5 Powerful Yoga Poses For Beginners | Must Do-2020

Hello, Friends,

You want to start your journey with yoga or confuse how to start and where to start, or thinking should I take classes from somewhere?

Luckily, you have landed on the correct page.

Here I will try to share my personal experience with you and will let you know that where should we begin to be the master in yoga.

Today, I am going to start some basic yoga poses for beginners who are thinking about starting.

However, these poses not only for the beginners but it can be done by anyone as this will increase the flexibility in our body which is more essential to perform yoga.

So before moving forward the basic thing we required that you have to make up your mind and acquired some strength before jump into this field.

Do not worry, I will share all the steps and pose that you should do at the beginning with respect to reach the advanced level.

As the base is so important to forge anything.

Before going to start the yoga pose for beginners we need to learn how to make the posture of the yoga.

How can we forget about the meditation it is one of the most important factors that we should keep in our mind.

Now without any delay let start !!! Asan first.

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What Are The Best Yoga Poses For Beginners?

Do you know that there is lots of yoga pose to start this journey but somehow we are doing something wrong at the beginning and that things turn up to the agony?

Here I have listed some of the best yoga poses for beginners by which you can start investing in yourself.

1. Padmasana

5 Powerful Yoga Poses For Beginners | Must Do-2020 1

• Padmasana is a comfortable position for doing meditation and Pranayama.

• Do not think that it is one of the easy poses, however, it could be more challenging to sit on Sukhasana on the chair.

• This crossed legs Asan makes the yoga practitioner beyond their limitations but it is quite good to do.

• I would suggest you start with this Asan to open your hips muscles and suitable yoga poses for beginners.

How to do it:

• It would be pretty challenging to do the padmasana crossed leg for the first time.

• However, I would suggest you start with the half lotus or Ardh Padmasana.

• In order to perform its necessary to create the tension in your hips muscle first.

• Now just sit down with your legs and extended in seated the spread the legs.

• Bend your right knee and hold on to the right ankle and the right knee ( like we hug someone).

• Cradle your legs in the right and left direction it will create the space in hips and allow you to do the Padmasan in precisely.

• The next step would be placing your right ankle in your left pelvis and the left one just crossed in the normal position.

• Hold on that position for some moment, and then try that too with the other leg.

• Once you master with this half lotus or Ardh Padmasana, you can start to do the full Padmasana.

2. Chair pose (Utkatasana)

chair pose for beginners

• Chair pose is known as the Utkatasana in the Sanskrit language.

• It is low squatting asana and this era is one of the most beneficial and the base before moving in the yoga category.

• One of the most powerful poses for the arms and legs.

How to do it:

• Stand in your mat with your feet and hip-width apart, so that your body weight evenly distributed on them.

• Keep your spine erect and your arms at your side.

• Alright, let’s inhale and slowly Raise your hand into the level of your shoulder or somewhat overhead with your palm pressed if you can.

• Make sure, to raise your heel as well while lifting your hand.

• However, if you are facing any high Blood pressure so skip lifting your heels.

• Post that falls downward like if you sitting down a chair, transferring your body weight in your hips and heel.

• Just reach the low squad level as much as you can. Hold the position for a couple of seconds and breathe the normally and always keep your chin up towards your palms.

• Moreover, of this, if you can not press your palm so you can make them wide apart align in your shoulders.

• Now Inhale and come back to the resting pose.

• This is one of the best yoga poses for a beginner if you are looking to start doing yoga.

3. Cow Pose / Bitilasana

cow yoga pose for beginners

• Cow pose is also known as the Bitilasana, this poses mainly performed with the cat and cow yoga pose.

• It is the gentle warmup pose, it provides a gentle message to our spine and belly organs.

• While doing this we can stretch the torse and the neck.

How to do it

• Let begin your hand and knees on a table position, your hands, and knees towards the mat.

• Make sure your head in a stable position, and your eyes looking at a flow.

• Furthermore, you just need to keep your knees just under below your hips and your wrist and shoulders are in a line perpendicular to the flow.

• Spread your fingers and root down and press with your palm on the mat.

• Now inhale, and lift your seating bone and chest towards the ceiling and allow your belly sink towards the flow.

• Lift your head to see straight forward.

• Now exhale and come back to the table pose, and inhale ane exhale with the proper flow for the 5-7 times.

This pose often performs for the gently warm-up at the beginning and especially recommended the best yoga poses for beginners.

4. Plank pose (Kumbhakasana)

plank pose for beginners

• This plank poses known as the Kumbhakasana in Sanskrit. In which “Kumbhaka” means “Inhaling” and “asana” it means “pose” or posture.

• It is strengthening and balancing pose, which especially works on your core and arms. By doing this can lead us to unlock the new advanced level yoga pose.

• At the beginners, it is required to gain some strength in your arms to perform yoga precisely.

• Though it seems like an easy task or yoga to do it is a pretty intense hardcore yoga pose.

• This is the best yoga poses for beginners.

How to do it

• To perform this you just need to start with the table pose, knees, and both hands on the floor.

• Your knees under your hips and your wrist directly under your shoulder.

• Now tuck your toes under and step your feet back one at a time extending your legs behind you.

• Post then, now look down towards your palm so that there would a single alignment between your neck and your spine.

• Try to pull your abdominal muscle and keep your hips sinking but make sure you do not raise your hips.

• Furthermore, make sure that your body is making the straight line from your toes to your neck.

• Keep your fingers spread and straight your hand.

• Slide your shoulder blade down on your back so your shoulders away from your ear and elongated with the neck.

• Stay in this position for almost 30 – 1 min for the better result.

• Now come back to the resting pose of the table pose.

