to get relief from this agony.


• Firstly, it helps us to get relief from back pain and stiffness.

• Intense mobilization of the digestive system.

• Moreover, this helps to overcome menstrual comfort.

• It also strengthens the back and shoulders.

• Reduce anxiety and fatigue.

• Suitable to heal and balance chakras.

Never Do If

• Back injury,

• Neck pain or injury.

• Suffering from high blood pressure.

If you have a knee problem, has a history of a knee injury, or had recent knee surgery.

3.Cat and Cow Pose

cat and cow yoga pose for back pain

This poses a highly recommended yoga poses for back pain as it is proven and my personal experience.

If you are suffering from the immense back pain this is the remedy for that.

It allows the flexion and extension of the spine, and reliever the tension of our lower back.
Cat and cow help us to reach a good posture.

Cat-Cow is a great yoga pose for beginners — there should be no pain and very little discomfort (if any) when performed. If you need to modify the pose to make it more comfortable.

How to do it:

• Start with getting on your hands and knees.

• Fix your hands underneath your shoulder and your hips under the knee.

• Now just inhale and look up and dropdown your stomach towards the floor.

• Try to frame the arch while inhaling.

• Alright, let’s move to the next step and exhale your breath, move your head downward and tuck your chin into your chest.

• Form an arch in which your spine is contracted and facing out towards the ceiling (Like a cow pose).

• Try to maintain the breathing movement while performing this.

• Make sure to do this for almost 1 min.

• Try to do Cat to Cow, and then return to Cow back into Cat.


• It has a lot of physical benefits, especially for the female reproductive system.

• It looks pretty simple but a powerful pose for the mental peace.

• Furthermore of this, it aids us to increase the stability, mobility, and balance in our mind.

• Engagement of the spine improves the blood circulation to the disc that turns to relieve the stress.

4. Reclined Supine Spinal Twist

5 + Proven Yoga Poses For Back Pain Need to Learn 2020 1

The other one in the list of the Yoga poses for back pain is Recline supine twist it is also called the “Supta Matsyendrasana”.

It helps relieve the stiffness or pain in your spine, hips, lower back.

Provide the gentle massages the abdominal organs and strengthens the abdominal muscles. As a result, these pose tones the waistline and also helps to remove toxins.

This twist also encourages the flow of fresh blood to your digestive organs, increasing the health and function of your entire digestive system.

How to do it:

• Start with laying on your mat, and stretch your hand at the level of your shoulder.

• Bend the right knee and cross it over the left leg to the left leg knee level.

• Now, use your left hand and place that in your left leg knee and try to push that knee towards the floor.

• Try to touch the floor with your knee and if you are not able to do so just focus on your twisting.

• Try to do that until it feels comfortable to you.

• On the other hand, your both shoulder should root to the floor. extent the just right hand and watch towards that.

• Your right shoulder might be off the floor while doing this but that’s okay.

• Stay on that position for almost 30 to 1 min as per your comforts.

• Now slowly keep your legs back.

• You will have to repeat the same thing for the other side as well.


• If You are facing the ache and stiffness of the spine, hips, and especially lower back, it will aid for that.

• You stretch your shoulder, chest, and spine.

• Moreover, this is regulated the blood flow in our digestive system organ.

• Provide enough movement to our spine so that can become super flexible.

Never Do If

• Same as above, do not perform if you are having the neck, back, or hip injury.

• Be careful if you having an internal organ issue, that may lead to a serious issue.

• At the time of pregnancy, It’s highly recommended to do under the supervision of some qualified trainer.

5. Child’s Pose

Child pose

These poses usually perform before and after the Sirsasana everywhere.

This pose also called the Balasana which is taken from the Sanskrit word “Bal” mean “child” and “Asan” means pose.

It seems like an easy task to do but gives immense body effect while doing and later as well.

Let’s learn how to do this precisely.

How to do it:

• Let’s just start with the table pose ( both hands and legs keen touch on the floor).

• Now breathe out and keep your hips touch with your heel and forehead to the floor.

• Spread the knee comfortably or keep them together.

• Your arms should be in front of the forehead and try to stretch your spine.

• However, if you ever feel any pain in your keens or heel you can use some bolster of the blanket to be comfortable.

• On the other hand, your both shoulder should root to the floor. extent the just right hand and watch towards that.

• Put your palm and fist position stacked under the forehead.

• Try to focus on your breath slowly.

• Just to release, place the palm under the level of the shoulder and back to the seater position.


• Fully stretch your hips, back, and thighs.

• Relax the body mind and CNS( central nervous system)

• Promotes blood flow throughout the body.

• Moreover, this, helps us to reduce anxiety and stress.

This is highly effective one of the best yoga poses for back pain, I personally recommend this and it is my favorite.

Never Do If:

• You can avoid this if you are suffering from a knee injury.

• Do not do it if you are pregnant.

• Facing the Diarrhea situation.

• Undergone through the slipped disk.

6. Setu Bandhasana

setu bandhasana bridge yoga for weight loss

In Sanskrit “Setu” means “bridge” and “Bandha” means “Lock” and “Asana” means “pose”.
This pose similar to the shape of the bridge this yoga pose is highly suggested yoga poses for back pain.

How to do it:

• Begin to lie down on your back on your matt.

• Now Bend your legs and place them as near to your hips.

• Use both hands to grip your ankle and make sure that your thumbs should be outside portion.

• Take a deep breath and slowly lift your hips way up.

• Try to reach as possible as you can and make sure that there would an angle of 90 between your thigh and the ankle.

• While doing this your breath should be in the normal range and stay in that position for a couple of seconds as suitable to you.

• Now just come to the relaxed position drop down your hips slowly and spread your legs in the Savasana.


• It has tremendous benefits.

• Stretch the chest, neck, and spine area.

• Stimulated the internal organ and our thyroid glands.

• Relief from the tiredness of the legs.

• Reduce anxiety, fatigue, headache, and insomnia.

• It is beneficial for women’s menstrual discomfort.

Never Do If

• if you are suffering from knee and neck surgery.

• Should be avoided if having the back injury.

• Avoid during the shoulder injury as well.

7. Locust pose

locust yoga pose

This name comes from Sanskrit “Shalabh” which means “grasshopper” or “locust”.

This is one of the advanced level yoga poses for back pain represent that is acted in an inclined position. Locust Pose moreover includes back-twist, Stretch, Inversion, Strength.

This pose is a great way to strengthen your back and hips area.

It is also called the Salabhasana pose.

How to do it:

• Make sure that you have the padded mat below your pelvis or your ribs area.

• Now lay down on your mat facing towards the floor.

• Keep your hands in front of your forehead align in the line of your shoulder.

• Now take a deep breath and lift your face, legs, and your chest area altogether.

• Make sure to contract your hips and thighs area and lift as much you can.

•  Try to make yourself in a comfortable position only.

• Maintain your normal breath and hold on that position for a couple of seconds.

• Now come back to fall slightly and exhale your breath.


• It is beneficial for the back and neck and chest stretch.

• While doing this our glutes, hamstring, chest, and back muscle involved.

• It improves flexibility and coordination to increase the stamina.

• Help in reducing the spine ache.

Never Do If

• Avoid doing this facing the injury like- neck, slip disc or any internal organ


Here I have listed the main yoga poses for back pain, which will give moment alleviation from the back torment.

• Try not to attempt to overstretch any of this while performing.

• Gradual and you will have the option to reach sufficiently.

• Continue rehearsing.

If you find that your pain is extraordinary, you might need to look for medicinal consideration.

Like reading this article so do share this yoga for back pain blog with your friends and family if they are also suffering from that back pain.

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