7 Ethical Yoga stretches For Hips: Exactly You Want 2020

Do you know that yoga stretches for hips is one of the best methods to release the tension from your tight hips muscles?

Hey there, How you doing, today I have come up with another post that is going to be very useful for sure.

It’s pretty obvious that we can sit hours and hours in front of our laptop, or we even sit on cars or on the sofa but I think that most of us don’t know that how that is going to be the agony for our lifetime ahead.

Our hips muscles play a vital role in the walking, playing, running, sitting as well, but if you have sitting jobs for hours, you hips muscles become so tight so there is no mobility or flexibility remains in the joint, because of that whenever you try to reach to anything or try to do some intensive physical movement, your joints, and muscles, don’t help you.

Here comes the terms yoga stretches for hips that are quite necessary nowadays if you want to maintain the super flexibility of your body.

So with respect to present some of the best yoga poses that are really gonna work for you I have listed them and I am sure that this will change your life for sure.

But before moving a step forward and dig into these yoga poses for hamstring let me clear some of your doubts.

Why Stretching Is Necessary?

Now you might be thinking that why do I need to do stretching for my hips, However, it has been proven that our new generation and even sometimes I also worked for 8 to 9 hours together in front of my laptop, someone on their sofa, cars and etc.

You always think that stretching only required for the runner, and the gymnast. But that doesn’t make any sense and with respect to maintaining mobility and independence, it is required to perform the stretch on a daily basis.

Do you know that according to the Physical Therapist At the Harvard Health publishing Stretching should be performed on a daily basis?

Still not ready to do, Let me tell you some importance of stretching in your life.

If you want your body to work properly in every situation whenever you ordered that to perform any task so it is quite necessary to maintain the flexibility and the range of motion because whenever we work for hours and hours our hips muscles become shorter and tight and that lead to the joint pain and injury as well.

Why Yoga For Hip Stretch Only Not Other 


You are right, there is the other option as well to get rid of this, but if you go with the physiotherapy that you have to hire the good and professional therapist for that, that will take a small amount of money and your time ( ironically) and the time duration would be a bit long for sure.

However, on the other hand, these yoga stretches for hips also take your time but not the money and it is the ancient art of healing your body and open your hips flexors.

You might be wondering that I am repeating the hips flexors or hips opening why only if there are other areas as well.

So the answer is that we do have the other parts as well but this our main and primary parts in which our whole body depends as the hamstrings, your hips flexors in the pelvis area, and the quadriceps in the front part of the thighs.

Let’s find this with an example, If your working schedule is 9-6 or throughout the day you have to spend with your laptop of pc and when the weekend comes you want to play some shorts of games like badminton or something, that the time you are allowing your body to work and go with the flow all of sudden, here the chances that you might face the knee injury or joint pain as your body won’t allow you to do perform any task due to the proper mobility of the joints.

I hope you are clear now, now the question comes up on how to cure this how to get in the perfect shape and with the proper flexibility?

Do not worry, Here I am gonna tell you the best yoga stretches for hips that will change your lifestyle or you can play with more enthusiasm.

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What Are The Best Yoga Stretches For Tips?

1. Low lunge (Anjaneyasana)

anjaneyasana yoga stretches for hips

• Start with standing tall on your matt and lift your shoulders up and then back.

• Now just move your right leg forward do not try to go overstep, just be on that limits which suit for you.

• However, if you are facing any knee issue then you can opt for a short distance.

• Step out and the other leg heel should be up and the toes touch the floor, do not touch the left leg on the ground.

• Another thing to remember that your right leg knee should be parallel to the ankle or you can say in one line.

• Now from here, you can reduce the intensity by placing the left knee on the ground as well and then move the right legs slowly forward.

• Try to engage your core and move your tailbone towards the earth slowly and draw an arch.

• Raise your both hands overhead and weight of your hips towards the floor.

• Maintain the normal breath for up to 1 to 2 minutes.

• It is great to have the other variation in this pose too, Try to frame both variations.

2. Fire Log Pose ( Agnistambhasana)

• This is also called the double Pigeon Pose.

• Being seated flex your legs forwards, and your spine should be erect and in a single line with your head, do not slouch your back.

• Now Put your right legs under the left thigh and the left leg top of the right leg.

• However, if you are having any knee pain that you can try to form the Sukhasans pose ( the easy pose) as well.

• Once you form this pose you might feel the burning sensation in your pelvis or hip joint.

• Take a long breath, with the inhale start moving forward over your legs with your fingertips, and try to touch the floor with the elbow.

• Hold the position for up to the 1 to 2 minutes as suitable to you.

• Do not try to overstretch or force your body, let them go and go with the flow, on the other hand, if you found yourself uncomfortable you can use a tiny block underneath your hips for back support.