5. Naukasana ( boat pose)

naukasana boat pose

• Boat pose is also known as the “Naukasana” in Sanskrit. In this pose the body comes in the v- shape, balancing the entire on the hips.

• This pose is perfect for toning your abs if you have got that, but do not worry, if you have not got I am not either.

• However, by doing this one day we will certainly achieve that for sure.

• This pose is not only one of the yoga poses for beginners but it also comes under the advanced yoga pose.

Now, let’s start to do that.

How to do it:

• First thing, you will have to sit on the carpet and spread your legs in front of yours.

• Slightly bend your knees make a V-shape between our hips and your heels.

• Now just keep your back straight and lean backward. as far as you can.

• Make sure you do n’t lose your back and posture because if you leaning back so at a certain point you feel that you are going to topple back.

• So from here, inhale and lift your legs slowly and keep your upper body straight right there and slowly keep breathing and lift your legs.

• At this position, if you want to hold your legs with your hand so you can put your hands on behind your thighs.

• However, in the beginning, I would prefer you to hold your thighs with your hands.

• Now if you want to leave your arms so still hold on that position then slowly release your hands.

• Hold the posture for the long breath for the 5 -7 times.

• I would suggest this yoga poses for beginners as it creates a lot of vibration on your abdomen as we are working on our abs.

6. Butterfly Pose (Baddha Konasana)

butterfly yog pose

• The next posture in my list is Baddha Konasana and it is commonly called as the “Butterfly Pose”

• It helps us to open the inner thigh muscle, stretches, and the groin area.

• Help us to strengthen your kidney and then it prevents urinary tract infections

How to do it:

• To perform this posture, stretch your legs out in a parallel line.

• Draw one leg in the same line and the other one, When both soles of your feet together then bring your hands behind of you on floor.

• You with your fingers pointing away from you bring them as close as you can.

• Now, push into your palms roll your shoulders back your chest is open and you will feel the vibration in your inner thigh muscle.

• Think about a deep breath and on every exhale push your palm.

• Just to release the first release your hand and then you’re both legs.

7. Seated forward fold (Paschimottanasana)

seated forward yoga pose

• I have listed this pose in my yoga poses for beginners, as this pose comes with lots of benefits.

• It is helpful for the diabetic patient and works as a remedy for the patient with diabetic history.

• However, if you are suffering from a lack of appetite so it will curb that. and also help your spleen and liver to function properly.

• This pose will help you to balance your metabolism.

How to do it:

• To perform this posture brings both of your legs out in front of your pointing the toes inwards.

• Make sure that your back is straight and the spine is extended and the chest is out giving your body and the lungs enough space to breathe.

• As you inhale you raise your hand upwards and extend your spine further and keep your hands close to your ears.

• Next step, as you exhale you bring you to chin out and come down as low as you can.

• However, if you can’t so you can hold your toes and bring your hand either side of your legs and your forehead to rest on your legs.

• For the advance, you can also take your hands around your feet and come down.

• To come to rest position you will inhale and raise your hand and exhale to bring your hands down.

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8. Vrikshasana

Vrikshasana yoga pose

• In Sanskrit, it is also known as the “Tree Pose”, it is the wonderful pose which teaches us how to do the balancing by toning the muscle of our legs.

• It is not easy as it looks but by the time it increases the immense inner and outer strength, which allows us to unlock the new advance yoga pose for us.

• This is one of the best yoga poses for beginners that you should do if you are going to start yoga.

How to do it:

• Stand on your carpet and transfer your body weight in one leg.

• Now just lift your legs and reach down and hold your ankle and place in your groin area as close as you can.

• Raise your hand and keep attached them over your head.

• The tree poses press back with the left eye and straighten your spine and lengthening your upper body.

• Repeat this for a couple of minutes in one leg then other.

• This yoga poses for everybody to increase their strength.

9. Standing Half forward Bend

standing half forward bend

• This poses also known as the Ardha Uttanasana which means the “intense half stretch pose”.

• It stretches our hamstring up to a great extent. and encouraged a good alignment for our spine as well.

• People suffering from dyspepsia this one can be the remedy for them for digestion too.

• This is the most frequent and common issue that we encounter in our lives this is a good yoga pose for digestion.

• The reason being I have listed this one yoga pose in our yoga poses for beginners list.

How to do it:

• Most people called it the “prepare pose”, this poses often recommended for headache and relive from the neck pain.

• Stand on your mat with the feet and hip-width apart so that your body weight is evenly distributed with them.

• Now, inhale and reaching your arms straight up alongside your ears and expanding your chest.

• Let’s, exhale and bend forward at the waist until your torso, spine, and arms are parallel to the floor.

• Make sure your back is flattened, and expand your chest and relax your neck as well.

• However, if you are not able to bend your back to the parallel to the ground so you can bend your knees and for added support, you can use the rest of your hands-on table chair of the same height

• Try to hold the position for several minutes as you are suitable at the beginning.

• The next step would be the relax stage, now bend your knees and lift your back at the waist.

• Moreover, if you think you are the master of this pose then you can move forward to the full forward bend pose.


According to the study, most people are suffering from the migraine and the other kind of disease, it is pretty obvious that we are so busy to building an empire for us, but, somehow we always forget to forge the empire of our health as well, We always procrastinate.

There is the phrase “Health is Wealth” this is correct we can earn lots of buck with a healthy mind and body, but we can never think about doing anything with an unhealthy mind.

So, here I have tried to figure out some basic yoga poses for beginners that everyone should try to relax our minds.

Thanks for being with me throughout the post.

If you like reading this article do share this beginner’s yoga with your friends and motivate them as well to stay healthy.

Do share your suggestion and query in the comment box and I will try to answer them for sure.

Also, Let me know that what yoga poses for beginners you found good to start in this journey?

Thank you…

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