3. Reclined Bound Angle Pose

Video Credit:- Road Sweet Home

• It is also known as the stupa Baddha Konasana.

• Lie down on your mat with your knee bend and your soles are touching to each other.

• If you face any issue lying down so you can use the blanket or your mat underneath or just about your hip joint, to be comfortable.

• Now make sure that you don’t push your knees to touch the floor because, if you push your knees downward it would harden your groin area and cause several injuries as well.

• I would suggest it’s all about relaxing your knees so your inner groin becomes soft and gentle.

• Still, you might face issues in the beginning due to stretching of your thighs so better would start with some pillow or something underneath your thighs as well.

• Because you don’t want to strain you need relaxation.

• Post that, you can extend your arms and watch your breath for up to 1 to 5 minutes in beginners and you can extend the time as well according to you.

• This yoga stretches for hips are the most effective if you do it with the calm, make sure that you are fully present while doing this.

4. Frog Pose

Video Credit: ehowhealth

• Start doing with the Tabletop Pose, Your both knees and the palms on the floor.

• Now Make sure that your knees are in line with the hips and the knee also in line with the ankle making the 90 90 degrees angle.

• Start gliding your knees apart from each other and your toes are facing outwards and make sure to the point you feel comfortable.

• Let’s engage your core muscles and lower back hips joints and start putting your hips weight towards the floor.

• On the other hand, start moving your hand forward and stay grounded to touch the floor with your elbow or you can lift the chest up with touching the floor with the palms, not the elbow, Keep this in mind.

• Stay in that position for the 4.5 minutes with the normal breaths.

• You may feel some pain while doing this yoga stretches for hips but do not worry, If you are beginners in this just do not try to an extent, but be consistent gradually you will see improvement.

5. Half pigeon

half pigeon yoga stretch for hips

• Start doing with the downward-facing dog and I would recommend doing some other stretch as well before beginning this.

• Lets’s do it, after the downward-facing dog, lift you right foot high and take the same foot near to the left wrist.

• Then do the same with the left foot as well, so in the end, it’s forming a Shape of “X”, Right?

• Feel uncomfortable so you slightly bend your knees and lift your both hands as well.
Just inhale halfway and then exhale.

• Now we turn this into the pigeon pose, we just set the left foot back and allow the other knee to fall down to the side.

• Let the back knee drop and support your body posture with your fingertips and then pressing your back toes and move the knee a little bit slowly and try to move your hips towards the floor.

• Make sure that your front knee alignment should be nearby to the nearby wrist.

At this point then you can walk the fingertips forward any amount may be down to the elbow or all the way on to the floor.

• Stay on that position for 3, 4 normal breath, and then come back to the initial stage.

• Repeat this yoga stretches for hips 4 to 5 times for better results.

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6. Thread and needle

Reclining pigeon yoga stretch for hips

• Start with finding yourself seated and ease yourself on down on you back.

• Keep your knees close to the hips and arms should alongside.

• Now just pick up your right leg and place that right top of the left leg, you should keep your right leg ankle a bit closer lower to the knee.

• Now just slowly pick up the left leg and you will keep your hands behind and interlock your fingers behind the left leg hamstring.

• The Left would be in relax mode and gently flex the sole of right foot so, that when you draw the left knee in then You can use the right-hand elbow to gently apply some pressure into the right inner leg.

• Do not try to push so harder in your upper body, do with ease, and watch few normal breaths for up to the 2- 3 minutes.

Repeat the same things with the other leg as well as this is the asymmetric yoga pose.

• This yoga stretches for hips is good for the hip opening and the groin.

7. Lizard Pose

• Begin to come on this posture starts with the downward-facing dog and stretch your legs muscles as I mention in the “half Pigeon” pose.

• Take a few deep breaths and take your left foot and place that on outside of your left arm so which will help in creating a lot of room opening in your groin and your hips.

• If you want to intensify this posture you can place your elbow down to the floor and interlock your fingers as well.

• Stay in that position for a few long breaths and when you are ready to bring your hands up and move to the downward-facing dog and relax with the child pose.

• This stretching yoga helps your groin flowing at highs or quads.

• Tight hip muscles can lead you to the injury.

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Yoga stretches for hips play a more important role in this era because it is important to release the tension from the tight hips and this can be done with these simple stretching steps.

Hips joints are the most prominent point in our body which connects our upper body and the legs trunk together.

Stretching for hips not only provides the perfect booty shape but this gonna change your whole life this could be your time for body transformation.

I hope you like reading this article if you found this helpful do share with your friends.

Let me know that what yoga stretches for hips you found the more beneficial for yourself?

As always, feedback is appreciated ❤️ Please leave your thoughts and suggestions below to help me make better information like this.

Thank you.

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